Disney Plus Student Discount: How to Claim it?

Are you looking for ways to get a Disney plus student discount? This article will fill you in on all the latest happenings and news about Disney Plus. This particular streaming site is quite popular and has garnered a lot of viewers in recent years. Keep reading to find out more about Disney Plus and their Student Discount!

The popularity is increasing because of the amazing shows and movies that this streaming platform has to offer. You can watch anything from Frozen 2, The Handmaid’s Tale, to even National Geographic shows! The site works on a subscription basis which can be paid for monthly or annually.

Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, competitors of Disney Plus, have already started giving student discounts to increase their customer loyalty. Unfortunately, Disney Plus is not following the measures taken by its competitors to increase its viewer number. There is no official student discount given by Disney Plus.

Does Disney Plus have a Student Discount?

Unlike most streaming services, Disney Plus does not have a student discount. It’s pretty sad but there’s not much we can do about forcing Disney Plus into giving out student discounts.

However, you can either borrow the account details from your family members or a friend. Apart from this, you can do the following possible methods to get a Disney Plus subscription without paying the full price.

Disney Plus Bundles

The total cost of an annual subscription to Disney plus will come up to $69.99. The annual subscription is a better deal when in comparison to the $6.99 monthly subscription fee. Another reasonable option is to avail of the Disney plus-Hulu-ESPN bundle, which lets you buy all three streaming services together at a lower cost. The bundle costs $12.99 for a monthly subscription.

The option of buying the bundle is definitely better than using only the standalone features. With the bundle, one can watch new movies such as ‘Mulan’ and ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, which charge people $30 to watch it with the ‘Premier Access’. These movies are then streamed on the sites for free after a 3 month period.

Another viable way to get access to free Disney Plus is a method that is for limited users. All those who are signed up with Verizon Wireless can claim free Disney Plus services for a 6 month time period. Depending on your Verizon plan, you will either get the standalone service or the whole bundle, as mentioned above. Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless is functional only in the USA.

Disney Plus Account Details

Compared to other streaming services, Disney Plus is relatively less pricey. Initially, Disney Plus had an option of a free 7 day trial period. Recently, they removed that option, and we’re hoping they’ll make the trial period available soon. The total number of profiles that can be created with this streaming site is 7.

In addition to the 7 profiles, 4 gadgets can stream at the same time without occurring any problem. It will no longer be a fight between who gets to watch their show/movie as everyone can watch what they like at the same time!

1. Sign Up for Disney Plus Now!

Keeping aside the Disney Plus student discount issue, if you really like the wide range of movies and shows this platform has to offer, then you should definitely get it. Most users have little to no complaints about the performance of Disney Plus. It has outages once in a while, but they are rare. Many even say that the Disney Plus experience is worth the subscription charges.

In this section, we’ll tell you how to get a subscription to your favorite streaming service.

  • The first step is to open the Disney Plus website on your device. You can also download the app onto your phone for being able to use it on the go.
  • The app is available on both, Apple’s AppStore and PlayStore for iOS and Android users.
  • You will see a “Sign Up” option when you open the app/website. Click on it.
  • You will have to fill in your Email and put in a password for the account.
  • It is advisable to keep in mind that the password should be a strong one, as an easy password will be easier to hack.
  • Once this is done, choose the best plan for you and click on it. (The $6.99 is the one that needs to be paid monthly and all plans can be canceled at any time).
  • Everyone hates going through the terms and conditions, but it is recommended to at least skip through it before you press on ‘Agree & Subscribe’.
  • You will now have to enter your payment details.
  • Once the initial payment is done, your account will be created!
  • You can now stream content on Disney+!


That’s a wrap on Disney Plus Student Discount. We hope you were able to find all that you were looking for in this article. We are disappointed too, with the lack of any student discounts for Disney Plus. However, we will be right back with the updates, if Disney plus ever decides to launch a student discount. Till then, stay tuned!

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