12 Best ChatStep Alternatives in 2021

With the growing technology and modern world, we have depended on our phones to connect with people from across the world. People hold meetings, conference calls, video calls, etc through the use of the Internet. ChatStep is one such platform where it provides users a secure space to chat with their friends and family and connect with them. It was a very nice and well-known application until Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms came into the race. Therefore, now people are looking for other ChatStep Alternatives that are more fun, safe, and packed with amazing features and in this article, we will provide you with such ChatStep alternatives.  

Best ChatStep Alternatives 2021

Here are some of the best fits for ChatStep that are growing up on people, they have more features and provides secured chatroom access, so give it a read:  

1. E- chat

This is considered to be one of the best fit as a ChatStep alternative as using this application, users can communicate with their friends and family in a safe space. It provides free and anonymous access to its users and many users have reviewed it to be trustworthy and safe. Therefore, use this app and have long conversations with your pals without any disturbances. 

2. Chatzy

Chatzy is another famous chatroom where you can chat with your friends or make a group and chat with numerous users. Also, the most important feature of this app is that it is ad-free, one thing that irritates everybody while chatting is ads, therefore, this app makes sure that its users face no disturbances while chatting. It is a very simple-to-use website that can be used on any web browser. Not to forget, it is completely free of cost.   

3. Mesh

We all loved ChatStep as it was a very reliable place for chatting but Mesh has taken over a huge turn and has become one of the most reliable ChatStep alternatives. It uses encryption to block any other person from trespassing its user’s chat space.

Also, it functions as a P2P connection that makes decryption even harder. It is one of the most reliable chat spaces I know of and it can be fully trusted for keeping its user’s privacy a topmost concern. And also, users can use anonymity while sending messages.   

4. Zobe

Zobe is a very easy-to-use website where people can chat with their friends and acquaintance with ease. For using this service, all you have to do is land onto Zobe’s website and just create a nickname for yourself and that’s it you can begin chatting! You can anonymously chat with people and can send invitations to any number of people and make a group. It protects your privacy and you can have a lot of fun with this website.  

5. ShockRoom

Now let us raise the bar of chatting services, with ShockRoom users can also see the person they are chatting to with its instant web camera option. This sounds so interesting, now people can chat and interact face to face with their friends or family and feel closer than ever. The current generation loves camera and video chatting more than normal chatting, thus, use this website and enjoy free video chatting with your pals.  

6. Chat IW

Chat IW is another ChatStep alternative that has an easy interface, all you have to do is register yourself by entering the required details as asked and then, it will help you connect with users in your vicinity and you can chat with them by keeping your identity hidden. Using this website, find your new friends and engage with them or discuss topics you like.   

7. Omegle

Omegle is a ChatStep alternative that is available in India, it is for the modern generation that likes video-chatting over casual chatting. Here users can video chat, share videos in high quality. You can stay anonymous with Omegle and have unlimited chats with friends or users you don’t know, you can connect with hundreds of new users. You just have to simply sign up with Omegle and enjoy free chatting.  

8. ChatSecure

It is a free chatting service where users can have endless chats with the highest level of privacy. ChatSecure is primarily known to be one of the safest chatting platforms on the Internet. You can register yourself with the app using your Google account. The app makes use of OTR encryption which keeps your chats safe. It’s a trustworthy application that you must try.  

9. Cyph

Last but not least is Cyph in the list of ChatStep alternative, this platform allows its users to message their friends and connect with their loved ones in a very safe space. Its end-to-end encryption function keeps the chatrooms secured and safe to use. Also, you can sync your chats and media/files using cloud storage. It has a very clean and easy-to-use interface so enjoy happy and safe chatting with Cyph.

Top 14 Chatstep Alternatives For Free

There are plenty of platforms that are similar to ChatStep, we have already provided you with a deep insight on a few alternatives. But here are some more to raise your chatting game:

  1. E- chat
  2. Mesh
  3. Chatzy
  4. Zobe
  5. Chat IW
  6. ShockRoom
  7. Cyph
  8. Omegle
  9. ChatSecure
  10. ZChat
  11. Otr.to
  12. OMGChat


This was a very fun article and I hope you enjoy reading it too. Now, you have so many options to choose from for owning your own chat space and for making new friends. We have mentioned a few more in the list above, so you can check them out and see which one you find more interesting. If there are any queries then, you can let us know in the comments below. 

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