Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes List [100% Working]

Borderlands 2 is a role-playing first-person shooter game that gained popularity across the world by offering plenty of customizations option to its users. If you have just started playing the Borderlands 2 game and wonder about how your game buddies have the powerful weapons and backpacks. If yes, then believe me you’re not alone. Borderlands 2 gibbed codes will help you to get some amazing rewards and also will help you to improve your gameplay.

borderlands 2 gibbed codes

In this post, we will share with you a list of 100% active Broadlands 2 Gibbed codes along with the steps about how to redeem them. So without further ado shall we being to discuss the list of codes.

What Is Borderlands 2 Game?

what is borderlands 2 games

Borderlands 2 games gained acceptance as one of the best action role-playing games in a short span of time. This game was introduced by Gearbox Software by having a primary focus on the first-person perspective. The most popular thing about the Borderlands 2 game that it is comfortable with most of the operating systems available in the market.

This game has 4 different characters and every character has a unique job. This game was first to come to light in 2009, later in 2012 developers has decided to launch the newer version of Borderlands game knows as Borderlands 2.

What Are Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes?

borderlands 2 gibbed codes-1

Borderlands 2 gibbed codes are nothing more than a string of text that helps you to add a specific item to game inventory. The team of Borderlands 2 game seems devoted to making the game more engaging by adding new weapons, backpacks, skins, and many more.

If you want to add those new and powerful items to your game inventory then Borderlands 2 codes are the best way you can take benefit of the. There are numerous coeds available on the web but not all they help you to get the rewards you’re in a search of.

These Borderlands 2 codes looks similar to the BL2(BwAAAADSBhYoAgPQ0BBabQAiBeIGom3i/////////z8AInCibuI=) code.

Active Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes

Below we have rounded up a list of best and active Borderlands 2 game codes. You can redeem these codes to add specific items to the game inventory. All you need to do is scroll down and give them a look.

1. Damage Build Infinity Pistols

  • Non-Elemental : BL2(h+CPozePh5J/Vi3jw/jfxd6HZtCMxFCRGksq8axHVGYMTatK1JJw)
  • Fire: BL2(h54pl5CUV+38zYGnBcPFzBurUBqqM77IZSWQ632fyv0Xok bpzVU0)
  • Shock: BL2(hyUR3+U0r1RU39u3o+meOEyhDaEeLgK7IQdvPcnnmp7t6H lJmNVU)

Damage Build Infinity Pistols

  • Corrosive: BL2(h5pXAHfsBZWBPAYjdlr101zcIfTWnQBIirbGrK7AyhZx8m NgxAji)
  • Infinity: BL2(h2/V3n+mGlXGeO8zxX8PVUyUhQuLayUPJYlikvHB65/Ell/prsQL)​

2. Borderlands 2 Pistols

  • Infinity 10.4 Firerate: BL2(h2/V3n+mGlXGeO8zxX8PVUyUhQuLayUPJYlikvHB65/Ell/prsQL)
  • Corrosive Infinity 10.4 Firerate: BL2(h5QiV53rMvaq4vd55NURZZORv969Seh9yk4qeEjD2/wEtv4tVBmE)

borderlands 2 Pistols

  • Shock Infinity 10.4 Firerate: BL2(hxAhZz5bfUSHmRN+LUJXVNTESbux319gygutw8ZkFEycqm A76T38)
  • Fire Infinity 10.4 Firerate: BL2(h/fUO8e0BnEw3Ax/hxDuBhZkmxxN9Nf+E0EybfchIKw3uJS94WW1)

3. Borderlands 2 Shotguns

  • Conference Call 5788×7: BL2(h2b30V2CBKuvMvEvXrDkvKbZwIhp3DjftJpgU2XciuJX+t Px1/SL)
  • Corrosive Conference Call 5788×7 : BL2(h9wrxtwOuWM6IfVJgeDdyeq0XG4OMqoLM1NWaN84BP72ZV u+xFxo)

Borderlands 2 Shotguns

  • Shock Conference Call 5788×7: BL2(hzmkOWcUre7Aqt2wsYwpOMbMcXJFK80rY6VWeXCp3iu3cP iUo4sG)
  • Fire Conference Call 5788×7 : BL2(h8ZN6Nd0I95N5e+CTNT6H2KAOpnePMWxBqSkFQ/iJ9b46tUGbNwC)
  • Slag Conference Call 5788×7: BL2(hyAT0W9K8vz2lHebjwWCLbYLEwvOH0UPE3qxlRSf0OuCEF ScgxZi)

4. Borderlands 2 Bekah

  • Boss Bekah (Damage): BL2(hwAAAAABKwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xUY/v8jACzDYADw)
  • Wild Bekah (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAADQugqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xYY/v8jAPTCYADw)
  • Cowboy Bekah (Bullet Speed): BL2(hwAAAABtNwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xcY/v8jAKzCYADw)
  • Deadshot Bekah (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAABkRAqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jADzCYADw)Borderlands 2 Bekah
  • Horse Bekah (Stability): BL2(hwAAAABNFQqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xMY/v8jAFzDYADw)
  • Flush Bekah (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAADg/QqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xgY/v8jAHTCYADw)
  • Razor Bekah (Melee): BL2(hwAAAABozwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jAMzCYADw)

5. Borderlands 2 Ahab Launcher

  • dippity Ahab (Reload Speed): BL2(hwAAAACZvgFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBgo/v/DAexBQQbw)
  • fwap a Ahab (Swap Speed): BL2(hwAAAAAi0AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBko/v/DAcRBQQbw)
  • Deep a Ahab (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAACQ8AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBYo/v/DATxCQQbw)

Borderlands 2 Ahab Launcher

  • derp Ahab (Damage): BL2(hwAAAACpNQFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBwo/v/DAUxBQQbw)
  • fidle dee Ahab (Rocket Speed): BL2(hwAAAADt+QFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBoo/v/DAZxBQQbw)
  • dum pa Ahab (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAABZywFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBso/v/DAXRBQQbw)
  • gaa dunk ga Ahab(Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAAArngFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBco/v/DARRCQQbw)

6. Borderlands 2 Sawbar

  • Nassty Sawbar (Damage): BL2(hwAAAAAPuAiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBUY/v+fABzD0AHw)
  • Wyld Asss Sawbar (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAADcswiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBYY/v+fAOTC0AHw)
  • Nifed Sawbar (Melee): BL2(hwAAAAD1qwiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBQY/v+fAEzB0AHw)
  • Fast Bulets Sawbar (Bullet Speed): BL2(hwAAAABjpAiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBcY/v+fAJzC0AHw)

Borderlands 2 Sawbar

  • Taktikal Sawbar (Stability): BL2(hwAAAABBHAiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBMY/v+fAEzD0AHw)
  • Expandifide Sawbar (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAADs9AiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBgY/v+fAGTC0AHw)
  • Akurate Sawbar (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAABQNAiAJgEAA4FEfgAcxOABEAGDIQYHDBkY/v+fACzC0AHw)

7. Borderlands 2 Seeker

  • Nasty Seeker (Damage): BL2(hwAAAADIBQmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xUY/v8rADTDMADw)
  • Wild Seeker (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAAAY2QmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xYY/v8rAPzCMADw)
  • Slippery Seeker (Bullet Speed): BL2(hwAAAACkGQmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xcY/v8rALTCMADw)
  • Rigorous Seeker (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAACSvQmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xkY/v8rAETCMADw)

Borderlands 2 Seeker

  • Rhythmic Seeker (Stability): BL2(hwAAAACGoQmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xMY/v8rAGTDMADw)
  • Plump Seeker (Mag size): BL2(hwAAAAAongmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xgY/v8rAHzCMADw)
  • Stabbing Seeker (Melee): BL2(hwAAAAAxwQmDRoALCYFE1mIgxEAAcAFDIob//xQY/v8rAFTBMADw)

How To Redeem Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes?

You might seem a lot of hassles while trying to redeem borderlands 2 gibbed codes. To give you the help of the hand, we will help explain to you how to redeem these codes. The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Borderlands 2 gibbed’s editor. After that, you need to install the .NET framework on your computer.

Once you have installed gibbed’s editor and .NET framework, we recommend you to follow the steps mentioned below to redeem Borderlands 2 game codes.

  • Launch Borderland’s 2 Gibbed’s Editor. Borderlands Gibbed's editor
  • Now simply click on Open to load Save. The Borderland’s Gibbed’s editor will automatically locate the directory where your game files are stored. If not then you need to do this manually by navigating to the following path.

C:\Users\(Your Name)\My Documents\My Games\borderlands 2\willowgame\savedata\765XXXXXXXXXX\

  • Click on the save which you wish to edit and choose the item and copy the code for it from the above-discussed list of codes.
  • Now you need to head back to the Borderland’s editor, click on the Backpack tab, and paste your Borderland 2 gibbed code.

how to redeem Borderland 2 gibbed codes

  • Now you will able to notice your reward in your backpack. Close the editor by clicking on Save. 

Final Take

Undoubtedly, Borderlands 2 is a superb game and becomes more interesting after knowing borderland’s game codes. Now I hope you’re aware of the right information you’re looking for to improve your Borderlands 2 game by adding new items.

You can use as many game codes as you want there are no limitations on the number of code redemptions. In addition to these if you have any other Borderlands 2 gibbed codes in your mind then let us know using the comment section.

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