15 Best Scanning Apps for Android & iPhone

In the modern world, everything needs to be done very faster as much as it could be. For both professional and personal works, everybody needs some documentation either as a soft copy or hard copy. If you want to prepare a soft copy for any document of any format immediately you don’t need to go and search for big hardware machine scanners. That is where mobile scanning apps come in place.

Everybody is very familiarized with mobile usage so here are the best scanning apps for android devices to choose and enjoy scanning immediately, quickly and wisely.

15 Best Scanning Apps For Android

This kind of apps also providing cloud storage for you. So you can access your scanned documents from anywhere you want. Some of these apps contain user expectation matching editing features along with optical Character Recognition (OCR) support.

This article is about the detailed specification of the best scanning apps for android platforms.

1. CamScanner

CamScanner is one of the very popular scanning apps. The main uniqueness of this app is once after the scanning you can share them via social media. The scanning focus will automatically be enhanced based on the document you are scanning likely receipts. Notes, images, invoices, business cards. You can use a cloud print option to print your document or fax them.

It provides another added advantage of securing your scanned documents by providing a passcode for viewing the scanned files. Ease of use and also provides OCR support.

2. Clear Scanner

A clear scanner scanning app is an excellent and fast processing app. It provides you to scan any kind of document even as a single page or multipage mode and save it in the cloud or on your mobile internal storage. Later as per your requirement, you can convert scanned documents into PDF or JPEG and so on.

This is app has the cloud printing option so you print your scanned document from anywhere. Along with the basic editing adjusting and cropping features it has the cloud support for Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive.

3. Smart Doc Scanner

If you are a learner level in scanning and documentation, the Smart Doc scanner app helps you to familiarize yourself with many basic features. Feature of OCR and intuitive interface in this app helps to convert the text in the image to a normal text file in 40+ languages associated with the spelling check option and scan rapidly. Once you set the page size for scanning it will follow the same for the batch scanning mode by using the zoom, crop features to make the document better. Just like other apps it also has the cloud storage option but it supports many image file formats.

4. Genius Scan

Genius Scan scanning app has the genuine User interface which is simple enough for scanning documents and editing it. The vital features of these apps are scanning with high quality, converting into user required format and share via cloud storage. Apart from scanning the documents, it provides the users to scan the details in school notes, whiteboards and other items and convert them into PDF. It doesn’t have an integrated form of faxing the scanned document option but the paid version of this app having that option too.

5. Adobe Scan

Adobe is a reputed name for professional editing. The name itself denotes that this Adobe Scan scanning app helps to scan any kind of notes files documents etc. and edit it according to your wish. This scanning app has the inbuilt machine learning option once you point your camera on the document it will recognize and scan the document accurately. You can re-order the page and also can do some color correction. The uniqueness of this app is having inbuilt OCR that helps you to reuse the same scanned content. Batch mode of scanning is possible using this scanning and finalize it into a single file. It is very much user-friendly and helpful for beginners.

6. Tiny Scanner

If you are a beginner, you can go with this app for scanning your documents. Because you don’t need to be very accurate in scanning it has the inbuilt of auto edge detection which will help to prevent distortion by straightening the images. No need of creating a separate account you can straight away open and scan the documents and export it. Along with all the basic essential features of editing after scanning this scanning app provides cloud printing (Dropbox, Ever note) features too. Tiny Scanner provides the enhanced visualization of the scanned document in color, grayscale or black & white mode.

7. Scanbot

Scanbot document scanning app is very much alike the CamScanner on feature aspect. Basic features are the very similar likely batch mode of scanning, converting it into the desired format and share and store it in the cloud. The uniqueness of this scanning app is it supports QR scanning, barcode scanning, and OCR. Compare to its pros, the cons are very less.

8. Office Lens

Microsoft office tools are very much familiar with their document handling features. Another milestone of their tools is document scanning app Office Lens. It also helps to scan whiteboard images. The uniqueness of this scanning app is like fast scanning and export it to word document or PowerPoint files and PDF. It is very productive in commercial aspects because it is very much relevant for both business and school purposes. As universal, it works on German, Spanish, Chinese and English. A user-friendly scanning app allows you to save files in cloud OneNote, One drive, etc.

9. TurboScan

Looking for a highly professional and full-featured scanning app, here is the TurboScan app which scans a document without losing its quality. The uniqueness of this app is SureScan mode which helps to scan the documents promptly and accurately includes batch mode of scanning later you will arrange, reorder or delete it according to your requirement. For business people, it has a unique feature of arranging multiple cards or receipts on a single page of PDF. A user-friendly scanning app with advanced features also allows saving the scanned file in the cloud.

10. Fast Scanner

Fast scanner, a trustworthy basic and essential featured scanning app. It is very much optimized and works very fast so, you can scan documents very easily and export them into PDF or JPEG. With the basic editing features like realigning, deleting this app comes with a cloud storage option. The uniqueness of this app is processing speed and performance which is available free of cost in the Play store.

15 Best Scanning Apps For Android

Below is a list of best mobile scanning applications that you can use on android.

  1. CamScanner
  2. Clear Scanner
  3. Smart Doc Scanner
  4. Genius Scan
  5. Office Lens
  6. Clear Scan
  7. Adobe Scan
  8. Tiny Scanner
  9. TurboScan
  10. Fast Scanner
  11. Document Scanner
  12. Scanbot
  13. Mobile Doc Scanner 3+ OCR
  14. Duty Scanner
  15. Handy Scanner

Final Words

With the help of these above Android scanning apps, we can safeguard your handwritten notes by keeping it as a softcopy and store it in the cloud. Even more, you can add annotations or doodles within a seconds using internal editors. Pick the best and more appropriate scanning app based on requirement and scan the documents easily and keep it safe.

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