6 Best SNES Emulators for Windows & Android

With the help of some best Snes emulators, gaming has become easier than it was. Playing classic SNES games brings back the nostalgia straight to your heart. However, since the SNES styled consoles are not available anymore, it becomes hard for gamers like us to get hands-on with games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Emulators allow gamers to play their retro games, as much as they want. 

Best Snes Emulators 

Frankly speaking, with the help of this article, we will discuss the top SNES emulators that you can use for gaming. Our guide to picking out the best SNES emulator currently available will help you to suit your needs.

1. RetroArch

Finding the best SNES emulators can be pretty hard. But when you have RetroArch by your side, you don’t have to worry anymore. It contains multiple platform support, kicks off the award for being the best emulator for your SNES gaming.

It allows you to have a good time, a front end emulator which runs all the programs which are converted into dynamic libraries. It provides an amazing and polished interface where you can game in a variety of ranges. This emulator has a list of advanced features as well. It contains netplay, rewinding and what not.

One of the best features of RetroArch is to record your gameplay. If you are a streamer then you can record your gameplay and then play it later if you want to review. This emulator uses Liberto codes to run your games. It does not limit its users to the use of a particular console and this is what makes it so unique from the others. 

2. Higan

Higan takes the second spot here. Higan is a perfect snes emulator because of its quality game time that it provides to you. It supports multiple consoles at the same time, Snes being one of them. Higan, formerly known as bnses helps and recreates the copy of the original hardware and emulates it.

The gaming experience that you find with Higan is tough to find with other hardware and emulators. The main reason why Higan is given a stark preference over the others.

Commercial snes titles released are hard to run on every other emulator that you find online. Higan supports about 12 platforms collectively. One of them is, Nintendo Super Famicon and Sega Game Gear.

3. John Snes

Previously known as John snes, this emulator will get you genuinely lucky with retro gaming. The main advantage of this amazing emulator is the engine. The overall impression becomes impressive because it uses the same engine which is used in the official console for gaming.

This amazing emulator is compatible with a lot of devices. You can pair it up with your Bluetooth, Wireless screen units. Plus, when you are gaming, you can use any mode that you want. It runs all the turbo, slow fast forward, and allows you to use cheats as well.

4. BizHawk

For every gamer out there, BizHawk is a common household name. The best snes emulator in the market till this date, it gives you an amazing opportunity to run down the old games. But the thing is, this platform is only applicable for those games which contain a run downtime of about 1 hour or less.

If you are a complete fan of speedruns then this amazing game will hawk you.

You can enjoy a ton of games, as much as you want. With this amazing emulator, it becomes good for you to game over time as it is specifically designed for Tool-Assisted Speedruns. Even if you are casually gaming, you can use BizHawk for yourself. For all the gaming experts out there, BizHawk is a platform that is pretty interesting. 


It started becoming popular from the year 1997. ZNSES is an amazing emulator which helps you to play SNES games, as much as you want. Even though the accuracy is out of context with this set, it is still in regular use for the brand name.

You can check out as much as SNES ROM hacks with the help of the fan regulations which are put here. This amazing emulator gives you a scope to work around with multiple supported platforms. 

And another good thing about this best snes emulator? It helps you to get access to netplay as well. It contains some of the best working codes. It helps you to get serious about your netplay so that you can play with your friends online.

6. Super Retro16

Super Retro16 does not come off as free so you have to pay a small amount to purchase this emulator. This amazing emulator contains a unique advantage that you will completely love.

It is a completely stable emulator, effective, and comes with unique capabilities that you won’t find in the other ones. Comes with a ton of games, it allows you to fast forward, on-screen control, and even multiplay with your friends.

Final Take

So with this list, not only will you find the best snes emulator, but also relieve your old memories while you game. All of us enjoyed gaming back in the days when Donkey Kong was first released. And, if your favorite emulator is missing from this article, you can feel free to comment down below.

Also, share your experiences with your favorite emulator and how it helped you to game better.!

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