15 Best Roblox Games 2021: Play With Friends

If you are a Roblox games lover, then I am sure you would love to know about its best games. This article is all about Roblox games, we are going to provide you with some best Roblox games of 2021. The list is created on the basis of reviews provided by players from all over the world. This article is definitely going to help you in finding the most interesting games of Robox.

Best Roblox Games

And below is the top 10 Roblox games that are considered to be the most interesting games on Roblox, read for yourself as the list includes games of different genre, so you might find the one that suits you the best:

1. Mad City

Mad City is one of the most played Roblox games, players are madly in love with this game. It is pretty similar to GTA and thus, attracts a lot of people. If you are some sort of person who immensely loved GTA San Andrews and GTA Vice City then, you are definitely falling in love with this Roblox game.

And the best part is you can choose what you want to be in this game, you can either be a superhero, or a police officer, or a criminal. You can carry any of your preferred 4 weapons to the game. It’s an amazing game and you should definitely try it out if you haven’t already.

2. Theme Park Tycoon 2

This Roblox game is another amazing game; here you will have to put all your strategies and planning skills. In the game, you will have to run your theme park and accordingly, make the best profits out of it to gain success. You will have to manage the whole park, construct it, and make your own path towards earning more and more.

It’s all about making the amusement park even more attractive for people so they feel like visiting more often. And to make the park attractive, you will have to spend your profits by putting in new trees and furniture.

3. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is an amazing game that is so fun to play. As the name says in this game, you will have to escape the prison with a perfect plan along with other players. The plan should be perfect so that police can’t catch you.

And if you think, playing as a criminal is too boring then, you can switch your role and play as a police officer. Being a police officer, your aim should be to keep the prisoners inside the jail and fail any attempts made by them in order to escape.

4. Strucid

Strucid is very similar to the most amazing game i.e. Fortnite. It is a battle royale Roblox game and trusts me, this game never disappoints. It is so addictive you should definitely try this game out if you are a Fortnite fan. You will have to play with other players and build, refill resources.

5. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is one of the best Roblox shooting games that you might want to check it right away if you haven’t already. It has become one of the most addictive games amongst Roblox players. All you have to do is shoot down your enemies or they will shoot you.

You can even collect rewards, if you keep playing and winning the battles, they provide amazing weapons in rewards and you can unlock them all with your ability.

6. Bad Business

Bad Business is a very recent game launched in May 2019. The visuals of this game and the gameplay are just wonderful, although Bad Business is still going through certain fixes and improvements.

This game is available in 4 different modes i.e. TDM, Gun Game, KOTH, and Randomizer. Bad business is an action game. and it includes firing bullets, surviving and running, etc. In all, it is a great game that you should surely give a try.

7. CounterBlox

Counter Blox Roblox Offensive is one of the Roblox shooting games which is very interesting and can be counted as another best in the row. In this game, a player cannot purchase a weapon without playing.

The player’s design and the weapons are developed in such a mesmerizing way that this game can surely remind you of Counter-Strike. The game is available free of cost and provides players with such amazing features that many other paid games fail to provide.

8. Murder Mystery 2

It is another amazing and one of the scariest Roblox games. This game provides a whole mysterious setup for players where they can either be a police officer, or a murderer, or an innocent.

You will all have different missions and act to play. It is a thrill based game and you have to solve the whole mystery before the murderer kills everyone, so it’s both scary and thrilling!

9. Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator is a very popular online multiplayer Roblox game. It is really popular among people and is played by many of them. It is a very interesting game where you have to hatch bees to form a swarm, and then, collect Pollen, and lastly make it into honey.

Once you succeed in completing the quest, you get rewarded. Your aim is to grow bees, the more you grow bees, and your hive will get larger. Give this game a try!

10. Zombie Stories

Zombie Stories is another one of the best shooting games in Roblox games. It is very similar to Call-Of-duty, the game offers you weapons, and the game has different modes. There is a story mode and an arcade mode. The more you play in this game, the more you earn.

Top 15 Roblox Games You Must Play

Below is the complete list of best Roblox games, with their download link so you can easily access them:

  1. Zombie Stories
  2. Bee Swarm simulator
  3. Murder Mystery 2
  4. Counter Blox
  5. Bad Business
  6. Phantom Forces
  7. Strucid
  8. JailBreak
  9. Theme Park Tycoon 2
  10. Mad City
  11. Vehicle simulator
  12. Ghost simulator
  13. Scuba Diving at Quill lake
  14. Arsenal
  15. The Wild west


Finally, we have provided complete information on some of the best games that Roblox has to offer. I hope you liked reading this article, and if you still have any doubts then, let us know in the comments below!

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