How To Download Java For Minecraft? [Free Edition]

Minecraft is a name that has manages to gain massive popularity that only a few games manage to see. Most of the popular gaming platforms won’t able to retain their top position in the long haul but Minecraft still going well and manage to build a community of millions of users. By releasing new updates Minecraft is still the preferred choice of users.

One such addition to the Minecraft new releases is the Java edition for Minecraft. It is a free game and offers support for devices such as Android, PlayStation, etc. If you haven’t download the Minecraft Java edition then you might wonder how to do so.

How to download Minecraft java edition

In this post, we will help you to learn how to download Java for Minecraft along with some essential information you should need to know about the java edition of Minecraft.

How To Download Java For Minecraft?

Players who face trouble while installing the Minecraft Java edition for free can take benefit from our today’s post. The Minecraft Java Edition comes with a free trial that can be download easily with the help of the steps we will discuss below.

Step 1: Download Java For Minecraft

The first step you need to take is to download the Minecraft Java edition from the official website. The process is quite simple and can be done without a lot of hassles. You simply need to click on this link and it will lead you to the new webpage where you will able to see the download page.

How to download java for Minecraft

Once you have able to land on the download page, simply click on theĀ Agree and Start Free Download button, and the download process will begin. We recommend you to download the Minecraft Java edition from the official website only.

If you tend to download the Java for Minecraft from third-party sources then there is a high chance that the download file contains harmful malware or viruses that can harm your computer.

If you have any doubts that whether you have downloaded the right file or not, make sure by checking the prefix and suffix of the downloaded file. The download file should begin with the JRE and ends with the .exe extension.

Step 2: Installation Process of Minecraft Java Edition

Now as you have successfully downloaded the correct Java file for Minecraft then it is the perfect time to talk about the installation steps of Minecraft.

The installation process of Java for Minecraft is pretty much similar to the other applications you installed on your computer. If you have no idea how this can be done then go through the steps we have mentioned below.

  • Double click on the downloaded Java file.
  • Now you will able to see the Java setup program on your screen and click on the InstallĀ button to proceed further.

How to download Minecraft java edition

  • Once the installation process is finished you will see a message on your screen saying “You have successfully installed java“.

Now you have done with the installation process, begin to enjoy your enhanced gaming experience without worrying about anything.

Bottom Line

And with that, you have successfully installed Java for Minecraft. Now try to add new mods to your Minecraft gameplay and take your gameplay to the next level. I have done my best to keep the Minecraft Java installation steps as simple as could be possible for me. But still struggles while following them, then let us know by commenting below.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our today’s informative post on how to download Java for Minecraft. If so then give us a thumbs up by sharing this post with your Minecraft community so they can also take benefit from the information.

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