Free Blox Piece Codes For 2022 [Updated List]

If you like to play online games, you would have surely come across the virtual gaming platform of Roblox. This gaming platform is unique and very popular among users. Roblox allows players to build their own games, it also enables the gamers to play in existing Roblox games built by other users. This article will tell you where to get Blox piece codes and how to use them.

A new and upcoming game in Roblox is Blox Piece. This game is a role-playing game, where the player can choose the avatar and go on quests. The fun aspects of this game include fragments (the in-game currency), NPCs that will help you get rare items, etc.

Blox piece game introduced codes that can help you get a crucial in-game experience for free! Keep reading to know more about Blox piece codes and how to avail them. We also have a list of active and expired codes to help you get the free stuff without looking anywhere else.

What are Blox Piece Codes?

These piece codes are relatively new and exciting. With these codes, you will get free stuff such as 2x experience, in-game title, Beli, and stat resets. The exciting part of the 2x experience is that depending on the code, you will get a varied time limit to use the 2x experience.

In this post, we will tell you the most effective way to redeem the codes and where you can sign up to find more of the latest codes. Let’s dive right into the list of codes that you can use to make Blox’s piece more entertaining for you!

1. Active Roblox Blox Piece Codes

This Roblox game has only started giving out codes to avail free in-game items. So far there are only 11 codes that are available for players. These codes are helpful for players who want to succeed and advance further in the game. Using the codes will definitely give your gaming experience a wonderful boost.

Given below is the list of working codes. Redeem these codes as soon as possible. Since only a few codes have been released so far, we don’t know by when they will get expired. It is best to get the benefits as soon as possible. So don’t waste any more time and grab the free stuff!

  • BIGNEWS- Gives free in-game title
  • FUDD10- Gives free single Beli
  • SHUTDOWNFIX2- Gives free 40 minutes of 2x experience
  • THEGREATACE- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • SUB2OFFICIALNOOBIE- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • SUB2NOOBMASTER- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • AXIORE- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • SUB2UNCLEKIZARU- Gives free stat reset option
  • STRAWHATMAINE- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • SUB2DAIGROCK- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience
  • TANTAIGAMING- Gives free 20 minutes of 2x experience

2. Expired Roblox Blox Piece Codes

The developers of the Blox piece have only recently started giving out codes to redeem free stuff in the game. There are not a lot of codes that have been launched for the players. Out of them, only one code has expired. This means that if you try using this code in the game, you will not receive any free benefit. It is best to skip past this code and use the ones that are working.

The expired codes so far are:-

  • NEWWORLDSOON: Use this code to earn Refund Stat
  • SubBestEvil: Use this code to earn 15 minutes of x2 Exp
  • PLZREFUNDSTATS: Use this code to Refund Stats
  • UPDATE11: Use this code to earn 15 minutes x2 XP Boost
  • POINTSRESET – redeem this code to get the reward = point reset
  • XMASRESET – redeem this code to get the reward = Stat reset
  • XMASEXP – redeem this code to get the reward = x2 Exp
  • XMAS: Use this code to refund your stats

How to Redeem Blox Piece Codes?

Redeeming these codes is a piece of cake. It’s extremely effortless and quick. All you have to do is make sure you follow the steps given below in the correct order and you will be good to get all the sweet rewards from these codes!

  1. Open the Blox piece game.
  2. On the top left corner, you will find the Twitter icon (a little blue bird icon, for those of you unfamiliar with the internet).
  3. Select any of the Blox piece codes listed in the Active section from above and copy it onto your clipboard.
  4. You will find a blank space to enter the code. Paste the code there.
  5. You can type it in manually as well.
  6. Now press enter.
  7. Voila! You now can enjoy all the perks of the code that you entered.


We hope you were able to get the free perks with the help of this article. As advised before, we do not know when the codes will stop working, so make sure you use the Blox piece codes at the earliest. Ensure that while you copy and paste the code, there are no errors. If there is an error, the code will not work and you will lose out on a great opportunity.

To be updated on all the news and the announcements of Blox piece, you can follow them on Twitter. The developers use this social media platform to announce the next update or any new codes that can enhance your gaming experience. So if you follow them on Twitter, you will always be at the top of the game. That’s a wrap, for now, have fun gaming!

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