How To Enable WiFi Calling On Your Device?

We go out a lot often and use metros as our means of communication where the network connection is at least. And we go to places and cafes where we often lose the network connectivity and that’s where WiFi calling can help us in making calls. This feature has been introduced into Android devices a long time ago but many android users are still not aware of it. So, in this article, we are going to provide you with a brief intro to WiFi calling on Android and how can one use it.

What Is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a usual calling on Android devices but it makes use of the available WiFi connection. It is the best thing when you are unable to access any signal on your mobile phone.

You can use this feature at times when you are in a place where there is no signal such as a basement, or some room in your house. In Wi-Fi calling, your carrier routes the call over a nearby available WiFi network rather than its cellular network. 

How To Make WiFi Calling?

However, there is a process of how you can enable Wi-Fi calling on your devices. This feature has to be enabled manually to be able to use it. Once enabled, your calls will automatically switch to WiFi calling if you won’t have signals on your phone.

1. On Android

So, here is how you can enable this amazing feature in just a few steps on your Android device, it is a very easy process:

  1. First of all open Settings on your Android device.
  2. Now, click on the Networks and Internet option (this option may vary from device to device). 
  3. Then, you have to click on the Mobile network/Mobile data option and tap on the “Advanced” option from the list of other options that appear.
  4. You will see the “Wi-Fi Calling” option now, simply click on it and then switch the toggle to enable it on your device.

That is it, this feature will activate on your device. And there won’t be any need for you to manually activate it whenever you are lacking Internet connectivity on your device. 

2. On iOS

Here’s how you can enable the WiFi calling option on your iOS device i.e. iPhone/iPad. The steps are pretty easy you just have to follow them step-by-step:

  1. First of all, open Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Then, click on the “Cellular” option in the Settings menu.
  3. Now, you will see the “WiFi calling” option under the above option.
  4. Just drag the switch to enable the “WiFi Calling on this iPhone” option. This option will turn the WiFi calling on your device.

Cost of Wi-Fi Calling

There’s one assumption about Wi-Fi calling that has to be corrected and that is how much does WiFi Calling cost? So, the answer to this is that Wi-Fi calling doesn’t cost anything extra. The WiFi calls are considered similar to Cellular calls by the carriers and it is charged nothing extra.

It is considered that Wi-Fi Calling is the best for people who travel overseas or to different countries because you won’t be charged for international roaming. However, you need to remember that the Wi-Fi Calling feature is yet not supported in the following regions, i.e. India, Australia, Cuba, Singapore, and China. 

Alternatives Of WiFi calling

Now, there are many phone models that don’t support Wi-Fi Calling but there is nothing to worry about as there are many third-party apps that are offering the same feature externally.

And thus, we are going to provide some of the alternatives that you can install and use WiFi calling on your phone. So, let us have a look at this list that provides Wi-Fi Calling for Android:

  1. Facebook Messenger– Yes, you can use Facebook to make Wi-Fi calling on your device. You just have to install the Facebook Messenger app and then, you will be able to make calls to your friends/family with whom you are connected through Facebook. 
  2. Google Hangouts– This is another alternative that you can use to make WiFi calls over your phone. However, you will have to download the Hangouts Dialer app to do so.
  3. Google Voice – You can consider using this application as well for Wi-Fi calling on Android. 
  4. Google Duo– Duo is the highest quality video calling app. It is free to use and works across both iOS and Android devices
  5. Skype– You can consider it the best alternative. Skype to Skype calls is free anywhere in the world.


And that is it, we have provided all the information that we could gather regarding Wi-Fi calling on Android, I hope this article has helped you. You can easily check for yourself if your device has inbuilt WiFi calling or not through your settings.

We have provided you with the steps and the complete process of how to enable this feature on our Android devices. If you still have any other queries then, you can let us know in the comments below, we would be glad to address them. 

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