15 Free Call Blocker Apps for Android [Download Now]

You might get frustrated if someone calls and disturbs you unnecessarily. If you are facing this problem then here is the solution for you. We are here with some interesting and exclusive call blocker apps for android to block the spam calls.

Pick the one app to stop those spam calls disturbing you often. The list of the efficient call blockers starts here. Just have a look at its advantages and features to select the one that fulfills your requirements.

10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Here are some of the apps that let you block spammy calls in android.

1. TrueCaller

Nowadays True caller has been used by many numbers of users, it has been mostly used for blocking unwanted calls and messages and we can able to see the name of the unknown numbers. This app is the most secure and user-friendly. It has google drive backup this can backup the contacts and blocklist numbers. In this app, we can also use the true caller UPI payment method for money transactions and pay recharge bills, etc.


Call Blacklist is used for call blocking and it can block the private calls and hidden number calls. It also has the option for the calls and SMS blocking within the schedule timing. This app has a blacklist and white list. We can enable and disable the call blocking. We can block the numbers except for the contacts. It can also block the numbers started with the prefix.


This app is mostly used to identify the caller id of the unknown numbers. Who’s Call is used by hundreds of users. This app is one of the best caller id app in 2016. It can identify some important calls and we may block the unwanted calls. This app also has an offline database, so we can use it without the internet.


Should I Answer is the call blocking app for the irrelevant numbers and the hidden numbers? These come in the top list for blocking calls in android. It also can automatically find the caller id. We can avoid the sales-related calls and advertisements in this app. This app has the phone number rating, the unwanted incoming call can be able to show the phone number rating. You can block useless calls by downloading this app.


This app can be mostly used to block telemarketing calls and robocalls. We can block the number within the blacklist and block the calls in the call log including our contacts also. Call Blocker can be the most efficient app for call blocking. It may have the call remainder option too. Anyone can use this app as it is user-friendly and we can able to see the call log of our block list.


MR number block calls and Spam can block the spam calls and unnecessary calls. It may block the calls expect our those in our contact list and it is most used caller id and locators. This can prevent you from spam calls and fake calls.  If we do not answer some important calls then we will get the voicemail through this app. It has an auto-locking function. This app has been used in both android and IOS.


The call blocker free app has the call remainder options and we can able to use it for the scheduled blocking too. You can also call back by using a white list option. This option can be disabled and enabled as per our use. Tele callers and robocalls will automatically be blocked and it may add the free app, it is easy to use and the most secure app.


Safest call blocker is very simple to use and this can block unwanted calls, spam calls, and spam text. You can block the numbers in the call log list other than our contacts. This blacklist has been used to block the calls in our contacts which we can add manually. It let you know the calls from the blocked numbers via notifications. You can also use this app to create the blacklist option for blocking some private numbers.


Call Detector is to find the details of the spam calls using its caller id option.  The most basic use of this app is blocking calls.  The call detector app is available as free and it is the ad-free app. We can get any help or complaints through the call center employee. It has a new version and you can get at free of cost. It has different resources and interesting features in this app.


Hiya is one of the best call blocker apps in android. We can easily identify the unknown calls and unknown messages. You can also block the spam calls and maintain them in the blacklist for the block calls. It can analyze the billions of calls. It also has an automatic blocking option.

15 Free Call Blocker Apps

To conclude, here is a massive list of free call blocker apps that you can use and block those unnecessary calls.

  1. True Caller
  2. Call Blacklist
  3. Who’s Call
  4. Should I Answer
  5. Call Blocker
  6. Number Block Calls And Spam
  7. Call Blocker Free
  8. Safest Call Blocker
  9. Call Detector
  10. Hiya: Offer A Caller Id Service
  11. Outgoing Call Blocker
  12. Call Control: Collect Scam Number
  13. Call App Crawler: Analyze Data About Incoming Calls
  14. Norton Mobile Security: All Full Security Package
  15. Sms Blockertext Spam Blocking, Clean Inbox Sms

Final Words

Yeah, here we come to the end which comprises some 15 apps that you can use to block the spam and disturbing calls effectively. I think you might get some ideas about the apps available for call blocking and to maintain the spam calls in a list. Just pick the best app for your use to avoid unnecessary calls in daily use.

Yeah, this is the end of this blog from which an android user can take the best app for blocking spam calls. If you find this content useful do comment.

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