How to Connect Xbox-One Controller to PC?

In the last decade, the gaming industry has improved due to rapid technological advancement, especially the graphics of each game is increasing in quality day by day.

Introduction of multiplayer mode 

Most games were first developed for the entertainment of one person like most PS-1 games. slowly developers thought that making multiple player mode games could make gaming a social activity and thus would also increase the demand for the various player games.

Since the introduction of multiplayer games came its controllers into the picture.

Gaming on PC and how it is made easy?

Even though games on PS-3 and Xbox one are made to be played on a large screen TV to enjoy its detailed graphics and sound quality, the same can be done on a computer when you don’t have the luxury of a huge TV or while traveling.

Gaming on a computer becomes a good alternative to gaming consoles but sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable as you have the entire keyboard and mouse at hand to play with especially when you are used to playing on consoles.

and that is when one question does come to mind How to connect Xbox one controller to a PC?

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To A PC

There are three ways to connect the Xbox one controller to the PC, lets’s have a look at them one by one

Method 1: Connecting the controller to Windows PC:

Step 1: Doing With the Help of a USB Cable 

  • Take your wireless Xbox one Controller.
  • Connect a charging cable.
  • Connector with a micro USB To the top of the device.
  • This will have a connected Xbox one controller to the PC.

If using the USB for connecting Xbox one controller to a PC, you can connect eight controllers and 4 when you have an attached chat headset.

Step 2: Using an Xbox Wireless Controller 

To connect Xbox one to PC with the Xbox wireless method, you either need a wireless adapter for windows 10. Which are not readily available in the market and sometimes have to be specially ordered. But if you do have the built-in wireless feature in your PC, there is no requirement for the adapter.

Method 2: Connecting Xbox one to PC with wireless adapter:

  • Switch on the pc and Plug the wireless adapter for windows into the PC.
  • Press the Xbox button and switch on the Xbox controller, the same button will flash a light.
  • Hold down the Bind button on the controller, after which the light will flash for a few seconds.
  • Now hold down the Bind raised button on the controller and wait till the light starts flashing rapidly. This rapid flashing means it’s looking for any wireless adapters nearby.
  • Once the light stops flashing and stays lit on the controller that means your Xbox One is connected to the PC.

Method 3: Connecting Xbox one to PC with built-in wireless feature:

  • Switch on PC.
  • Switch on the controller by holding down the Xbox button for a few seconds. It will start flashing once it’s on.
  • Hold down the Bind raised.
  • Button, the button will flash rapidly. This rapid flashing will mean that the controller is looking for a windows PC device nearby.
  • While the controller searches for the PC, press start and then go to settings and tap on devices option.
  • Click another device and select the everything else option.
  • Select on Xbox wireless controller from the given list.
  • Once the light on the controller stops flashing and is lit for a while means the Xbox controller is connected to the PC.

Doing with the help of your Bluetooth:

To connect Xbox one controller to PC via Bluetooth:

  • Press the Xbox button on the wireless controller to start the device.
  • Hold down the raised Bind button of the controller for a few seconds soon, and the light will flash rapidly.
  • While the flashing goes on, switch on the PC and go to the settings then on Devices and choose Bluetooth and Other Devices.
  • From the option, turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Choose Add Bluetooth and then select Bluetooth, the PC will instantly start looking for a wireless controller nearby.
  • Select your controller displaying on the screen and press done.
  • Now your Xbox one controller is connected to PC.

Things to keep in mind before connecting

  • If the controller is not responding to the micro-USB charging cable, try connecting again with a different one.
  • After having connected the Xbox controller to the PC, you will have to sync your controller with your console all over again. Tap on the wireless sync button of the controller or use a USB again.
  • Keep updating your controller
  • While using Bluetooth, it’s advised to plug in only one Xbox controller.

These steps for the procedures of connecting the controller are only valid for the Xbox one controller.

If you want to connect other joysticks to your PC, you can either follow the manual instructions of the game or go to their manufacturing company’s site.

It is easy but takes some efforts 

The gaming industry has developed with time and improving daily, where developers try and provide gamers with better virtual gaming experience.

Playing on PC takes stimulation multiplayer games to another level where a maximum of 8 players can play.

It is possible to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC and there are several methods to do so but it takes some effort and isn’t a very seamless experience.


To connect Xbox one controller to the pc, there are three methods by connecting a Micro-USB, Wireless adapter, or Bluetooth. The procedures for connecting in Windows 10/11 and 8/7 are different.

It’s important to remember to keep updating your controller to experience better quality, and if there is any problem with the cable method, change the micro-USB. The controller will need to be synced with the console once disconnected from the pc.

Once you get the connecting procedure, you can comfortably enjoy your gaming experience with no worries on whichever platform you want, whether it be a pc or your console and TV.

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