How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working Issue?

Is your amazing binge session of watching your favorite shows on Amazon Tv got interrupted because of your remote not working issue? Then you’re on the right page. In our today’s post, you will get to know about all the possible solutions to fix Firestick Remote not working issue.

Why Does Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Stops Working?

Your Amazon Tv remote stopped working due to multiple reasons. We’ve compiled some most common issues that can affect your remote functionality.

  • Maybe the batteries of the remote are dead.
  • Your remote may not be paired with your Tv properly.
  • The button of the remote is not in the working state.
  • May be your Amazon Fire Tv is not compatible with your remote.
  • Your remote may be physically damaged.

All the above issues can cause your Amazon Fire Tv Stick remote not working issue. Remote batteries are the most common reason that can affect your remote functionality.

How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working Problem?

Below we’ve mentioned some quick and easy way to get back your remote in the normal working state. Go through them one by one and see which one helps you to fix your problem.

1. Replace Remote Battery:-

Amazon Fire Stick Tv remote consumes more power in comparison to other remotes. Many users say that their battery drained out in 2-3 weeks. Low-quality batteries drained out often in uses of a couple of weeks. You’ll get frustrated by changing them repeatedly, We always suggest you make a wise choice while choosing batteries for your remote.

2. Corrosion On The Battery Terminal.

This is another most common reasons that cause remote not working issues. To check whether the corrosion is the reason for remote not working issue or not. First, remove the batteries from your remote and check the battery terminals. If they are dirty then take a clean cloth and clean them. Now insert your batteries back into the remote and check your remote is start working or not.

3. Is Your Remote Is Physically Damaged:-

If you’ve replaced your batteries and also cleaned your remote battery terminals. But still, your remote is not working then check whether your remote is physically damaged or not. If your remote is damaged then you need to purchase a new remote or you can use the Amazon Fire Tv app.

4. Keep Distance From Other Fire Stick Tv:-

If you own more than one Fire Stick Tv and they both placed close to each other. This can also cause a problem while pairing your remote with the TV.  So always make sure that there is no other TV that is turned on near to your Tv.

5. Pair Amazon Fire Stick Tv Remote:-

Often your Amazon Fire Stick Tv remote automatically paired with your Tv. But sometimes due to any reasons if you lose your connection with your Tv then you need to pair your remote with your Tv manually. Here is how to pair Amazon Fire Stick Tv remote.

  • Hold the home button of your remote for 20 seconds. Sometimes remote doesn’t pair on your first attempt. Then you might need to do this more than one time.

  • The light available on the top of the remote will started blinking rapidly from a slow blinking. If you’re using the second generation of Amazon Fire Tv remote then an amber light will start blinking once your remote is entered into the searching mode.
  • On the second generation of the remote, a blue light will flashes thrice once your remote is successfully paired. Also, on the bottom of your Tv screen, a message will appear by saying that “Your remote is successfully connected”.

This is how you can pair your Amazon Fire Stick Tv remote.

6. Reset Remote:-

If all the above-discussed methods are not able to fix your Fire Stick Tv remote not working issue. Then this is might be the final step you can take in order to fix your remote. Turn off your Fire Stick Tv and press menu button, back key, and left button of the navigation rings at the same and hold them for around 10 seconds. Once your remote is successfully reset. You need to pair your remote with your Tv manually. I’ve already mentioned how to pair Amazon Fire Stick Tv, go through them and pair your remote.

Amazon Fire Tv App:- Alternative Remote:

Is your Amazon firestick remote not working, even after going through all the steps we’ve discussed in this article? Then you need to purchase a new remote but if you’re that kind of person who always seeks alternatives. Then the Amazon Fire Tv app is the best alternatives for your Tv remote. Once you’ve successfully set up the Amazon Fire Tv app, your phone will be your new remote.

Click here to download Fire Tv app for Android

Click here to download Fire Tv For iOS

Download Amazon Fire Tv app and go through the below-written steps:-

  • Open the Amazon Fire Tv app on your device and select Fire Tv device.
  • Sign in by using your username and password associated with the Amazon account.
  • A four-digit pin will appear on your Fire Tv and type them on your app.

Once you’ve successfully paired your phone with your Fire tv, remote buttons will appear on your phone screen. Now your smartphone is your new remote.

Final Words:-

Amazon Fire Stick Tv is the best device that lets you watch all your movies, music, and shows without having a cable connection. What if your remote stopped working at midnight, and you don’t have an extra pair of remote batteries. Then use the Fire Tv app.

Hopefully, today’s post helps you to fix your problem. If you have a suggestion then please let us know using our comment section. That’s all for today, keep visiting our site regularly to stay updated with tech tips and tricks.

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