15 Best Telegram Bots for your Channel

Telegram is free software launched in 2013 for IOS and android users. Telegram provides its user file sharing and several other features including video calling and instant message platform with end-to-end encryption. Today Telegram is the 8th most downloaded app worldwide with 500 million monthly active users. To enhance the user experience Telegram has introduced a web-based application called Telegram bots.

Best Telegram bots can do many useful things for you automatically like instant messaging services. So we can say that bots are Telegram’s messaging applications. Bots are designed for specifically targeted functions through which they can create a friendly environment for users. You just need to embed a bot to your channel or chat. You can create bots yourself, here is the complete guide on best Telegram bots 2021.

best telegram bots

How to Create Telegram Bots?

You can see the businesses and industries are shifting their customer support system towards chatbots nowadays. You can create your own chatbot that will help your customers to get adequate information about your products. Or sometimes bot can assist you throughout the day for example- remind you when it’s time to head to the gym or a meeting.

In case you do not know how to create a Telegram bot then this article is only for you. Read the full article to get your personal chatbot and make your business more understandable. You just need to add “Bot Father” first, then you can add some other interesting and useful bots by commanding Telegram.


how to create a Telegram bots

Best Telegram Bots for You

Bots are pre-coded tools that provide a targeted output based on the input patterns. Just search for your desired bots username in the search bar because every Telegram bot has its unique username. Each bot has different tasks and features. In this researched article we are going to share some useful bots for 2021 that will make your day with their features.

1. NewsBot


In today’s world keeping yourself aware of what is going on in our world is the best way to make yourself smarter. The Newsbot telegram bots provide you latest news from all around the world. One can set the preference of what kind of news He/She is interested in and then it will make you aware of the pandemonium.

2. IFTTT – If This Then That


IFTTT - If This Then ThatIFTTT stands for If This Then That is a software tool that connects and syncs the favorite applications. If one needs to upload files to Google Drive from Telegram, then go for the IFTTT bot. One can even turn his TV on by messaging through Telegram. Moreover, the IFTTT bot has more than 360 other Telegram services.

3. File Converter Bot

file Converter Bot

You can easily convert any file format into another file format by using the File Converter Bot in the Telegram app. We often need such a file converter to convert files like images, documents, videos. For example, just send a JPG file and select the option you want to formate in like PNG, BMP, PDF, etc.

4. Movie Tracker

Movie Tracker bot

If you are a movie fanatic and love to watch movies, then the Movie Tracker bot will give you information about any movie. You just need to put the movie name and it will give you all the information including release date, review, cast, plot, etc. 

5. FB Video Download Bot

FB video download bot

As the name has already suggested so you may have guessed what this bot does. FB Video Download bot allows you to download Facebook videos. You just need to send the link to the video you want on your phone and it will revert with that video in the inbox. Bots like this made an amazing instant messaging application.

6. Skeddy


Skeddy Telegram bot is for that sort of person who forgets things often. So Skeddy is basically a reminder that reminds you through a text message.

For you have set a reminder for “remind me to go for a meeting in 20 minutes” it will remind you through a Telegram message that you have a task to do. After setting up this Telegram bot, you will be asked to set the Time Zone so that it can remind you of the exact time.

7. Tweet It Bot

Tweet it bot

Tweet it bot is a Twitter client that lets you tweet anything without leaving the Telegram app. You can even tweet photos, videos, stickers, and Gif images through the Tweet it Bot. After adding the bot to your Telegram app you need to sign in to your Twitter account through the app.

8. Pomodoro

Pomodoro Telegram bot

The Pomodoro Telegram bot is for time-management. It reminds you to take brief “rests” during your focused task throughout the day. According to the philosophy, you should split your time into 25 minutes of work and five minutes of respite if you want to touch the flow state. It will help you to be more productive.

9. Gmail Bot

gmail bot telegram

If you don’t want to open Gmail without leaving Telegram? Don’t worry, this is what the official Gmail Bot does for you. By using Gmail Bot, you can receive, send, and reply to emails within Telegram so don’t need to leave the app. Replying using the Gmail Bot is as simple as sending a text message.

10. GetMedia

Get Media Bot

Get Media Bot helps you to get any media files from all over the Internet. You just need to enter the query and it’s all done. Here are the services it provides.

  • Download music and videos
  • Search lyric
  • Download Instagram stories
  • Direct download media

Top 15 Best Telegram Bots for your Channel

If the above list won’t satisfy your needs for the best telegram bots then you can consider the following list of 15 best bots.

  1. Newsbot
  2. IFTTT
  3. File Converter Bot
  4. Movie Tracker bot
  5. FB Video Download bot
  6. Skeddy
  7. Tweet it bot
  8. Pomodoro Telegram bot
  9. Gmail Bot
  10. Get Media Bot
  11. LauchBot
  12. Everstake_Bot
  13. YourSearch
  14. ChannelBro
  15. Feed Man Bot

Final Take

Here you get the top 15 useful Telegram bots through which you can do so many things in the Telegram app. These bots will give automated results. Just subscribe to the bot and get a shower of knowledge without leaving the Telegram app. If you know some other interesting Telegram bots that we must have then let us know in the comment section below.

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