30 Best Whatsapp Tricks – Secret Tips in 2020

Whatsapp has been the world’s most commonly used messaging platform among people. It gets a steady stream of updates and has various amazing features. Whatsapp is not just a messaging app, it includes voice calls, and video calls as well. But sadly, many of its users are not making the most out of this amazing app. So this article is going to be a pro guide telling you all about the best Whatsapp tricks of 2020 that is a must-try if you haven’t already!

Best Whatsapp Tricks 2020

Here are some cool 30 Whatsapp tricks. You should totally give them a try. This article is full of tricks and tips on Whatsapp, we are sure that you’ll like reading it!

1. How To Create Bold, Italic, And Strikethrough Texts

This trick is so famous and still most of the people have no idea on how to use this trick in their tricks. You simply have to put an asterisk(*) at the beginning of a particularly sentence, and at its end. This will make your text bold. So like if you want to write “word” in bold then you have to write it like this : *word*. Similarly, you can go with italics, all you have to do is use an underscore (_) on both sides of the desired text and that is it (see the image below). To strikethrough texts, you just have to add a tilde (~) to the start and at the end of a particular text. 

2. Stop Auto-Download Via Mobile Data

This trick is one of the best Whatsapp tricks and the most used by the users. This trick saves your precious limited mobile data. 

First, you have to disable the app’s ability to download media on mobile data, you can do this in the following manner: Settings > Data and storage usage > When using mobile data (you have to switch this option off). 

From that particular area, you have to uncheck the downloading of photos, audios, videos, etc via mobile data. This way you now have to tap on the files that you receive to start downloading.

3. Whatsapp Calls Using A Lot Of Mobile Data?

This trick might come handy to solve this issue. Whatsapp calls do consume a fair bit of your mobile data especially when you are a heavy user or on limited data plans. If you want to save bandwidth, then these steps can really help: Settings > Data and storage usage > Low data usage. Then, you just have to tick the Low data usage box to decrease the amount of data being used through your Whatsapp calls.

4. Request Account Info

Just like Facebook and Twitter even Whatsapp provides you your account information and settings. On request, they provide you with a ZIP file, although this doesn’t include the messages it includes the Facebook data policy, group name, profile pictures, etc.

Here’s how you can get access to your account information: Settings > Account > Request account info. And then tap the option of Request report. It will take around 2-3 days to get you the information. 

5. Email Chat History

We all know that Whatsapp allows you to backup your chats history to the cloud but what if you would like to share some of your chats with someone or keep a specific chat log saved in your Email? You can very easily email the chats via Whatsapp, and here’s how you can do so: Settings > Chats > Chat history. Then, click on the “Export chat” option. From here, your chat menu will pop-up and then, you can just select a particular contact or group chat history. Now just choose “email” when it comes to how you want to send the file.

6. Activate Two-step Verification

This is a very useful Whatsapp trick which keeps away all the dodgy types of people, enabling two-step verification will not let that have access over your account even if they have your SIM card.

To activate this setting , follow these steps: Settings > Account > Two-step Verification. Now, the next screen will ask you to create a 6-digit number which you will use when you shift your Whatsapp to a new number. You’ll be asked to add an email address as well, in case, if you forget your PIN. 

7. Add A Contact To Your Home Screen

One such Whatsapp trick lets you add a contact to your Phone’s home screen, to whom you frequently talk. So here’s how you can do that: First, open any of the contacts and then click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner then follow these steps: More > Add shortcut. Then, simply tap Add button or hold the icon that is all!

8. Disable Read Receipts

This is the best Whatsapp trick so far, it is all about the infamous blue tick icon. A blue tick means that a person has read your message you can disable this by following the given steps:

Settings > Account > Privacy and then untick the box labeled Read Receipts. Although, this trick works both ways neither you nor your contacts will be able to see if they’ve read your messages.

9. See Who Read Your Group Message

This is one of  Whatsapp’s best tricks, which allows you to see who has read your message in the group. You simply have to hold on to a particular message of yours and then either click on the “i” icon or three-dot menu > Info. Now you can see who has read your message in the group and who hasn’t.

10. Turn Off Your Last Seen

You don’t want anyone to see your last seen? Then this trick is your savior from your stalkers, here’s how you can do disable your Last seen: Settings > Account > Privacy. Then, tap on the Last seen field and then adjust it as per your preference. This can be adjusted to Everyone, or My contacts, or Nobody.


11. View Your Blocked List Of Contacts

Sometimes, you end up blocking the wrong people and then, you want to see the block list to ensure that you have blocked the right people, here’s how you can do that: Settings > Account > Privacy. Then all you have to do is scroll down to the Messaging section and click on the Blocked Contacts option.

12. How To Use Live Location Tracking

Yes, live location tracking is a thing, and one of the best Whatsapp tricks for parents and people who have to track a person’s movement. First, you have to share your live location with your contact, you can do this by using the paperclip icon in the message field. Then, follow these steps: Location > Share Live Location and then specify a period for tracking.

13. Create A Custom Notification For A Contact

To create a custom notification, you’ll require a chat with that particular person. From here, tap their name at the top of the screen and then choose the Custom notifications option. Then, you have to tick the “Use custom notifications” box and then scroll down to get to the next field, to customize notifications.

14. Mute Contacts Or Groups

We all have some of our annoying whole class groups or family groups, which are a constant headache, and we want to avoid their notifications, but how can we do that? To mute any group or chat, you just have to hold on their contact in the chats menu, and then you will see several icons in the top right corner. Click on the “mute” icon (it’s like a speaker with a cross line). You can specify a mute period for as long as you want, and then tap OK.

15. Use Whatsapp On Your PC

This trick is the best feature of Whatsapp, it lets you use Whatsapp on your PC without any particular app. You just have to type web.whatsapp.com on your browser, the website will open up with a QR code on the screen. Now click on the three-dot menu from the chats menu and then click on Whatsapp web on your phone. Then scan the QR code on your PC with your phone’s camera. That is it, you have successfully linked your Whatsapp to your PC.

16. Save Things From Your Phone To Computer

Whatsapp web even lets you share stuff between your PC and phone. Just send few pictures from your phone to one of your contacts and then using Whatsapp weblink your PC with phone and then, just go to that contact on PC and click to download those images and vice-versa.

17. Look For Breakdown Of Whatsapp Data Usage

Whatsapp gives you a track of your Data usage category-by-category. To look at Whatsapp data usage, you’ll need to follow this: Settings > Data and storage usage > Network usage. Here you’ll find data related to everything. 

18. View A Breakdown Of Storage By Contacts

 To see store breakdown by contact, do the following: Settings > Data and storage usage > Storage usage. This feature will allow you to view the ranking of storage basically which has been used by every single contact, so these are going to be some impressive stats!

19. Clearing Files From Your Storage

You can even choose to wipe off the storage files from your phone if you like to. Just do the following: Settings > Data and storage usage > Storage usage, and now from here, choose any contact and then tap the “Free Up Space” option. Then you get to choose the categories that you want to delete and then simply click on Delete items. 

20. Change Wallpaper Of Chat Screen

Whatsapp allows you to change your Whatsapp chat screen background, you can either use the wallpaper collection of Whatsapp or put up any image from your gallery as well. Follow these steps: Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper Library, gallery, etc.

21. Put Up Face ID Or Touch ID To Unlock Whatsapp

This trick is only possible for iOS users to set their Whatsapp account to use Face ID or Touch ID when opening Whatsapp. Here’s how you can do this: Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Toggle on require Face ID/ Require Touch ID > select the time duration.

22. Control your Notifications

In the Whatsapp app, you can also turn off some of the high priority notifications. This will disable them to pop up on the top of the screen and this will keep your details private. Follow these steps: Settings > Notifications > Turn off Use high priority notification. 

23. Hide Your Profile Picture

You can hide your profile picture from the people you don’t know or like. It is a very simple process: Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo, and then here you can select from these 3 options: everyone, no-one or only your contacts for seeing your picture. 

24. Stop Images And Videos Appearing In Your Gallery

Some of the group sends heaps of images and videos every day and nobody wants to save it in their gallery right away. Here’s the way how you can stop them from auto-saving in your gallery:

Any contact chat > click on the name > Media Visibility > select “No”

25. Quote A Specific Message

At times, it happens that there are multiple messages and you want to reply a specific message so that it doesn’t lead to any confusion, so you can do this trick by simply following the steps: Chats > Specific chat > specific message > swipe from left to right dragging that message > type your reply in the box and hit send.

26. Mark Chats As Unread 

It happens with almost everyone that we open a message and then we forget to reply, this trick will ensure that you head back to that message once you return. 

Long press a chat > Open three-dot menu > Mark as Unread option

27. Pin A Chat On The Top

You can pin a particular chat to keep it on the top always. It’s only possible to pin 3 chats at one time: Long press chat > Press the pin sign located at the top of the chat screen.

28. Archive Your Chats

Whatsapp even allows you to hide messages from your chat screen. It doesn’t delete the chats but keeps it hidden safely, this is one of the best Whatsapp tricks to use:

Chats > Long press on a chat > Click on the Archive folder at the top of the screen.

29. Clear All Chats

If you want to clear all the conversations in every chat that you have, Whatsapp gives you this easy option to do, just follow these steps. Although, this option is only available on iOS.

Settings > Chats > Clear All Chats.

30. Delete All Chats

If you want to delete all the chats that you have, there’s an easy way to do it in Whatsapp. But this trick can only be used by iOS users. Here’s how to do it:

Settings > Chats > Delete All Chats.


And that is all for this article, we have highlighted the best Whatsapp tricks that is a must-try for 2020. I hope you liked reading it to the end. Leave your suggestion and queries related to Whatsapp in the comment box below.

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