How To Fix “Can’t Connect To This Network” [8 Ways]

Many of us who use Windows 10 encounter a problem while trying to connect to a wifi network. We encounter a problem of connecting to a network with the message “can’t connect to this network”. In a world where the internet is a great requirement problem like “can’t connect to this network” is a big one.

We shall see in this article how we can solve the problem of “can’t connect to this network” while connecting to any wifi network. There might be various reasons for this technical issue and thus various ways to solve this problem. Below we shall discuss several ways to solve this problem.

Ways To Solve “Can’t Connect To This Network” Error

The problem of  “can’t connect to this network ” while connecting to wifi happens due to several reasons. It may happen due to your network adapter, network adapter drivers, the channel width of your network adapter driver, due to IPv6 network protocol error. It also happens if your adapter and router do not use the same security type or the same wireless network mode.  This problem can also be solved many a time by forgetting the password and then putting the password newly and then reconnecting it. There are several ways to solve the problem and below we shall be discussing some of them.

1. By Uninstalling The Network Adapter:

Many times the problem of “can’t connect to this network” occurs due to network adapter. So it is recommended to first uninstall then install the network adapter to deal with the problem.  To do the uninstall the drivers we have to go through the following procedure.

STEP 1: Firstly press the window button and X together. From the dropdown menu that appears choose Device Manager.

STEP 2: Now the device manager will start working, then find your network adapter and right-click on it.

STEP 3: From the dropdown menu that appears choose to uninstall. Then click on the “Delete the driver software for this device”  then go to OK and click it.

Now your driver has been deleted after that restart your computer and the driver will be installed automatically. Hopefully after this the “can’t connect to this network ” problem will be solved.

2. By Updating The Network Adapters Drivers Of  Your Windows 10:

The problem of  “can’t connect to this network ” occurs due to not updating the network adapter drivers. Now in order to update the adapter driver, one needs to go to the site of the manufacturer of the network adapter and download the latest adapter. Now, many times people confuse their manufacturer site and download the wrong drivers sometimes. Therefore it is recommended to use TweakBit which is an automatic driver updater and it helps you update your drivers automatically. Now we shall see how we can solve the “can’t connect to this network ” using TweakBit updater.

STEP 1: Firstly download the TweakBit driver updater and install it.

STEP 2: After that as soon as the TweakBit updater starts running it automatically starts scanning for updates in your driver. It will check your driver and automatically know your version and recommend you for the latest version of your driver.

STEP 3: Scan your driver using TweakBit updater and it will tell you the exact problems with your driver.

STEP 4: After that, it will recommend the types of updating you have to do and you can do the remaining. If it is recommending more than one update then you can either update individually or you can also choose to update all at once by clicking update all button.

Now not all features are free in this app.

3. By Changing The Channel Width Of The Network Adapter:

The Channel width of the network adapter is another reason for the “can’t connect to this network ” problem in Windows 10. This problem occurs when your network adapter channel width is not set properly. Now to properly set the channel width of your network adapter, follow the following steps.

STEP 1: Firstly press the windows button and the S button together. A dropdown menu will appear from that choose “Network and Sharing Center”.

STEP 2: When the Network and Sharing Center opens select the change adapter settings.

STEP 3: After that right-click on “wireless adapter settings”. After that from the dropdown that appears select properties.

STEP 4: After that, a window opens and click on the advanced tab. After that click on 802.11 channel width, change it to a suitable value according to your network. (Mostly it is 20 MHz)
STEP 5: After this select OK.

4. By Disabling IPV6 Protocol On Your Computer And Router:

Many times this problem occurs due to IPv6 protocol. To disable IPv6 protocol we have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

STEP 1: Firstly open the Network and Sharing Center on your computer, after that find the connection section.

STEP 2: In that click your current connection.

STEP 3: A window of Connection status will appear and then select the Properties button.

STEP 4:Find the option of  “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP /IPv6)” and after that uncheck it.

STEP 5: Click the OK button after that and again restart your computer.

Sometimes the problem persists even after going through the above procedure then disable IPv6 in your router.  Disabling routers are complex stuff so follow your routers instruction manual.

5. Solve The “Can’t Connect To This Network” By Adding Connection Manually:

One can solve this problem by doing the connection manually. Below we shall see how to do connections manually.

STEP 1: Firstly move to the “Network and Sharing Center” and select “manage wireless network”.

STEP 2: Next create a new network and then select manually connect to a wireless network, then click next.

STEP 3: Enter whatever information requested from you and then finish the process.

6. Forget The Wireless Connection:

Sometimes forgetting and then again connecting your wifi solves the problem.

STEP 1: First of all go to Setting and then go to “Network and Internet”.

STEP 2: Go to the wifi section and then click on “manage wifi settings”.

STEP 3: Go down and you will find an option of “Manage known networks”  then forget the password of the network you are connected.

STEP 4: Then again go to the wifi network and enter the password and connect to the network.

7. By Disabling And Enabling :

STEP 1: Go to the “Network and Sharing Center”.

STEP 2: Next go to “Change Adapter Settings”.

STEP 3:  Goto “wireless connection”, right-click and choose “disable”.

STEP 4: Then go to the same connection and then right-click over it again and then select “enable”.

8. By Making Sure That Your Adapter And Router Are Using The Same Security Type:

The problem of  “can’t connect to this network ” occurs when the router and your adapter have different security types. One can set the right security of the adapter and router in the following way.

STEP 1: First open the “Network and Sharing Center”  and then goto “Manage wireless networks”.

STEP 2: After that go to your wireless network and right-click on it and from the option choose properties.

STEP 3: Next go to the “Security tab” then go to the section of “security type” and choose the security your router is working.

STEP 4: Click OK after that.


We have discussed the solution of all prominent reasons for the “can’t connect to this network “. Now this problem occurs due to a lot of technical snags and complex situations and has to be dealt with likewise.

You can try all the above methods to solve the problem and most probably it will be solved. Now that you have successfully solved the problem it is time for you to enjoy the internet.

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