30 Best Subreddits You Should Subscribe on Reddit

If you want to stay updated with all the latest trends, news, fashion trends, technology developments, books to read, places to visit, memes, etc. This is the right place for all these things, on Reddit, you can find numerous subreddit on distinct topics. Reddit is used by thousands of people from all over the world, it is a free browsing website/app where you can scroll and get to know about everything that is happening and exists in the world. In this article, we going to share with you all the best subreddits that are famous on Reddit.

What Is A Subreddit On Reddit?

A subreddit is a community that is based on several distinct interests, and people can choose to be in any of these communities as they like. It is very much similar to joining a Facebook group of certain interest. You just have to follow the subreddit of your choice and enjoy all the relative content every other day. The major population of Reddit belongs from the United Kingdom, the United States, other European countries, etc. 

30 Best Subreddits in 2021

Here are the 30 essential subreddits everyone should follow:

1. Perfect Timing  

If you want to sign up yourself for some amazing funny content that you blast over your laughter then, this is the subreddit you need in your life. This subreddit shows you all the perfect shots that are taken at just the right time. These pictures will surely break your laughter after seeing these unplanned and funny pictures. 

2. NoNoNoNo Yes  

You know the feeling of seeing a video and going all like “No No No No, Yes”! This Subreddit is completely made for such content; people share a hell of a lot of funny videos and gifs. 

3. HoldMy[Drink]  

Oh, I love this subreddit, here you can see how people react and what they do after consuming alcohol. Trust me; you are not ready to see their content, it is so funny. You can also check out https://www.reddit.com/r/holdmyjuicebox/ if you are interested in watching some dumb kids on a sugar rush. 

4. Internet Is Beautiful  

If you are looking for a subreddit that lets you discover all the Internet has got to offer, then this is the one you need to follow. It has over 15.6 million members and they share links to different unique websites that you have never known of. 

5. Casual conversation  

It is one of the best subreddits; here you can start a casual conversation with other members. And share anything you have in mind and create a very chill environment. You need to try it asap! 

6. Futurology

It is a subreddit where the members discuss the future developments of technology, humanity, machinery, etc. and they also discuss how will we shape the future and ideas/opinions on it, it is quite interesting!

7. Shower Thoughts  

This is my most favorite subreddit, you know how we come across random thoughts while having a shower, or eating, or staring at the ceiling fan? Here, you can share them with the other members and have a fun conversation on it. It has over 22 million members.

8. Food

If you are a sucker for food then, this is just the right subreddit to attract you. You can find pictures of food sometimes along with a recipe from all over the world, you can now drool over them with this subreddit. 

9. Nutrition

If you are following all those food subreddit then, you need a subreddit t keep your health in check. You can find recipes for healthy food and also discuss your diet with the member community. 

10. Fitness

This subreddit has more than 8 million members; you can keep a check on your fitness with this subreddit. Here you can find answers to all of your fitness-related queries. The subreddit offers daily threads, music, diet plans as well. 

11. No Sleep 

If you are someone who likes to be awake at night then, this is the subreddit that can help you do just that. Stay up the whole night reading horror and spooky stories on this subreddit, after all, who doesn’t like a little horror? 

12. I took a picture  

Here photographers post their clicked pictures asking for feedback from the community. The community includes amateur photographers and professionals once as well. And if you are someone who has an interest in photography then, check it out!

13. Relationships 

If you are looking for a bit of relationship advice from someone but too shy to ask then, this subreddit is the place you need to go. Here, the community provides some best and a few terrible advice regarding relationships, but it is your call to take them at last. 

14. Wholesome Memes

This is a one-stop subreddit for all the latest and funniest memes on Reddit. You are just going to burst into your epic laughs after checking their content which includes no offensive memes, they have the legit most wholesome memes!

15. Gifs

What is the world without Gifs? When emojis and stickers and words fall short of describing our emotions, gifs save the day always. And with this subreddit, you can come across many gifs and share them further for more fun!

16. Sketch daily

If you are an artist and you are falling short on ideas to sketch, then Sketch Daily is a must-check subreddit for you. Here, members posts daily prompt for other artists to draw, this will enhance their skills and creative thinking ability. 

17. Art

If you love art then, you can get inspired by other artists and their marvelous artworks that they post on this subreddit. You can also take ideas for creating your artwork, you should check it out!

18. Life Hacks

Okay, expect it, who doesn’t love to watch and read life hacks? They make your life 10x easier by providing tips and tricks from folding T-shirts to cleaning utensils. I mean, I love this subreddit and so will you because of its interesting posts. 

19. DIY

Another favorite subreddit, follow this subreddit and try the DIYs that they post, you can create a skirt from a top or a bowl using newspapers. They post so much interesting stuff that you can sit all day watching them and still not get bored. 

20. Gaming

This subreddit posts everything related to gaming, the latest games on the internet, and the memes, and the best games to try, etc. If you are a game player then, you must follow this subreddit and get familiar with the world of gaming with other community members. 

21. Writing

There’s a subreddit for everything, and thus, writers don’t have to feel any less. This subreddit guides writing style and prompts for being inspired. You should check it out; members post their writing content too. 

22. Technology

Everybody likes themselves a bunch of interesting tech news. Even if you are not a techie, this is a subreddit where you won’t feel bored. It provides news about the tech world, new inventions, etc. 

23. Battlestations

It is a community of members who upload how they set up their gaming setups or work setups in general. You will find some very cool and aesthetic ways to set up your work environment, it is a great subreddit. 

24. Anime

The Anime subreddit is loved by all the users who are Anime fans. Here you can have discussions over your favorite Anime shows, recommend new shows to the other members, post Anime memes. It is a very chill place to share your love for Anime with other similar-minded people and get to know about the latest shows. 

25. Books

Look I am a sucker for good books, and this is the best place to find all those hidden gems that you never came across and get to know about these amazing books from other bookworms like you.

It is a very warm and welcoming community of book lovers that provides recommendations of their best reads and the community also holds QnA sessions with accredited authors. Trust me, you need to check this subreddit out. 

26. Praise the Cameraman

This subreddit includes people who take unique perfect shots from their cameras, these pictures are so creative that they are hard to miss. The frame, the angle, the clarity everything is top-notch, check it out! 

27. 100 years ago 

well if you are a history enthusiast then you will love this subreddit, as the name suggests you will be able to know about what happened on the current date a hundred years ago. And trust me you will be thrilled to know about these events and pictures, so dig in! 

28. Male & Female Fashion Advice 

Not everybody is a fashion expert and knows all about the latest fashion trends, but a little help from other fashion enthusiasts can never kill anybody. This subreddit is all about fashion advice, you can post your doubts and other members would help you choose an outfit. 

29. Photoshop battles 

Photoshop is all about editing pictures, merging two pictures and also, creating funny memes by using funny tools. If you are someone who loves to create funny memes or loves to see such pictures then, follow this subreddit. 

30. Cozy Places 

Everyone is sick from living a monotonous life of work every day and thus, everyone looks for an escape from their hectic world. And these subreddit helps to do just that, members post so many pictures of different cozy places from around the world which will make you take a trip. 


I hope that we have provided everything regarding Reddit and all the best subreddits that exist. You can never get bored while browsing on Reddit, it is a huge platform for both sharing ideas and learning. You can share whatever you have in your mind and read about other people’s opinions. I hope you liked reading this article and if you have any more suggestions to add to the above list then let us know in the comments below. 

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