15 Best ShowBox Alternatives for Movies

Now we all are well aware that the Showbox was shut down permanently from the Internet, and this was the most saddening news indeed. Many sites on the Internet claimed to be ShowBox but believe me, we have gone through almost all of them and none is Showbox. Downloading such APKs will only bring trouble for you and your devices. So, we have formulated this article consisting of the best ShowBox alternatives.

We need to be thankful for apps like Bluestacks that lets us use Android applications on our PC and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Some of the apps mentioned below will support your PC in this form only. 

10 Best ShowBox Alternatives  

Here is the list of 10 best alternatives for ShowBox that we have reviewed, we have provided you with details on its features and some of their limitations. So, these details will help you in choosing the right alternative for you. Let’s get started with these amazing apps:

1. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best Showbox alternatives that one can come across. You can use this application for playing movies, series, etc. for absolutely free. Moreover, with this app, users can create their own playlist of favorites so that they can watch them afterward. And the best part is, you don’t require a VPN while using this app, this is owned by Sony and is reliable to use.

The user interface of the app is pretty simple to use. And because it is under Sony, it has some more amazing features that include Smart TV support. This feature allows its users to connect their device with the TV and enjoy watching their favorite shows on a bigger screen. 

2. Stremio

Now, let’s talk about Stremio which is another amazing alternative for Showbox and I love this application. The best and the most amazing feature of this application is that it assembles all the content from different platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. in one place. And this application can be downloaded on any platform such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and iOS devices. 

It is completely reliable and safe to use, users can even add other locally stored content if they like. The interface is pretty easy to navigate. I would highly recommend you all to use this application and there are chances you might like it even more than Showbox. 

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is another very known alternative to Showbox. It is known and used by a lot of people, you can watch series, movies, TV shows, etc. for free in one place. The user interface of this app is not so clingy so one can easily navigate. It supports almost all platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

It has a huge catalog of movies belonging to Hollywood and Bollywood. It also supports Android TV and thus, you can use this app to watch movies and shows on your TV. 

4. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD provides some amazing HD content which makes watching movies on bigger screens even more enhancing. It contains improved quality and a huge list of HD movies and shows. You can stream buffer-free while using this service, it runs smoothly without any hassles.

PlayBox HD supports almost all of the platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS devices. All you need is a stable Internet connection to operate the app up to the mark. 

5. Movie Box

The movie box is one of the best alternatives to Showbox but an iOS version of it indeed. But there are different versions that support Android, Windows as well. You can install this app using the APK method of installation, it is simple. Also, you can use its search feature to easily navigate between the different movies and shows.

You can directly look for the movie you like easily through the search bar. You can easily find the latest movies and shows to stream from the wide collection of the app. Movie Box is great for iOS users as they have lesser options for the Showbox alternatives. 

6. Mega Box

Mega Box is one of the ShowBox alternatives and it works very similar to PlayBox HD. You can use this platform for streaming movies and TV shows on Android and iOS devices. You can even select the quality in which you want to stream, such as many people prefer streaming in medium quality to save their Internet pack.

So, this is one of the apps which might be extra useful to those who have slow network connectivity. Mega Box has fewer features but it operates very smoothly and has a wide range of content available. The user interface is easy to use and to adapt to. 

7. Sky HD

Sky HD is very similar to ShowBox, but there’s one feature that makes it distinct. Users can also download their favorite series, movies, or shows if they like. The application is developed by the makers of PlayBox HD.

However, it is restricted only to android users, and iOS users can’t make use of it as there isn’t a version for them yet. it is very similar to PlayBox HD, its features, its interface, they both are identical. 

8. Movie HD  

Another one of the best alternatives of ShowBox is Movie HD, it is an amazing platform where people can enjoy watching TV shows, series, and movies from a wide collection. As you can see from the name, Movie HD is expertise in providing HD content, but one can watch a video in a low resolution as well. And now, the best part of using this application is that you can also download your favorites.

This will help you in streaming all those movies and shows while you are away and have no WiFi connection near you. You can easily stream and enjoy watching them on the go. The UI is very neat and well designed, it supports Android, iOS, and PC. 

9. Hulu  

Hulu works similarly to ShowBox and thus, can be considered identical sites. Hulu is a streaming website from where users can look up whichever show or movie they like to watch and then, they can stream online.

The only drawback is that it is a web-based streaming platform, thus you will have to stream online on a website. But trust me this site is worth a try considering the marvelous collection it has of movies. 

10. Cinema Box 

If you admired the user interface of ShowBox then, trust me you will love Cinema Box. It is an amazing platform providing free facilities to its users to watch movies and shows online. You can even download your shows if you are going to travel and won’t have a stable internet connection.

Simply download your favorites and enjoy your trip without any hindrance. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

List Of Top ShowBox Alternatives

Here is the list of top 15 alternatives for ShowBox:

  1. Cinema Box 
  2. Hulu
  3. Movie HD
  4. Sky HD
  5. Mega Box
  6. Movie Box
  7. PlayBox HD
  8. Popcorn Time
  9. Stremio
  10. Crackle
  11. FreeFlix
  12. Flipps HD
  13. Tubitv
  14. ModBro
  15. TeaTV


And that is it, these were the best alternatives that one can find of ShowBox. we hope you find the best one for you from the above list. This article has covered every single information, I hope you liked reading it! If you have any queries or any compliments then, please write us down in the comments below!

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