Forgot WiFi Password? Here is the Guide to Recover it

Did you too forgot the password for your WiFi connection and now, it feels like big trouble? We have covered it all for you. In this article, we are going to tell you about all the possible methods which you can use to recover forgot WiFi password, such as change your password or restore your WiFi password. All the below-mentioned methods are quite effective if followed properly.

How to Recover Forgotten WiFi Password?

Here, you will find 5 ways which we have listed and have been proven to be effective ways in recovering the WiFi password which you forgot. I hope that this method works and helps you in solving the issue:

1. Recovering WiFi Password From laptop

This is the first method that one should use before any other methods to recover the forgot WiFi password. It is an extremely simple process, and you can use it if the laptop you are using has been connected to the same router in the past. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. You will see a WiFi icon located at the rightmost side of the taskbar, you have to click on that icon, and it will eventually open the menu.
  2. Here, you have to click on the “Network & Internet Settings” option, which is present at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Now, the Settings page will open up in front of you. You have to tap on the WiFi tab which is located on the left side menu.
  4. You have to look for the subhead “Related settings” on this page and then click on the “Change adapter options” which is present under the latter subhead.
  5. This will take you to the Control Panel on Windows. here you have to click on the Current WiFi Network, this is represented by a computer icon with several green bars.
  6. You have to right-click on it and then, click on the “Status” option from the menu to view the status of your current WiFi connection.
  7. Now, click on the “Wireless Properties” option.
  8. Tap on the Security tab which is located on the top side of the screen, this will redirect you to the page that has the Network security key.
  9. You will find your password here if you follow the exact steps, click on the “Show characters” box, it is right below the security key. This box will convert those black dots into the password.

2. Recovering WiFi Password Using Mac

You can also recover WiFi password, if you use Mac, here’s how you can do it:

  1. You have to open the Finder app on your Mac, this app is displayed with a blue icon that has a face.
  2. Now, you have to click on the “Go” tab which is present on the menu located at the top right side of your laptop.
  3. A drop-down menu will occur as you click on the Go, click on the “Utilities” option from the menu.
  4. the utility folder will open up on your screen, double-tap on the “Keychain Access” option.
  5. Here, you will have to look for the WiFi connection name and then, click on it. Wifi connection name is the name that appears when you connect a device with your WiFi.
  6. A box will appear on the screen, click on the “Show Password” box. it is present at the bottom of the window.
  7. Here, you have to simply enter the password that you use to log in to your Mac, it is known as the Administrator password.

3. Making Use Of Router Page

So, when we don’t our WiFi password then, there is one more effective way in which we can restore the password and use our WiFi again. It is through your router’s page. So, below are the steps, carefully read them and follow them to recover forgot WiFi password:

  1. So, if you don’t remember your password and also, haven’t connected your laptop with the connection then, start by connecting your laptop to the WiFi using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Now, you need to know about your router’s IP address to complete this process, so, head to your Windows settings.
  3. And then, click on the “Network & Internet” settings. Here, you will have to click on the option of “View your Network properties”.
  4. After you click on the above-mentioned option, you have to look for the address that will be written just beside the “Default Gateway“, that is your router’s IP address.
  5. Now, open a browser on your laptop and then, enter that exact IP address in the search bar.
  6. This will eventually open up your router’s page, some of the very common IP addresses are,, etc.
  7. Here, the page will ask you to log in to your router page, these login credentials are different from your WiFi credentials so, don’t worry. Mostly the default username is “admin” and the default password for the router login is “admin“, or “password” or blank.
  8. Enter these default credentials and you will successfully be able to log in to your account. But we have to warn you that if you have changed your router credentials then, you will have to enter them and if you don’t remember them then, resetting your router will be the only option for you.
  9. Now, if those default credentials worked then, your admin page will open up, here click on the “Wireless” option from the right side menu.
  10. On the Wireless page, you have to look for the “password” option that will be present near the security options. And that is it, you have successfully found your wireless network password.

4. Using the Router’s Default Password

You can make use of the router’s stock password that is considered to be the default password for a wireless network connection. It is a default password because it comes along when the router is set up for the first time. But it can only help you if you haven’t changed the password already after its set up. So, you can easily find this password in those documents that come along when it is set up.

If you don’t find the password in the documents then, consider looking for it on the router unit. Most of the companies put a sticker of this default password either on the back of the router or the bottom. So, give it a look, it is mostly located near the SSID.

5. Resetting The Router Settings

This is the last resort, if none of the above methods work to solve the forgot WiFi password issue, then you will sadly have to reset the router and its settings. Doing so will set your router to its default factory settings, this will solve your issue. You simply have to locate the “Reset” button and then, press and hold it for at least 30 seconds. It is pretty difficult to press it with fingers so use a pointy object, a clip, or a pin to press the button.

Now, once you have successfully reset your router, all you need is the default login credentials or the stock password of your Wireless network. It is present at the back or bottom of the router.


This is the end of this article we have mentioned all the possible ways that can help you in restoring the WiFi password. Try to access the password before resetting it completely. I hope you liked reading it and serves to be helpful to all of you!

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