Free Brawl Stars Gems 2021: No Survey Tricks

Are you looking for ways to get free Brawl Stars gems? Then look no further! This article is a one-stop for getting all the details regarding Brawl Stars free gems. In fact, we also have a little bonus for you in the form of a Brawl Stars free gems generator. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right in!

What Are Brawl Stars Gems?

Brawl Stars is a role-playing shooting video game that is fast gaining popularity. The game can be used on both, iOS and Android. Players can choose different modes of play depending on their moods; if you’re feeling especially strategic or if you’re feeling extra competitive, then you should choose the heist mode or smash & grab or the brawl mode respectively.

In addition to the choice of brawl modes, you can also change your character skin. The main objective of the Brawl Stars is to get the highest number of points for your team, the team with the most points wins. Apart from game characters, many other items can be bought from the store of Brawl Stars.

To purchase or buy other items, you need to have gems. The in-game currency can let you buy brawlers, immunity potions, level-up potions, gold ores, padlocks, mystery boxes, and many such items. So that is why gems are an important element of the game and the gems generator is a must-have for every player.

How to Get Free Brawl Stars Gems?

Now you’ve reached the most integral part of the article. You must be wondering how to get your hands on these amazing Brawl Stars free gems without having to empty your pockets. We have two ways listed below just for you.

1. Discounted Gem Packs

The first step is a no-brainer. The fastest and the surest way to get access to the gems is by buying them from the in-game store. The in-game store has a variety of packages or bundles for you to choose from. Each bundle has its own number of gems and the price for it. We have given steps to make the process of purchasing easier for you.

  1. When you select any one of the packages, you will be sent to the payment details page.
  2. Enter in your payment details, you can use either a debit card or a credit card.
  3. Once you type all the details, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked with the card.
  4. Confirm the payment and you will receive your gems in your game account in no time.

Sometimes there will be offers and festive season sales that will give you a discount. So if you want the gems without spending too much money, get the packages during the sales.

2. Never Skip Brawl Boxes

Upon opening the Brawl Stars game on your device, you will be allowed to open one Brawl Box. These Brawl Boxes can contain anything, be it an item, coins, gems, or even a few brawler skins. With every box, you can be assured that you will get an item for sure. However, the chance of you getting Brawl Stars gem is very rare and depends entirely on your luck.

A few things to keep in mind while using the Brawl Box is that once you cross level 9 in your game, you will no longer get powerpoints from the Brawl Box. Instead, the chance of getting more coins will increase. This is also heavily based on luck and chance.


3. By Private Servers

The game developers of Brawl Stars are very strict with users who use cheat codes or hacks for the game. If you want to go the extra mile and use cheat codes for getting Brawl Stars free gems, then it is advisable to use a private server or turn on your VPN while you use them. If you are found using cheat codes, you might even get banned from the game. That’s why think twice before you use cheat codes to get free gems.

Brawl Stars Free Gems Generator 2021

Gems are a very rare item in the game and can unlock a lot of cool features in the game. Naturally, everyone wants to get free gems, but it is important to keep in mind that the Brawl Stars free gems generator is not a viable option. These self-acclaimed free gems generators are fake game software that will only give you more trouble instead of precious gems.

These sites are known for taking personal information and misusing it. In some cases, user accounts will also get banned from Brawl Stars if they are known or caught using such sites. That is why it is best to steer clear from any such free gems generator sites.


Woohoo! You’ve made it to the end of the article. We’re sure you were able to find all the information to help you to get Brawl Stars gems. With the amazing Brawl Stars free gems generator, you can easily get ahead in your game in no time. Have fun gaming!

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