21 Most Weird and Creepy Websites on the Internet

We are going to introduce you to the creepiest websites over the net. Let me tell you what actually “creepy websites” mean? So, the word ‘creepy’ means something that is unpleasant or, arouses fear in one’s mind. And in this article, we will be talking about the weirdest websites that are 10x scarier and they exist!

Some of the sites even have cameras installed in hospitals and record paranormal activities. Although, whatever these sites show is real or fake is a very debatable argument because nobody is sure about that. 

Weird And Creepy Websites That Will Scare You

So if you are reading this then brace yourself! You are going to be a hell lot of scared as we mention and tell you a little about all the creepy websites. I hope these sites entertain and scare you at the same time and also all these sites are available over the browser and you don’t need to make use of Deep Net for all this. Let’s get into the article for a fun ride!

1. White Enamel

If you are a total in for some real scary fun then you are going to binge this site. It just can’t happen that we talk about the scariest sites and doesn’t include White Enamel. It is a total-package of scary things. This site lets you play click and point game. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

They have an awesome environment that feels so real. The environment is of a haunted and abandoned hospital. On the top, the scary music installed in its background makes it even more real. 

You can either just watch the video or even click on some of the objects from the video to use it and see what happens then. But trust me, just watching the videos will scare the hell out of you. I would recommend you to watch it at night, it’s total fun.

2. Creepy Pasta

Don’t go with the name, it is creepy hell, yes but no, it doesn’t sell you pasta for sure. Instead, it’s a site for scary stories. What is scary to listen to stories? Right!

Creepy Pasta deals with some really scary stories, these stories are so well-written. It all seems so real while listening to them. At times, listen to these stories gives you a chill for a long time, and they can also haunt you like hell. Some think they are real and some think they aren’t. 

So the thing is, these stories are not real, just like novels, users create stories to arouse fear in the reader’s mind. But this site is freaking good and creepy.

3. Scary For Kids  

Every night your kids want some scary stories before bed, and thus Scary For Kids is the perfect creepy website for those stories. Although don’t get fooled by the name completely, this site is even creepy and scary for adults as well. 

They have a whole collection of videos, stories, games, movies, and whatnot. The site has every complication to be a creepy website, so I had to include this in the list. 

4. X-Rider  

You really can’t sleep tonight? Sure, this site is all that you need to not have asleep. X-Rider takes it to another level, I mean you should see it for yourself. You are just one click away from seeing some creepy stuff that can take your sleep away. 

This site has short videos, but yes, they can scare the hell out of you in those few minutes. Trust me! 

5. Heaven’s Gate

Before you enter this site, you should have a belief over Hell, God, Heaven because it is all about it. Heaven’s Gate is so creepy, it talks about how the earth was created, about humans, and how it is all going to end one day? 

You have to be an attentive reader for this crazy site. With focus, you can feel the creepy words and readings. I would prefer you to give it a read to “Last chance to evacuate earth” section. It is creepy as hell. You can also read more topics like “How to transcend being humans”. 

6. Survive The Outbreak 

Survive the Outbreak is a very similar site to that of White Enamel, yet a little different. It is interactive, so you can get to choose your actions, characters, the path that you want to take. It can lead to either better or worse ends at times.

Although it is a horror and its cut scenes are way more than one could handle. 

7. Plane Crash Info

Plane Crash Info. is insane. It lets you read the last few words of a dying person. This is the creepiest of all, I mean what can be creepier than this. It is a text-only site, no audio files are included. 

The last words of people are organized with the last date of the crash, and in fact, all information is given about the Airplane, and flight number. You can find crashes from 2011. Very detailed information is given about the accidents, the causes of death. 

8. The House

Games seem to dominate these creepy sites, it is all because it feels even more real when you are the one controlling your actions. And then, it becomes creepier of all. 

The House is a very interesting game and it is so scary. It gives us more control over the game and also, we need to choose the clues. You need to understand the clues and just follow them through The House. 

9. Death Date

There’s nothing scarier and creepier than Death. You have to fill a form provided by this site consisting of a few details. And also, you can’t fool them, they don’t make any unrealistic details. This site calculates your death in three types: neutral, optimistic, pessimistic.

It tells you the date of your death and also a creepy timer is on the screen telling you how much of your life has passed by now. Just let me know if seeing your Death Date doesn’t creep the death out of you!

10. The Last Meals Project 

The thought of “dead-people” alone is enough to shake me up. It can scare you like hell. It is one of the known creepy websites The Last Meals Project takes it one notch further and gives us the people on the death-row, and their last meals.

In my experience, just knowing that none of the people whose photos I’m staring at are alive anymore is creepy enough, also, the pictures of their last meals, knowing this is the last time they tasted food just adds to that sick feeling.

21 Best Creepiest Websites

We are listing some of the best websites that we came across and we are including all of them here in this section, so you will be aware about all of them:

  1. White Enamel
  2. Plane Crash Info.
  3. Creepy Pasta
  4. Scary Maze Game
  5. Death Row Last Words
  6. Shocking Surprise
  7. Scare for Kids
  8. Heaven’s Gate
  9. X-Rider
  10. Survive The Outbreak
  11. The house
  12. The House 2
  13. Magibon
  14. The Last Meals Project
  15. Death Date
  16. Naver Comics
  17. The Cell
  18. Columbine High School Massacre
  19. Simulation Argument
  20. Five Night At Freddy’s
  21. 99 Rooms


We have listed all the best and the creepiest websites which we could find. These sites are not originated from the deep net so we can assure that they are safe. So have fun and rank out which is the creepiest of all! If you have any more suggestions let us know in the comments down below. 

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