12 Best Cable TV Alternatives to Save Money

If you are sick of annoying advertisements and paying huge bills for channels you don’t even watch, this article is perfect for you. In this article, we are going to tell you 12 amazing cable TV alternatives that will change your life. If you want to have good quality entertainment while staying within budget, we have got you covered.

Paying for a cable connection can be taxing. An average person who has a cable TV spends almost around $1200 annually! With the rise of the internet, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Another huge benefit that comes with opting for cable TV alternatives is that you will have access to your shows and movies from anywhere and not only your TV!

Guide to Cable Tv Alternatives

Cable TVs have become too expensive and outdated. With fantastic shows popping up on “Originals” of Amazon Prime and Netflix, regular channels are falling behind. This makes people want to shift over from cable TV to smart TVs.

Another benefit that comes with having apps as your streaming platforms is that viewers can watch their shows at any time that is convenient to them. Keep reading to find out more about cable TV alternatives.

Best Cable TV Alternatives

Mentioned below are the top 12 alternatives of cable tv that can make your life so much better. These options are less pricey than your average cable connection and give you the freedom to stream from anywhere.

1. Netflix

Netflix is the most popular streaming site out there. Its got tons of shows and movies that can be streamed online and offline. Netflix Originals is the unique feature of this alternative; Netflix Originals are shows or documentaries that can be accessed only through this website. The price will range from $9 to $16 depending on the plan you choose.

2. Hulu

Hulu is a great cable TV alternative that can be accessed for free. If you want to watch shows that are airing or have finished airing, Hulu is the place. There is also an option available that lets you watch all the shows ad-free. For the ad-free feature, one needs to upgrade their plan.

A regular plan costs $6 for a month, but if you want the benefit of no interruption, then the upgraded account will cost $12. Hulu has been around for a long time and has a loyal userbase.

3. Amazon Prime Video

We all are familiar with Amazon as an E-commerce giant. Amazon Prime Video is a part of Amazon Prime subscribers. There is a wide range of movies and shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You can find Hollywood movies and your regional movies with ease.

This platform also has a feature called Amazon Originals, where movies/documentaries/shows are exclusive to Amazon. The monthly plan is $9, however, the annual plan comes up to $119.

4. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is a great option for those looking for cable alternatives. With this subscription, people can watch a wide array of Disney movies and shows. It is very useful for families with little kids.

One can also watch other productions, such as National Geography, Pixar animation, etc. Depending on the plan, the price ranges from $7 to $13 per month.

5. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of those cable TV alternatives that have a Live feature. You can watch most live-streamed content here. With a Sling TV subscription, viewers can watch up to 35 channels.

The downside is that if you want to watch sports channels, then you will have to pay an additional charge of $5. Otherwise, you can get this streaming service for $25 monthly.

6. Peacock

Peacock is a streaming service provided by NBC Universal. This platform has access to all the classic shows such as The Office, Parks, and Rec, etc. There are two versions of Peacock.

The first is the free version, where you just need to log in with your Email ID, and no payment details. The second version is the premium version, with no ads! The premium version costs only $5 monthly.

7. YouTube TV

Unlike the YouTube we all are so familiar with, YouTube TV shows more than your usual DIYs and viral videos. YouTube TV lets the viewers stream roughly 70 channels, these include regional and national channels. It also screens a lot of sports-channels and sport specific channels as well. If you want this amazing streaming platform, you can get it at $65 monthly.

8. Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is not your regular cable TV alternative. On Apple TV you will be able to watch only their original TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to watch any production that is not in-house.

A huge plus point of this streaming platform is that, when you purchase any Apple gadget, you can use Apple TV for free for 365 days. After the time period is done, they will charge you $5 per month.

9. Philo

Philo is a very cable TV-like alternative. You can subscribe to 60 cable channels for a minimized cost. Philo costs $20 per month. It allows the viewers to use one account on three different gadgets. This will make it easier for families to watch their favorite show without fighting for the remote!

10. HBO Now

HBO Now is very popular for streaming most of the Warner Bros movies, American sitcoms and a lot of DC movies. HBO Now is available on most major apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

It is essentially like an add on to your existing plan. Its pricing starts from $15 monthly. This streaming platform also has an option for a seven-day trial before committing to it.

11. Fubo TV

FuboTV is a very strong contender among the alternatives. This streaming platform has got over 100 channels of sports, movies, and entertainment. People have an option between choosing the regular plan that is priced at $65 per month, or they can choose the ultra plan which costs $85 monthly.

In addition to watching your shows and movies, FuboTV also allows recording the shows to watch it at any time you prefer.

12. Hulu Live

Like regular Hulu, you will be able to watch most shows and movies on this platform as well. The main thing that differentiates Hulu Live is that viewers will now be able to watch live news or sports as well.

Regular Hulu does not have the option of watching live content. Another major plus point of Hulu Live is that people can record the live show on their TV and watch it later on high quality.

Top 12 Cable TV Alternatives to Cut the Cord for Good

So, check out a list of more alternatives of cable tv that you can try if any of the above-mentioned names doesn’t satisfy your needs.

  1. Plex TV
  2. DirectTV
  3. FuboTV
  4. AcornTV
  5. Philo
  6. HBO Now
  7. Kodi
  8. CBS All Access
  9. Peacock
  10. Starz
  11. Showtime Now
  12. Disney+


In conclusion, you should definitely reconsider keeping your cable TV connection and opt for an alternative. The cable TV alternatives mentioned above are great replacements that will save you both time and money! You no longer have to wait for a movie to screen on a channel, instead, you can choose whichever movie to watch. Have fun streaming your favorite show!

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