20 Best Snapchat Filters That You Should Try

If you are new to Snapchat then, I am sure you are already impressed by the number of filters that it provides. And there is a high possibility that you are confused regarding which filters are the best. So, we are going to ease your work by providing a list of some of the best Snapchat filters. You can directly go and search by using the link provided along. I hope you will enjoy while reading this article.

Best Snapchat Filters

Let us quickly start looking at the best filters on Snapchat, we have also provided a link to that filter, simply click on that link and use the filter. If you have more recommendations then, you can share them with us in the comments below.

1. Snapchat’s Dalmatian Dog Filter

We cannot start our list without mentioning the very famous Snapchat’s Dalmatian Dog Filter. It is so famous, and it is used by almost all Snapchat users.

And it is indeed the most loved out of all the other filters. It adds a dog’s ears and tongue to your face, and whenever you and your friend will open your mouth, the tongue will pop out. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is time to give it a try.

2. VOGUE Noir

If you want to feel glamorous and want to feel like you have been shot for Vogue magazine. Then, this is the ideal Snapchat filter for that time. You can click a snap using this filter and feel confident or share laughs with your friends. Overall, it is an amazing filter and that is why it is one of the best!

3. VHS

We all love retro theme and filters that make our picture retro. VHS recorders were highly used in older times, you should ask your parents about them. This filter will give your photos an old-fashioned look by inserting those blue lines from CRT TVs. It provides a glitch effect to your selfies and makes them so interesting and unique.

4. Lips Freckles

Another one of the most popular and the best filter of the year is Lips Freckles. It is such a cute filter, it ads freckles in the shape of lips, and they look so adorable on your cheeks.

However, there is one drawback to this filter that it is gender-based and more likely to be used by girls. It also adds light makeup to your face. You can send this to people you miss or love.

5. Old

Now, this is one of the best Snapchat filters, and it was so much in trend a few months ago. People were going mad regarding this Snapchat filter which turns them old from looks. It turns your hair grey and your beard white to give you an older look. You can have so much fun with this filter along with your friends and send snaps to your parents.

6. Scary Mask

This is another filter that provides users with a scary mask that they can use to horrify their friends. It is so hilarious and by using it you can also increase the importance of masks among people. It is not scary, however, but it is damn funny, you should definitely try it out.

7. Fire Sunglasses

If you want to act cool and show the fire residing inside of you then, this filter is definitely for you. It is fun and cool at the same time. When you will use this filter, it will apply a sunglass to your face which will have fire in it. It looks so chic on every face, you should try it out, you can depict anger as well using these frames.

8. Polaroid Frame

This is a Snapchat filter which has been created by Saman Hasan, one of the Snapchat users. And it is so cute, it is colorful, it is light and adorable. It gives a Polaroid effect because the border is white and floral, and it provides a soft effect to your face. Also, it adds a handwritten font date to the bottom of the Polaroid.

9. Dancing Turkey

Dancing turkey is one of the Snapchat filters that got very famous because of the hilarious effect that it provides. When you will use this filter, it will fit your face inside of a dancing turkey and music will play in the background. It looks so funny when that creature starts dancing and your face is on it. You should send this to a person who is not having a good day.

10. My Twin

Would you like to see how you would have looked if you were of your opposite gender in real life? My Twin filter by Snapchat lets you see your twin of the opposite gender. It will add a blush to your face and hair to make you look like your feminine self. It is a good filter if you want to prank someone.

11. Fashion Sunglasses

Who doesn’t want to look cool and all smart with a beard and sunglasses? This filter is all about that, it will give you a biker look. You can act all cool and smart after using this filter. Make sure that you try it; even girls can try it and have a good laugh.

12. Golden Hour Simple

Golden Hour Simple is yet another filter that provides a soft look to your face. This is the most ideal filter when you are exposed to sunlight, and wants to click a glamorous photo of yourself. People love to click photos in sunlight because sunlight improves the overall texture of our skin. It is the most used filter on Snapchat.

20 Snapchat Filters To Make Your Pictures Look Attractive

Here is a list of the best Snapchat filters. Apply these filters to your photos and videos for making it even elegant, fantastic & beautiful.

  1. Flower crown
  2. Baby Face
  3. Face Swap
  4. Dog with Tongue Hanging Out
  5. Cute pink furry ears
  6. Vogue Noir by Tyler Allen
  7. Hearts around the head
  8. Mouse
  9. Butterfly Crown
  10. Cartoon glasses with freckles
  11. Altitude Overlay
  12. Brighten
  13. Location Overlay
  14. Sepia
  15. High Contrast
  16. Black and White
  17. Neon
  18. Temperature Overlay
  19. Time/Date Overlay
  20. Love bubbles


I hope you liked reading this article. We have included some of the best and our favorite Snapchat filters in this article. You should check them out because these filters are so much fun. You can exchange snaps with your friends using these filters. If you want to recommend some more filters, then you can write them in the comments below.

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