[FIXED] This Content Isn’t Available Right Now Error on Facebook

With the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp we are now able to communicate with our friends and family from across the world at any given time. We share laughs, memories, pictures, etc. on daily basis, we also share memes, posts that remind us of them on Facebook. But a lot of users have been facing an issue where they share a post with their friends and it doesn’t show to them. When they open the post link, the screen displays ‘Sorry, This Content isn’t available right now’. So, to understand this issue deeply and to know about the solutions to fix it keep reading the article.  

How To Fix ‘This Content isn’t Available Right Now’ Error?  

Well, this error message appears on Facebook when a user is unable to view a post. Facebook sends you this error message when you are either restricted to view the contents in that post or when the post isn’t available any longer. This error message is often displayed due to a glitch too, so if you need to figure out what reasons cause this error and how you can get rid of it to view the content, keep reading the article given below:  

1. Content Was Deleted

Well, the most common and the most logical reason behind the ‘This content isn’t available right now’ issue is that the content was deleted or taken down by Facebook. There are chances that the owner must have deleted it till the time your friend decided to view it. Or there is also a possibility that the post must have been flagged inappropriately or spam by Facebook. When a certain post violates the Facebook policies, Facebook decided to delete the post on its own.   

2. You Might Have Been Logged Out

If you have used Facebook a lot then, there are chances that you have been logged out of your account. Facebook tends to do this very often when users suddenly get logged out and they have to refresh their page to realize this.

You will have to enter your credentials again to log in to your account and then, look for that content that your friend sent you and then check if you can view it or not. If you can see the post then, maybe this was the issue and if you still can’t see the post, you are supposed to read the rest of the article.  

3. You Might Be Blocked

There are chances that your friend sent you a post of your mutual friend but you are unable to view that post. This could be a sign that you have been blocked by that person whose post you were trying to view. If you have been blocked by an account on Facebook, you won’t be able to see any of their posts, stories or message them.

So, if a particular post is not available to you, you need to ensure that you have been blocked, and to do so, you can go to their profile page. If you would have been blocked, you will not be able to see their profile and their profile photo, you will receive a message on the display saying ‘this page isn’t available.   

In this case, you can’t do much about the issue, you can ask your friend to share a screenshot with you of that particular post if you want to see it.  

4. The Profile Is Deleted/Deactivated

Now moving on to another very common reason behind receiving ‘this content isn’t available right now’ error message is that the profile page to which that post belongs has been either deleted or deactivated. Therefore, the post that your friend sent to you must be belonging to an account that was later deactivated before you viewed the post.

And it could be Facebook that removed this account as it tends to clean the platform of those accounts that are spam and posts inappropriate content that violates Facebook’s policy. Any profile made on Facebook needs to be authentic and must follow the guidelines of the platform.  

5. Location Or Age Restricted Content  

Facebook has a very useful feature wherein accounts can post any data with age/location restrictions. Some content must be inappropriate for a certain age group and to hide it from them, the age restriction feature comes in handy and is often used.

So, if you get an error message ‘This content isn’t available right now’ while viewing a Facebook post then it is either because you don’t fall into the age criteria permissible by the account for viewing the content or there’s a location criterion you don’t fall under. This could be one of the most possible reasons and one that you can’t do much about. 

6. Changed Privacy Settings

Well, there is a possibility that by the time you chose to view the post that your friend sent you, the admin of the post changed his privacy settings. There are a lot of settings on Facebook related to who can view their posts such as Friends, Friends except.., Public, etc. and if the admin of that profile page changed his who can see their posts then, you will receive an error message saying that you can’t view this content if you are not in the specified list of people. You can simply ask your friend to share a screenshot of that particular post if you’d like to view it.   

7. Facebook Is Down 

Lastly, Facebook is a social media platform that often goes through numerous fixes and updates and when it does, users experience different glitches in their account that might include being unable to see a post, unable to send a message, unable to react, unable to refresh their feed, etc.

So, if you’re unable to view a post that your friend sent you, there are chances that the Facebook server is down. You will be able to load that post once the servers are up and running. You can ensure if Facebook is down by a lot of websites available on the Internet.   

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I hope you liked reading this article and found it useful. We have included every possible reason we knew of for causing this issue. A social media platform as huge as Facebook goes through a lot of minor issues here and there that can cause certain errors.

So, if you’re unable to view the post even after trying and getting to know about all the possible causes then, we would advise you to ask your friend to share a screenshot of the concerned post so that you can view it. If you still have any queries let us know in the comments below. 

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