Free IMVU Credits: Get Without Using Generator

IMVU is an avatar-based social experience game that takes place in a virtual world. You can customize your person 3D avatar, interact with other players in the online world, and virtually live life. Moreover, you can chat with other players, create and play games, shop for clothes, build houses, and take pictures with your online friends. If you want to unlock all the collectibles on IMVU faster, then you will need something called IMVU credits. So is it possible to get IMVU credits for free?

We will talk about IMVU Credit Generator sites that claim to offer IMVU credits for free with no survey or human verification. Let us find out!


What Are IMVU Credits?

Speaking of items, one of the best ways to obtain clothes, accessories, furniture, etc, is by purchasing them using IMVU credits. IMVU Credits is the in-game currency that is used to buy upgrades for your standard base avatar. There are three different types of IMVU Credits:

  1. Regular Credits: These are credits you can purchase using real money. For example, paying $5 USD will grant you 5000 credits. At higher prices of $200, you can purchase up to 300,000 credits. These credits will allow you to purchase any in-game item you want as well as allow you to gift to others.
  2. Promo Credits: These are credits you can earn for free. You can get credits by referring the game, going through tutorials, completing offers. We’ll discuss this method more in the “How To Get Free IMVU Credits” section.
  3. Dev Credits: IMVU has a unique feature that lets you create and expand the game. You can design items such as clothing and sell them in-game. When people use promo credits to purchase your product, you’ll earn developer tokens. Obtaining 10 developer tokens will grant you one regular credit. On the other hand, if a user uses regular credits to buy your catalog item, you’ll simply earn regular credits.

How To Get Free IMVU Credits?

Here, we’ll discuss how you can get free IMVU credits. Although you won’t be earning as many credits as directly purchasing in one go, IMVU gives us a lot of options to choose from when trying to obtain free credits. A lot of these methods are done directly through the game’s website and referral links and are therefore completely legal and safe.

1: Verify Email Address

When you go through the registration process in IMVU, an email link will be sent to the registered email address. Verify your email by opening the mail sent to your inbox and click on the verification link. The instant you do this you’ll be granted 500 free credits.

2: Complete Offers

IMVU is partnered with several companies and brands that advertise their products in the in-game catalog. I mean, it is essentially a virtual world with over 6 million members, hence ad-placement in the game generally brings out relatively good return rates. Hence by completing the offers, which are frequently updated, you can earn up to 1000 credits per offer. Some of these offers include watching an ad-partners video which can earn you 10 credits per video you watch.

3: Like IMVU’s Facebook Page

You can earn free credits by simply linking your IMVU and Facebook accounts. When you like IMVU’s Facebook page you’ll complete an offer that instantly gives you 500 free credits. This is one of the easiest ways to obtain free credits and you shouldn’t miss out on this chance.

4: Refer IMVU To Friends

As you register for IMVU, you’ll receive an invitation code. This invitation code can be sent to other users such as your friends. When your friends use this code to create an account you’ll receive 1500 credits per registration. Moreover, referring your friends will get your unique gifts for your avatar and chat rooms.

5: Complete Daily Tasks – Logging In, Daily Spin

One of the easiest ways to obtain free credits is simply by logging in, which will grant you 500 credits plus extra perks and gifts. Another daily activity you can do is Spin The Wheel. Spin The Wheel is based on luck and you can earn either 15, 25, or 75 credits. It’s also possible to win a random item or a random emoji.

6: Play With Your Pet

One of the coolest things you can purchase from the item catalog is pets. Pets give you company in-game and you can personally interact with them. After you’ve purchased or adopted a pet you should play with him/her to earn 10 free credits.

7: Become An IMVU Creator

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to earn developer credits. You can create and sell outfits without having to use any external software. Everything is provided within the game itself. If you like creating and bringing out cool and trendy ideas for the players in-game, this option meant for you. Moreover, IMVU provides an easy to use platform and free developing tools for all the digital artists out there.

IMVU Credit Generators 2021

We want to get right off the bat and say that these do not work. There are many IMVU Generator websites out there that will try to fool you into using IMVU Credit generators. Please be aware these are just scam websites trying to either get you to download 3rd party adware or potentially even putting your PC at risk of viruses and malware.

So be aware of these websites and stay away from all so-called “Working IMVU Credit Generators” with no human verification.

Final Words:

Luckily for us, there are many ways to legally and safely obtain Free IMVU credits in 2020. Completing all of the options provided once per day can easily earn you an upwards of 2000 free credits daily. That should be more than enough to buy that classy outfit you had your eyes on.

Let us know if you face any problems while getting the free credits on IMVU, we will surely help you out.

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