160 Tinder Taglines For Guys – Get Instant Right Swipes

The internet has made the world more compact and accessible for everyone! Tinder has unlocked geosocial networking and online dating and hence making it all very simple especially now during this COVID-19 spread. But that creates new problems like what am I going to say to her or does she understand me? LOL. We can help you with the initial. I’ve listed some amazing Tinder taglines for guys that you can use to jump-start your conversation and fall right in! Go ahead and find your ‘The One’ below. Don’t keep ’em waiting too long!

Tinder Taglines

Cool Tinder Taglines for Guys

With Tinder taglines cool is one way to go about it, you can also try seeming sincere and honest if you are that person, I’m sure the right person will appreciate the same. Nevertheless here are a few cool Tinder taglines to get you started!

Tinder Taglines

  1. Getting lost in the supermarket was scary, mamma would call out my name and everyone would call out Polo, drowning out my plea for help.
  2. CA native, love traveling, and cooking. I have my shit with myself and looking for the same.
  3. “I’m no good with bios”
  4. Looking for someone to grow old with… one night older
  5. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a dating partner. Sometimes, I feel like my only option is looking at girls and their pictures on the app they call Tinder, lonely as I am, together swipe right.
  6. I drive a 2001 Chevy Suburban that I inherited from my mom. None of the doors latches inside work except the driver’s side, but I’ll always have to open the door for you so that’s a plus.
  7. You look like my next mistake.
  8. I like animals. In fact, I think that I am an animal too. But unquestionably not in the bad meaning. How can someone with cute eyes and desire to sleep on your knees be bad? Swipe right if you are into creating a small cute house for two fastly beating animal hearts.
  9. Dark chocolate? Turtle cheesecake or cherry Garcia??
  10. I’m actually looking for the one girl that dislikes to laugh and hates good music. Bonus points if you dislike the outdoors. If I ever find myself face to face with a tinder then I’m likely in trouble so drop the camera and GET HELP! I’m 6’1 so please be taller than me in heels.
  11. Let’s get pizza.
  12. I am just a guy, sitting in front of a girl, questioning her if she is going to finish her hamburger or maybe she needs my help.
  13. Everyone deserves a chance so do I.
  14. This is my very first tagline on Tinder. With it, I hope that your standards are far lower than mine. That was a joke, I have lost count how many attempts I made to write something witty and smart. Swipe right if you are terrified of my next attempt.
  15. No hookups only love.
  16. Looking to meet some new people and see what happens?
  17. Meet me in the escape room. More accurately, meet me there with snacks. I’ve been stuck for a few weeks now.
  18. Let’s go on an Adventure!
  19. I don’t have nightmares, I create them.
  20. Don’t know why Tinder thinks I’m 18. I’m actually 30.
  21. Your parents will love me, but your neighbors won’t.
  22. I am a nice, good-looking, and sweet person, who has just graduated from university and found a very-well painted job and is going to get an MBA. Swipe right if you want to learn how to enjoy sleeping one hour a day.
  23. Kinda boy you would take home to your mom but would blow you on the way there.
  24. Well here’s the deal: I am a smart, intelligent, sweet guy who just finished his MBA, with a well-paying job but in a new city. So, if you swipe right and feel that the guy in the pic looks anything like a nice person, like and we will grab coffee? Ready? Swipe!
  25. You never have to worry about me walking out on you.
  26. No hook-ups only love.Tinder Taglines
  27. Catch me if you can!
  28. “Premium Cat Facts available on request.
  29. “One hell of a guy.”
  30. Not interested in any tagline. It’s up to you.
  31. Looking for a needle in a haystack!
  32. Just message if you have a curiosity to know more
  33. Send me an emoji that represents our first date, I’ll send you an emoji that represents our future
  34. Professional Eugoogoolizer at the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.
  35. I am 6 feet & 4 inches. Those are two measurements
  36. Looking for an adventure!
  37. I love to help those who have a purpose in life and my nose is always in a good book.
  38. I have got a blank baby it’s in my brain.

Best Tinder Taglines for Boys

It’s crucial to have fun whether it’s your first date or third. Here are some fun Tinder taglines for guys that you can try to juggle between people who appreciate traveling, reading, or just having fun!

  1. My superpower is that I don’t have a gag reflex. At first, when people found out they called me a freak, now they just call me, all the time.Tinder Taglines
  2. Looking for someone to bring to family events so they’ll stop thinking something’s wrong with me. Swipe the direction you think you always walk.
  3. Whenever I meet a pretty girl, the first thing I look for is intelligence. Because, if she doesn’t have that, she’s mine.
  4. Swipe the direction of the one you think is more attractive. Plot twist: I win both ways.
  5. Would you catch me if I fall for you?
  6. I am cultured in that I like imported beers and traveling. If you can’t laugh at yourself I will ?
  7. Most eligible bachelor
  8. My worst nightmare is to open Tinder and see that too many people have swiped me right and I won’t have time to search for someone special among them. Swipe left if you are not special.
  9. I used to be a stand-up comedian, but I’ll be a sit-down comedian if you want to meet me for a drink.
  10. Swipe right if you are a real 90’s kids who remember the death of your innocence at the hand of soul crashing recession killing all the career opportunities.
  11. Changed enough in accordance with others. Now no more. Swipe right, only if preceding line suits you
  12. Swipe right if you are into a really nice coffee and know at least 5 great places when they serve it just perfectly.
  13. Let’s have a who’s better in bed contest. I’m hoping to be a sore loser.
  14. Con: I will not be your adventure partner. Pro: You don’t have to do much work.
  15. How adventurous are you?
  16. Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.
  17. If our conversations don’t bang, neither will our genitals.
  18. Professional bathroom singer. Seeking duet partner.
  19. Let’s make things interesting!
  20. I don’t know what I am writing about.

Dirty Tinder Taglines

Sometimes being really spicy and direct can also get you those phone numbers. Try your luck with these:

  1. Aren’t your legs hurting? Because you have been running in my mind since ever I saw your profile.
  2. A chicken burger is the second favorite thing I love to eat on the bed.
  3. I am cultured in that I like imported beers and traveling. If you can’t laugh at yourself I will.
  4. Living alone for the first time. Kayaking, craft beer, my dog, good books, good music, everything else. I like talking about all the things you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company. I need more Lake Michigan in my life. Straightforwardness greatly appreciated.”
  5. Feel free to message me, I’ll most likely reply
  6. I want someone I can laugh with and be silly with.
  7. Aren’t your legs hurting? Because you have been running through my mind since ever I saw your profile.
  8. spitters are quitters
  9. If your armchair is an exercise bike and sofa serves as a deadlift bench, then swipe right, and together we will turn our TV into a jogging machine.
  10. I love smiling all the time, will you be the reason for the same.
  11. If you believe that you can eat more shawarma than I, then swipe right to finally find out who is the best shawarma eater in this town.
  12. I am fully committed to freedom. So, I want to have free relationships in which my girlfriend and I will be free to love each other forever. I want to be free with you together. Swipe right, if you also think that the whole world won’t be able to take our freedom to be together from us.
  13. It began as me being the fastest sperm…
  14. I’m good thing small packages come in.
  15. I understand… I always do.
  16. Sunny days are for swimming in the ocean, skydiving, and playing my trumpet. My landlord and I are at odds about the last one.
  17. I’m good at making sparks fly!
  18. The type of future father that won’t let our child have a smartphone until they’re in high school.
  19. “I’m too good for this place and you’re all losers”.
  20. I am open to a relationship but before that let’s go for a date, no expectations no promises, maybe you will like me or not, maybe it will be a second date. Let’s meet once.

Funny Tinder Taglines

Here are a couple of smoking Tinder taglines that will help you get more matches.  You can likewise utilize these as your motivation and concoct one yourself. Try it!

  1. Wait! Am I in heaven? Because I just saw a piece of it.
  2. Love to sing, dog lover, long walks, food, whiskey, share the front seat with me. Let us meet at breakfast and plan for the rest of the hours.
  3. Tinder Taglines
  4. I want someone I can laugh with and be silly with.
  5. Professional bathroom singer. Seeking duet partner.
  6. I work for a cause not for applause.
  7. Don’t judge you are on tinder too.
  8. Have a date with me? Best chances of success, the certainty of losing your breath. So what are we waiting for?
  9. Most eligible bachelor
  10. I love discussing intellectual things and then rough sex.
  11. Let’s get fat and drunk together and then we will try the seafood diet!
  12. I have multiple passports, but I’m not a spy. Tell me where you need residency, and I’ll marry you there to get you in.”
  13. Your mom will love me because my mom and my stepmom don’t. Third time’s the charm, right?
  14. “Next up: Windsurfing lessons. Swipe right to join!”
  15. “You’d be crazy not to swipe right.”
  16. “I am so glad I swiped right.”- future you.
  17. I am YOU from the future, and you are telling you, ‘Swipe right, this is your future!”
  18. “Netflix and chill? More like intense intellectual conversation and then rough sex.”
  19. I like long walk on the beach with my girlfriend until the LSD wears off and I realize that am dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wendy parking lot.
  20. Send me emoji that reflects your current mood, and I will send you emojis that reflects our future place of the date.
  21. Planning a big trip overseas and searching for someone who loves to join me. You may pick the destination also.
  22. “Outstanding gentleman.”
  23. Let’s just give it a try.
  24. “Outstanding gentleman.”
  25. Don’t Look Divorced
  26. I will love to destroy your lipstick, not your Kohl(kajal).
  27. I’m handsome… *silence* …and over 6ft… *scattered applause* …and emotionally self-aware *crowd erupts into standing ovation*
  28. I’ve been told that I’m an excellent human-shaped space heater.
  29. If our conversations don’t bang, neither will our genitals.
  30. New city, a new partner in crime. Are you in?
  31. “I am so glad I swiped right.”- future you.
  32. Carefully written, fact-checked essay in the streets, the unmoderated comments section in the sheets.
  33. If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.
  34. Would you catch me if I fall for you?
  35. I am banking on your standards being a lot lower than mines
  36. I am one of those people who enjoy discussing things that are not welcomed in a polite company. If you are not afraid of talking about strange topics, such as why people have never used gel polish to besiege medieval castles with beautiful princesses kept in the highest towers, then feel free to swipe me right.
  37. I don’t have nightmares, I create them.
  38. Threesome? No thanks…if I wanted to disappoint two people in the same room, I’d have dinner with my parents.
  39. Don’t judge you are on tinder too.
  40. Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.

Interesting Tinder Taglines

are you are searching for interesting Tinder taglines to put into your profiles? Look no further as you can discover them directly beneath. Look through and pick whatever suits you!

  1. On my last vacation, I told everyone I was going to Hawaii when I actually just drank black coffee and ate mac and cheese in a bathrobe at home for 7 days. Top that.
  2. Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mines?
  3. Premium cat facts available on request.
  4. Boy with no pimples but dimple.
  5. I cuddle at a level that should require a paid subscription.
  6. I’m six feet, 6’6 in heels, and 8’4 instills. I have ten suits so I make a great plus one for your summer weddings. I enjoy exploring, eating out, meeting new people and, and the Oxford comma. My dog hates pictures.
  7. Funny & well-mannered Prince Charming!
  8. 73% gentleman. 27 % rogue
  9. I like to talk about all the things you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.
  10. Great Pe… Personality.
  11. I love my family, play basketball with my dad. I love to produce music, give solutions to my silly friend’s relationship problems, straightforward with a positive attitude.
  12. Let’s explore the world… Together!
  13. I’m very cultured in that I like Manchego cheese (it’s from Spain) and I will yell at my TV at the top of my lungs every time the Seahawks fumble.
  14. The qualified shower singer is looking for a duet partner.
  15. A good girl is ideal but crazy works as well
  16. Don’t bother messaging me if you are only looking for hookups.
  17. Guaranteed five times more fun than your ex
  18. I am banking on your standards being a lot lower than mines
  19. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the emos, look no further. I’m here on Tinder wearing normal people clothes. Mom was right. It was just a phase after all.
  20. Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mines?

Hilarious Tinder Taglines for Right Swipes

Many people say if you can make a girl smile then you got her. So here we have a list of hilarious and witty Tinder taglines.

  1. I’m not saying I’m a cheap date, I’m just saying do you want to get McDonald’s?
  2. Looking for a kickass girlfriend!
  3. Next ups: windsurfing lessons. Swipe right to join!
  4. I do so much yoga they promoted me to yog-b. Think you can keep up?
  5. I am not afraid of lizards and can open jars for you. Is that very common? But I am like that only
  6. “One hell of a guy.”
  7. I play the bagpipes. I’ll play you the nastiest version Here Comes the Bride when you’re ready to meet the parents.
  8. Looking for that missing piece!
  9. In college, I studied poetry so I’ll be able to recite you the most romantic words ever written… but they won’t be mine.
  10. Time after time, I feel that I will never find a nice partner who will understand me. Occasionally I feel like the only thing I can do is to look at beautiful girls on Tinder, who will always swipe me left. If you are as lonely as I am, then swipe right, and we will crush our loneliness together.
  11. Let’s just give it a try.
  12. Swipe the direction of the one you think is more attractive. Plot twist: I win both ways.
  13. Not Everyone Who Wanders is Lost
  14. Seeking someone that looks good on the arm to take to social events!
  15. Your mom warned you about me!
  16. I’m good thing small packages come in.
  17. “Surfer. Tech entrepreneur. Frequent traveler. But when I’m done with the work for the day, the computer power is down and it’s time for some fun – whether we’re hitting Aspen’s slopes for a weekend trip, catching a live rock concert, or headed to Paris for some fresh-baked croissants and the best espresso on the planet. Wanna join? Message me & let’s chat.”
  18. Looking for that good laugh and an endless good time
  19. Not perfect, but my dog thinks I’m awesome!


Tinder Taglines

So did you find what you were looking for? I don’t mean your Tinder taglines, I meant your Prince Charming or Cinderella? If yes, then congrats! If not, don’t despair, keep looking. And as far as your Tinder taglines are concerned, if the answer is still negative then why don’t you try coming up with something original of your own? Use the above ones as your inspiration and write on! Respect their boundaries and remember to have fun!

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