15 Best Stardew Valley Mods of All Time [Free in 2021]

I am sure that you would love to change the way your farm looks and make the entire game more interesting in Stardew Valley. It is super boring and sometimes we find certain aspects of the game irritating and it is a struggle to deal with them. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best Stardew Valley Mods which will improve the look of the game and your experience. 

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods

1. NPC Map Locations

Now, if you have played Stardew Valley, you will know how agitating it gets to find NCPs in the game. And the reason is simple, every character has their schedules, and even if you will try to track them down the map is so huge it will take all your time in reaching one location.

Thus, NCP maps come in handy in such cases, these maps can easily track down every character of the game at any time. The best part is you get the privilege to customize the map as per your preference, you can look up a few characters at one time. This will ease your struggle of finding people when you have to deliver the gifts, etc. 

2. Movement Speed

We all know that the walking speed of the characters in Stardew Valley is similar to a snail. One will have to waste the precious hours of a day to reach from one place to another and all the important locations are way too distant.

So, the Movement Speed mod will help you in reaching places on time by increasing the speed of walking. It will also raise the charging time of the hoe and watering cans, and this way they last longer than expected.

3. Seasonal Victorian Buildings

This is one of the amazing look changing Stardew Valley mods, it completely changes the look of the whole game. It converts the game into a whole new Victorian setup, and trust me that looks so beautiful. If you are someone whose interest lies in setup changing then, this is the ideal mod for you.

This mod will bring more white-colored homesteads and the windows will become larger. You can also add snow, flowers, falling leaves, and trees, to fit the Victorian building with almost all the seasons. 

4. Gift Taste Helper

Now, Gift Taste Helper is the kind of mod that is so ideal for me. I never remember the birthdays of people and what are their preferences in gifts even in real life then, how am I supposed to remember all of it in a game where I know almost 20 NCPs.

This is where Gift Taste Helper mod comes to help, it comes with an in-built calendar reminding you of every character birthdays. Also, they keep a list of what you have gifted to an NCP so that you don’t forget what they like when their birthday arrives. This will help you in flourishing your relationship with other mods. 

5. Look Up Anything

This mod is amazing, once you get to use it, you will fall in love with it. All you have to do is press the F1 key on any character in the game even the animals, and you will get to know about your status with them. It will provide you with every information that you can use for gaining an advantage in the game.

You can know how they feel about you, their gift presents, their friendship status with you, etc. If you use it on a fruit, it will tell you what recipes you can make with it and which seasons it is grown and where and everything else. It is an amazing mod, and you should try it out!

6. Farm Extended

If you are inclined towards farming in Stardew Valley then this mob is the best-suited for you. Farms might seem very small and not enough for you, using Farm Extended mod will turn your farm into a large space.

The space that you get is consisted of vast areas for different purposes such as mining, planting crops, an area for foraging, and so much more. This mod is full of amazing features designed especially for the ones who love farming. 

7. Stardew Valley Extended

This is the extended version of the whole Stardew Valley game. It adds up to 21 new locations, and up to 108 new character events. It changes the whole game, it beautifies it so much more than before. This is the mod you need if you are getting bored from the usual game.

It provides you with re-developed maps and customed farm maps. It is amazing playing this game, you should definitely try this out!

8. No Spouse Rooms

Oh my god! This is one of the epic Stardew Valley mods, it allows users to restrict their spouse from spoiling the décor of the home. As much as it is interesting to have a spouse in this game, it is also a great demerit.

Spouses have different hobbies and as they enter they tend to destroy the beauty of the house with their own weird and creepy room.

No Spouse Room helps you in keeping up with the beauty of the house by removing the extra room which was adding by your partner. This is so hilarious, you should definitely check it out.

9. Modern Gothic Interior

This mod is a whole different vibe, it is designed specially to reinstall the furniture. It works to give your house interiors a gothic touch by converting them into dark brown wood and white fabrics. It gives a very modern house look and it looks pretty aesthetic and retro. Trust me, you’ll love it.

10. Tractor

We have to believe that it’s so tiring and time taking to work with hand tools for farming, it takes so much time. This tractor mod offers its users the ability to buy a tractor along with a garage. It is super amazing to use it, rather than using the traditional tools of farming.

You can do everything from fertilizing your farms, planting seeds to clearing twigs from your farms by easily riding on your tractor. 

Download 15 Free Stardew Valley Mods

And here is the complete list of 15 mods famous in Stardew Valley:

  1. Movement Speed
  2. NPC Map Locations
  3. Tractor
  4. Modern Gothic Interior
  5. No Spouse Room
  6. Stardew Valley Extended
  7. Farm Extended
  8. Look Up Anything
  9. Gift Taste Helper
  10. Seasonal Victorian Buildings
  11. Seasonal Japanese Buildings
  12. DCBurger’s Portrait Mod
  13. Babies that look like spouses
  14. Redesigned Spouse Rooms
  15. Get Dressed


That is it, this was all the information that we wanted to pass to you about best Stardew Valley mods, I hope you liked reading them. And I assure you these mods will make your game even more interesting. If you have any issues regarding the Stardew Valley game then, do let us know, we will try our best to get back to you.

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