Brave vs Firefox: Which one is Faster and Better?

If you surf the internet actively then privacy might be your biggest concern. In such cases, two browsers come to mind Brave and Firefox. Both Mozilla Firefox and Brave browser are open source and devoted to offering the best level of privacy. But when the time comes to decide between Brave vs Firefox which one is a better option for you, most people seem confused about it.

brave vs firefox

In such situations, it is best to go through the detailed comparison of Brave vs Firefox. It will help you to differentiate between them hence you will able to make a wise decision.

In this post, we have done an in-depth comparison between Firefox and Brave browser based upon their numerous features. S0 scroll and being to read the review of Firefox and Brave browser.

Brave vs Firefox Browser: A Comparison Based On Facts

We have tested both Mozilla Firefox and Brave browsers for quite a long time to help you find out which one is the better option for you. So without further ado, let’s start comparing them one by one based upon their features.

1. Interface

Brave browser interface

The interface is the first thing a user notices about a browser. The interface of the browsers should be easy to navigate and appealing as well. Brave browser’s interface is pretty much similar to the Mozilla Firefox.

You will see a blank page along with a search bar on the top and a list of the frequently visited sites. On the top hand side, you will see a real-time clock as well that makes the Brave interface more appealing.

Firefox browser interface

While on the other Firefox is also equipped with an appealing interface that is also quite similar to the Google Chrome interface. Firefox interface has a search bar located on the top and a list of frequently visited sites.

In comparison to Brave vs Firefox in based upon the interface, both have easy to navigate interface and you will get used to it within a few minutes.

2. Firefox vs Brave Security

Brave browser security

Brave browser is an open-source project that has a primary focus on protecting user privacy. It comes with a built-in tool to block trackers, scripts, and advertisements. It has the power to block ads, most of the websites that display the ads will appear as a blank space.

Firefox security

While on the other hand, the Firefox browser prefers to keep things simple so users can relate to them. Firefox is also devoted to security and comes with built-in tools to block third-party trackers, fingerprint trackers, and many other things that can be a threat to your security.

In comparison to Brave and Firefox in the terms of security, Brave wins the race. Brave has a powerful ads blocker in comparison to Firefox.

3. Privacy

brave browser privacy

This is one of the primary reasons for the key selling points of the Brave browser. The brave browser never stores any of the user data.

Additionally, it never shares your data with any of the third party, all user data is stored locally that means there are fewer chances of data theft. Also, it prevents websites from using your online activities to personalize the advertisements.

Firefox browser privacy

While talking about Firefox, you will be disappointed to know that Firefox records the user’s data by default. However, Firefox gives you the option to prevent your browser from tracking your online activity but still it is a threat to our privacy.

Firefox browser also allows the websites to track the user’s activities to personalize the advertisements. Also, there is a lack of built-in support to control the privacy, to improve the privacy settings you need to download the browser extension.

In comparison to the Brave vs Firefox-based upon the privacy, Brave browser wins by a huge margin. Brave never stores any of the user’s data that allow the users to surf the web without worrying about anything.

4. Speed

brave vs Firerfox speed

Brave comes with by default features to block ads that mean the web pages will take less time to load the information as there is no burden of loading advertisements. Also, you might know that Brave browser is based upon the chromium network that means you expect increased performance-based speed from Brave browser.

Firefox is a little bit slow while loading the web pages. It allows the websites to display ads that mean your loading time will increase as advertisements also needed to be load.

In comparison, the Firefox and Brave in terms of speed, Brave browser manages to load webpages faster than Mozilla Firefox.

5. Sync Capabilities

Brave browser sync

Brave browser has the capabilities to sync the browsing data across all the devices operating on Brave browser. Brave uses client-side encryption to keep your sync data protected. At present, the sync features available only on the desktop version of the browser.

Firefox browser sync

Firefox sync capabilities are not limited to its desktop version, both Android and iOS can also take benefit from the Firefox sync capabilities. Firefox can sync users’ data such as passwords, extensions, and form data. It also claims that its sync data is protected with encryption that means third parties cannot access your private sync data without your permission.

In the comparison of Brave vs Firefox, Firefox sync capabilities are far better than Brave browser. In the sync war, Firefox is the clear winner.


As we have come to the end of the in-depth comparison between Brave vs Firefox browser. It is the right time to make a clear picture between both of these browsers. Both Firefox and Brave browser has its own disadvantage and advantages. They both are equipped with easy to understand interface and offer plenty of customizations as well.

The brave browser seems an ideal option for users who are concerned about their privacy and security. While Firefox is a preferable option for those who want to cross platforms compatibility and better sync capabilities. Now it’s up to you which browser you give a try. Don’t forget to share with us which browser you have chosen and what was the reasons behind it.

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