12 Best CamScanner Alternatives

CamScanner was a scanning app for both Android and iOS devices that got widely popular among the population and was highly appraised for its unique features that made work less time-consuming. The app gave freedom to the users to efficiently scan documents on the go without the need of a hefty machine. But now that CamScanner has been banned in India, people have been looking for the appropriate alternative to that app. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the finest CamScanner alternatives.  

Best CamScanner Alternatives  

Below we are going to provide you with a detailed insight on some of the best CamScanner alternatives that work efficiently and are considered to be best at what they do, so let us have a look: 

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is considered to be one of the best CamScanner alternatives and thus we have placed it on top of our list. We used this app and it works efficiently, scans documents at no time. This app is developed by Adobe and therefore, it is loaded with the most helpful features.

Some of its features include scanning of documents, notes, ID cards, photos, and any other paper document. It has auto-capture features which makes it possible for the users to scan any document in seconds.

The auto-capture feature recognizes the image, cuts the borders, and crop the image as desired, and all of this saves so much time. Also, this app can scan texts from documents (OCR) similar to CamScanner. Users can export their documents into PDF or JPEG as they may desire and can send them through any social network platform with ease.  

2. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft is widely known for developing the best applications to help users in effectively dealing with paperwork, presentations, etc. Microsoft Office Lens is another of Microsoft’s finest creations that can easily scan documents, handwritten notes, diagrams, and much more.

It comes packed with a lot of features that make it unique such as ID card scanning, auto edge cropping, OCR, and users can export the scanned documents into the gallery as JPEG or into PDF files. You can sync your documents with OneNote and OneDrive, and users can download them on both Android and iOS devices. 

3. Scanbot

Let us talk about the famous Scanbot which is the perfect CamScanner alternative, it is highly known for speedy scanning and exporting. It can scan any sort of documents, handwritten or text fr whiteboards or QR codes, etc.

And not to forget, it has a similar feature as Adobe Scan where it can crop the image while scanning it and crop the extra borders making it easier for the users to quickly scan any document on the go.

Also, it has a very interesting feature where it allows users to search for any file/document by looking for text in the documents. Users can seamlessly share the scanned documents to the cloud. However, the app’s premium version is on the expensive side.  

4. Google Drive

Okay, so not many people are aware that Google Drive has an in-built scanner installed in the app. But we must say that it’s not very similar to CamScanner as it doesn’t have a lot of features that make it unique. But it is a very effective scanning app as it speedily scans all the documents and users can export them with ease.

Also, it comes with an auto-edge detection feature where it crops the image and cuts the useless borders while capturing it. And one might be looking for a reason that if it’s a simple CamScanner alternative then, why mention it at all but we all know when it comes to the safety of documents then Google Drive is the best option available, and therefore, I trust this app. 

5. Notebloc

Notebloc is a powerful scanning application available for both Android and iOS. Users get the ability to seamlessly scan documents in high quality, effective smart edge detection features, OCR support, cloud integration within the app, and much more.

Also, CamScanner used to add a very large watermark on the scanned documents but using Notebloc you won’t have to worry about that. Therefore, one must try this application for its speedy scanning feature. 

6. TapScanner

TapScanner is another best CamScanner alternative and one of my favorite. I love this app for its extensive features that helps improve the quality of the scanned documents and edit them thoroughly then and there. It clicks 3 pictures simultaneously and allows users to detect borders and crop them to capture the image.

Provides OCR support, speedy scanning, cloud integration and can be exported in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. One of the most unique features is that it allows its users to digitally sign the scanned documents where CamScanner lacked.  

7. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a pretty decent scanner, users can use this scanner to scan handwritten notes, or multiple pages at once, any paper documents, etc. It provides very precise detailing on the scan documents, and trust me you’ll be shaken to see the results.

Also, it has all the other features such as auto edge detection, and users can easily export their documents in either JPEG or PDF. However, it doesn’t provide OCR support, and neither does it have batch scanning.  

8. TurboScan

A feature that makes TurboScan unique from others is its sharpening mode that helps users while scanning notes/paper documents. Users can easily export their scanned files in PNG, PDF, and JPEG formats, and can transfer the files through email, or other social media platform. However, it doesn’t provide OCR support. You must try this app! 

9. PhotoScan

PhotoScan is the best option for those who want to scan printed documents/photos. It’s the best in that field, users get the ability to scan printed photos without interfering with the actual color and quality of photos.

You will have no complaints regarding the scanned quality, or glares, blemishes. The app comes packed with Google’s powerful post-processing algorithm that creates the most spectacular digital image.  

Top 12 Alternatives to CamScanner For iOS & Android

There are many more applications that work similar to CamScanner, and thus we are going to link them below in the list. We have provided you with a detailed review on a few apps already and now, we are going to list a few more:

  1. PhotoScan
  2. TurboScan
  3. Adobe scan
  4. Microsoft Office Lens
  5. FastScanner
  6. TapScanner
  7. Notebloc
  8. Scanbot
  9. Google Drive
  10. Evernote Scannable
  11. ApnaScan
  12. ClearScan


And that is it, I hope you liked reading this article. There are plenty of applications in the list above to choose from, I hope you find your desired scanning software for your device. If you have any queries then, you can let us know in the comments below. 

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