How to Bypass Human Verification?

Are you tired of seeing the “Complete survey for human verification” message pop up whenever you try to download something off of the Internet? Do you want to know how to bypass human verification? Well, you are in luck because you are reading the right article.

Today, I am going to cover tips and tricks that you can use to bypass human verification messages. I am also going to help you figure out what those surveys are and also discuss their legitimacy. With that out of the way, let’s jump right into it.

What Is The “Human Verification” Message?

This message can pop up whenever you try to “unofficially download” software or media. The website will tell you that you need to verify that you are a human and complete a set of surveys. It may also make you share the website with other people or install apps. The website will claim that completing these tasks will unlock the download link for the file you want. Simple, right? Unfortunately, when things are too good to be true, there is usually something wrong (especially on the Internet!).

More often than not, these websites will not have the file or the download link that you are looking for. They only exist to make make money from the information they gather through the survey and ad revenue. You can complete every survey that they ask and you will only be met with more surveys. Sometimes, you will be asked to install a game and complete a certain number of tasks. This will also give you nothing in return.

These pop-ups do not exist to verify anything which makes the human verification message completely untrue. These messages exist so that the creators of the websites can make money and the worst part is, that you will not be able to get the file you want from it. These websites are most likely scams and I urge you to stay away from them!

How To Bypass Human Verification?

In the previous section, I bashed these websites pretty hard, but I also mentioned that even though the majority of the websites are fake, there are some websites that may be legitimate. But how can you find the legitimate file without completing the survey? That’s what this section of the article is going to help you with. I am going to give you several tips and tricks to bypass human verification surveys.

1. Edit the Page Elements

This is not the easiest trick you can use, but it is the most effective one. It will work on most modern browsers but I am going to show you how you can do it on Google Chrome. The steps will be very similar on other browsers too.

  1. Visit the link that’s giving you the human verification pop-up.
  2. Before the message pops up, press F12. Alternatively, you can right-click on the page and select Inspect. If you cannot, reload the website and try again.
  3. Select this option (pictured below).
  4. Click the human verification pop-up to highlight a block of code. Take a note of the id of the block.
  5. Right-click on the block of code and delete it.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to remove all of the pop-ups.
  7. Press Cntrl+F to and type the id from step 4.
  8. Search for all instances of that id and delete them too.
  9. After that’s done, close the element inspector and download your file.

This method may be a little tedious and it might take a few tries, but you can use it to get the file that you want without doing any surveys.

2. Use NoScript

JavaScript is used to make a website dynamic. A lot of websites use JavaScript to make human verification pop-ups. NoScript is a tool that removes all of the JavaScript elements from the webpage and a lot of times, this will let you bypass the human verification message.

  1. Download and install NoScript for your device from this link.
  2. Visit the website that’s giving you the message.
  3. Check if it still remains. There’s a good chance that you would never see the pop-up again.

3. Use Ad-Blockers

You can use ad-blockers to bypass human verification. This has a lower chance of working than the previous methods, but you can test your luck. However, some websites make you disable the ad blockers before proceeding and this method will definitely not work there.

  1. Download and install an ad blocker for your device.
  2. Visit the website that’s giving you the message.
  3. Check if it still remains. There’s a chance that you would never see the pop-up again.

4. Re-Visit the Link

This method has the lowest chance of success but you can try it if nothing else works. Sometimes, I have noticed that some websites make you visit ad links that give you the human verification message and not the actual download link.

You would have to close the webpage and re-visit the link again and again to get the file.

Final Take

Now you know how to bypass human verification. I hope that you found this article helpful. If you still cannot bypass it, then I am pretty sure that the website is a scam. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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