Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode: Disable With & Without Account

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can bypass Tumblr’s safe mode and access the NSFW and restricted content. We’ll also discuss how you can view these Tumblr blogs without an account.

Unlike many social media platforms, Tumblr does not have any restriction guidelines on what you can and cannot post. Hence you’ll find a lot of 18+ and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on the website. However, they do have a way of preventing younger users and those who find these things offensive from viewing the content. This is known as Tumblr’s Safe Mode. Tumblr’s Safe Mode is essentially a toggle that filters out any content that would be deemed inappropriate in the eyes of the public.

Features Of Tumblr Safe Mode

  • Safe mode is enabled by default for all new users.
  • If the age of your account is under 18, you will not be able to access the settings to turn off Safe Mode.
  • It is not synced across devices, so it will have to be enabled/disabled individually.
  • It will automatically be re-enabled when you sign out of your account.

Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode

How To Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode With An Existing Account?

In this section, we’ll discuss how to bypass Tumblr Safe Mode for all devices. We’ve provided simple and easy step-by-step instructions to help guide you. This is a straightforward process and should cause you no trouble.

1. Bypass Safe Mode On Android

You can disable Safe Mode directly within the app on Android devices. Just follow the instructions provided.

  1. Launch the Tumblr app from your home screen.
  2. Press your profile icon, then select the gear icon on your profile.
  3. Now in the Settings, navigate to the Filter section.
  4. Toggle the Safe Mode button off.

2. Bypass Safe Mode On Apple Devices

On Apple devices such as the iPad or iPhone, you cannot turn off Safe Mode within the app like for Android devices. You have to disable it from the device’s settings.

  1. Open the Settings app from your Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down the list of apps and find Tumblr, select it.
  3. You’ll see a section labeled Tumblr Settings, select ‘Safe Mode,’ then make sure you check ‘Don’t hide anything’.

3. Remove/Disable Safe Mode On Your Desktop Browser

Tumblr is a great desktop-friendly platform as well. Many users prefer to use this instead of the mobile app. Hence, we’ll show you how to disable Safe Mode on your desktop version of Tumblr.

  1. Go to¬†Tumblr’s Dashboard page and log in to your account.
  2. In the DashBoard tab, make sure the ‘Browse tag pages in Safe Mode’ box is unchecked.
  3. Click the save button.

Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode without An Account

If you don’t want to log in to access NSFW or age-restricted content, we can understand why. Luckily for us, there are websites out there known as Tumblr Viewers. These websites allow you to view Tumblr pages without actually logging in and, most of all it will not filter out any NSFW content.

Hence check out our list of the best Tumblr Viewers out there that will help you bypass Safe Mode without an account.

1. Tumblr Imager Viewer

Tumblr Image Viewer has a very simple and basic user interface that allows you to search for specific Tumblr blogs by username or search by #tags. You can view GIFS as well as control the amount of images/tiles you want to display on the page (up to 50). You can also enlarge the image view by clicking ‘open all images on one page’.

2. TumbView

TumbView has a much more clean and modern user interface. It allows you to search for Tumblr blogs and lets you view the images as a slideshow, slideshow thumbnails or as a grid. The grid feature shows you an endless list of posts, images, GIFs, and videos. It’s very easy to navigate through and all NSFW content is available to view.

3. Cascadr

Cascadr is another great image viewer that lets you enter the blog name you want to view and displays it in the form of a horizontal grid. You can click to enlarge any image on the grid. Moreover, you can download and save any post you wish.

4. Tumbex

Last on our list we have Tumbex. Tumbex has a great design to help you search through Tumblr posts without an account or Safe Mode restriction. However, it does have some popups, and that too to some NSFW websites. Hence, be careful when viewing Tumbex in public.

Final Words:

Tumblr is a great way for people to express themselves. It’s also one of the best web places to view restricted content. NSFW content is not meant for everyone, and in no way do we promote that the underage should bypass Tumblr’s Safe Mode.

It’s a great feature that Tumblr built into the platform; turning it off couldn’t be easier. Kudos to Tumblr for that. Most of all, if you’re worried about having to create an account to view Tumblr blogs, you can simply just use the list of Tumblr Viewers we’ve provided.

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