Bitdefender Keys: 100% Activation for Free [2022]

Cybersecurity is very important in the digital world. We all use a multitude of gadgets and need to be careful while putting out our information.¬†Bitdefender is a very popular anti-virus that can keep your devices secure. In this article, we will give you a list of Bitdefender keys and help you to activate them. Let’s get started!

What are Bitdefender keys?

For those who are new to using anti-virus, Bitdefender is an excellent anti-virus software that has a lot of users. Anti-virus software is used to protect gadgets and devices from threats such as viruses, malware, and other harmful bugs that can potentially damage and steal your personal information. This particular software works best with Windows. Now it is compatible with Mac as well.

To get a working subscription, you need to enter keys and activate them. Then your account will become valid. Bitdefender has a lot of amazing features and benefits that will make you want to get the software as well. It protects up to 5 devices on a single plan.

Depending on your need, you can select which option is the most suitable for you. You can not only use Bitdefender on systems and laptops, but also mobile phones. Many users and critics have liked the software provided by Bitdefender.

List of Working Bitdefender Keys

Given below is the full list of working Bitdefender keys. By using these keys you will be able to get access to a pretty good anti-virus.

  • R8J92B5PN2
  • B6AEZBL475
  • G2J7EVA7YR

How to Activate Bitdefender keys?

Activating the account with Bitdefender keys is relatively simple. We’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is just follow the 4 easy steps laid out for you. To get the best result it is better to not skip out on any step.

  • First, go to the login website of Bitdefender and create an account.
  • Once you log in to your account, you will find the ‘My Subscriptions’ option on the screen.

  • Press on the ‘Activation code’ option and enter in the Bitdefender key.

  • Hit enter and your Bitdefender key will get activated (pretty straightforward right?).

Advantages of Bitdefender

There are many anti-virus software in the market, so the question arises, why should you get Bitdefender? To make it easier for you to understand the benefits of Bitdefender, we have jotted them down for you.

  1. Maintains privacy– People cannot see your browser history when you have the Bitdefender anti-virus. This means you will have less relevant ads (yes, the ones that creepily keep showing the same product you wanted to buy 2 minutes ago) as companies cannot gather your activity data. It even ensures that your webcam is protected and monitored at all times. Some viruses specifically attack the webcam for improper usage. Bitdefender scans every file to make sure that no sneaky pictures or videos are being taken of the user.
  2. Works 24/7– No matter when you use your device, Bitdefender will get to work immediately. It will scan and check every single file that you download for any potential threats to your system.
  3. Catches Anti-Phishing– We all are no strangers to annoying spam emails and messages that keep getting sent. Some of these spam messages and emails even try to get hold of your personal information. Bitdefender ensures that you are protected from these phishing emails and fraudulent sites.
  4. Provides VPN– This anti-virus software has its own VPN that you can use to easily change your location virtually. You may not even have moved an inch from where you were sitting but online you’re in a different country. This enables you to view content that is not available in your original country. If a particular movie is not available in your country, all you need to do is change your VPN to a country that has the movie.
  5. Blocks unimportant notifications– When your screen is on full-screen mode, then Bitdefender automatically doesn’t show any new notifications or pop-ups. This will let the user continue their work in peace without getting distracted continuously.

To sum it up, Bitdefender does an excellent job of being your system’s guard against all viruses and other unfavorable bugs. The anti-virus software instantly notifies you if it senses anything out of the ordinary. This way you will never have to encounter loss of files or leakage of private information.


That’s a wrap on Bitdefender keys. We hope you were able to activate the anti-virus software successfully and with no more interruptions. You can now enjoy your time on the internet without worrying about any virus or malware that can harm your system. Ensure that every year, you renew your subscription. It is also important to check the report generated by Bitdefender to know the overall health and status of your device. Have a good day!

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