How to Get Amazon Gift Card Codes in 2022?

Amazon gift card codes are a new way for consumers to buy anything on Amazon. Now generally one uses the money to buy something from Amazon but now with the advent of the Amazon gift card, one can use this to buy anything. A customer when buying from Amazon can buy using Amazon code, the good news is these codes can be obtained free of cost. So you do not need to spend your own money to buy anything on Amazon. This is why amazon gift card code users are increasing.

We can obtain an Amazon gift card code very easily by doing simple activities. In this article exactly how we can obtain an Amazon gift card codes without spending a single penny. All the methods which we are going to discuss today are very legit and completely legal. Below we shall discuss all the methods on how to obtain from Amazon gift card for free legitly.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards?

There are ample and more ways to get free Amazon gift cards and all of them are very simple. Most of the sites which provide Amazon gift card code give you simple tasks to do like completing a survey, finishing a task, using an app and providing the feedback. Below we are going to discuss many of these ways by which you can obtain your amazon gift card code.

1. InboxDollars:

InboxDollar is a great website and it gives ample and more opportunities to earn Amazon gift card codes. This site gives you different types of surveys to complete, or watch a certain video. In some cases, it will tell you to search for something or buy something, it might also tell you to download an app and use for sometimes and give its feedback. It is pretty easy to get a free Amazon gift card code in InboxDollars.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the most reliable and legit sites when it comes to earning virtual money or credits. Many surveys are available in this site and you can go for any of those surveys, for each survey you get some Swagbucks that gets added on to your account.

You might also be asked to give feedback on an app after using it or to buy something and in return you get Swagbucks. Now if the Swagbucks accumulate and become pretty large, it becomes redeemable and you can redeem the Swagbucks in various forms like Paypal, Amazon gift cards, etc. As Amazon gift cards are redeemable at a lower Swagbucks it is more available.

3. Using My Points:

My Points is a site that is very similar to Swagbucks. This is a site that rewards you every day in return to the work you do for the site. This site gives you a lot of task options like taking a survey, playing some games, watching videos and also buying something from the site. For all this, you get reward points and then you redeem those rewards points in the form of Amazon gift cards. Then you can use that Amazon gift card code to buy anything from Amazon.

4. Using Amazon Promotional Email:

If you want more Amazon gift cards you follow Amazon promotional emails. If you have not subscribed to Amazon promotional emails then you should first subscribe to it. Once you have subscribed to it you will get many Amazon promotional emails. Many times Amazon offers you to get Amazon gift card in exchange for your money. So you can recover your money in this process.

5. Using SurveySpot:

SurveySpot is a survey taking site that rewards you in return to the surveys you complete in it. The reward point pay in Survey Spot is fairly high than other sites. You can use the redeem the reward points in the form of Amazon gift cards.

6. Amazon trade-in:

Amazon is itself the taker of your old goods. In Amazon trade-in, one can exchange his old goods with Amazon and in return, one gets paid in the form of Amazon gift card codes. One can exchange any kind of entity to get gift cards in return. It could be novels, electronic products like smartphones, speakers, earphones that you do not use any more.

7. With Cardpool:

Cardpool is a unique site where you can sell your unused gift cards and convert them into some other specific gift card. In Cardpool you can convert any food coupon or any other coupon into Amazon Gift Card. It also provides cash for gift cards and thus one can buy an Amazon gift card with it.

8. By Gazelle:

Gazelle is a site in which you can sell your old electronics things that you do not use anymore and you can get paid for the entity. They pay you a standardly good amount in return for your electronic goods. One can use Paypal or Amazon gift card code to redeem the payment. This is a great way to get an Amazon gift card code for free.

9. From Coinstar:

One can easily obtain an Amazon gift card code from Coinstar. Coinstar is a site in which one can insert coins and get cash. But one can also exchange all the coins in return for Amazon gift card code. The best part is there is no service charge to do this.

10. Using Mobee:

Mobee is a shopping app that gives you a certain task or a mission that you have to complete and in return, you get reward points. These reward points you can redeem in the form of an Amazon gift card code. If you keep using this site for a long time you can an Amazon gift card code of big amounts.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes 2022

Below are some of amazon gift card codes that we want to giveaway to our readers for free. All you have to do is to copy from the sites and use them.




Amazon Code Generators

You might have come across Amazon code generators and tried using their codes and you must have seen their codes not working most of the time. The thing is every code generators which claims to generate Amazon codes are fake. The fact is every code is generated and authenticated by Amazon.

They have not given rights or licenses to any other third party to generate their code. So do not waste your time in these code generators.

Detect Amazon Gift Card Code Scams:

Many times you can get a call telling you that you have unpaid due and you got to pay them by Amazon gift card. Some other cases include that you are given a list of electronic items that you need to sell quickly and give the money in the form of an Amazon gift card.

There might also be advertisements of people who need urgent medications and request money from you in the form of Amazon gift card code. This is a pure scam and stays away from it.

Winding up:

Amazon gift card codes are uniquely beautiful things, a person who does not have much money can obtain an Amazon gift card code from the methods above and buy anything of his desire.

Everyone needs an Amazon gift for some of the other reasons. With this, we come to the end of the article. Kindly let me know what you think of this article in the comment box below.

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