14 Best PS3 Emulators to Play Games on Windows 10

So as we are all aware, Playstation has been the most popular gaming console since 2006. Since its launch, the console has offered the best experience to its users. PS3, also known as Playstation 3, is by far the best and most praised gaming console. 

But we all know technology is speedily growing in today’s generation; thus, you can access the same experience over your PC. I know you might have been wondering how that is even possible. You should know that you just require a PS3 emulator for Windows 10. And you are all set! Through this article, we will help you find the best PS3 emulator. So let’s start digging into the article.

What Is An Emulator?

First, let’s know a little about emulators. An Emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system (the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate another program or device. Emulators can be of different types, such as hardware, software, OS, or CPU.

Best PS3 Emulators For Your PC

So as you all know, it’s been years since Sony launched PS3, but many can’t afford to buy a PS3. A huge number of PS3 emulators have overtaken the market. Emulators have been in such a high demand that one won’t even realize when they ended up inviting new viruses to their PC through them. 

We will tell you in brief about various emulators, and each one of them can be trusted. Don’t stumble upon some torrent sites to look for the answers. So let’s start listing them:

1. RPCS3

RPCS3 has been one of the most used emulators for a long, long time. You can see it listed under “best PS3 emulators” on every website. It is even easy to access and has a lot of pros. The user interface is quite great. Let’s have a look at its features:


  • The system requirements are not harsh. They are pretty flexible. 
  • The emulator is compatible with Linux and BSD.
  • RPCS3 is compatible with RAM of 4GB and above. 
  • This emulator has its licensing under the General Public License Version 2. Thus, it guarantees the security of your device.
  • They release updated patches at regular intervals.

2. ESX – PS3

ESX is an emulator that lets you play most of the PS3 exclusive games, which are usually rare to find under reliable emulators. But the ESX PS3 emulator is also best because of one of its other features. It offers you to play PS3 video games using native graphics. How awesome does that sound!

This emulator does its work without glitches. Let’s have a look at some of its pros:

  • You can play PS3 games in native graphics. 
  • ESX PS3 emulator is quite compatible with your Windows 10.
  • For ESX to work best, you just need to have an Intel Processor CPU of 2.5GHz. RAM needs to be around 1GB.
  • You can have access to PS3 exclusive game titles through this emulator. 


You should be aware that this PS3 emulator is a bit restrictive as it is designed to let you access the PSP games mainly. The biggest advantage of PPSSPP is that it is accessible on your mobile devices, and that means you can carry your games wherever you go. 

Here are some of the features that make it stand as one of the best PS3 emulators:

  • First, you can play PS3 games over your smartphones.
  • Its latest version offers you extraordinary downloads, install, and gaming speed. PPSSPP comes with JIT and a file browser offering bug fixes and improvements for outstanding performances.
  • This emulator will work the best for you if you are an adventure games type player.
  • For all using touch screen PC, then brace yourself for some high definition experience.
  • Its performance is mostly smooth.

4. SNES9x

SNES9x was supposed to provide access to Playstation games on Windows 7, but it is still compatible with the operating system. This emulator came from Super Nintendo Entertainment. Here are its few features listed:

  • This emulator is the perfect launcher if you like the Super Famicom Nintendo games.
  • The emulator is free of charge. This platform even works along with the Linux i386 and Windows port.
  • The emulator is compatible with Windows 7.

5. Mednafen

Being launched recently in 2018, Mednafen took over the toll and is now concluded as one of the best PS3 emulators ever made. The user interface and settings are so intuitive. You can even customize the settings as per your preferences. That is so cool!

Let’s hear about its more features that make it outstanding:

  • The emulator is compatible with games from other consoles.
  • It is completely compatible with Windows and also Linux.
  • It delivers high performance in terms of video and audio during the games.
  • You can have control over the settings to set them as per your preferences. 

6. PSeMu3

PSeMu3 is one of the known PS3 emulators. Let us have a quick look at its features to understand more about this emulator:

  • It is only 50MBs in size and can run perfectly on your Core 2 Duo Processor. 
  • This emulator comes with heeded local settings and provides a high experience for your PS3 games.
  • PSeMu3 is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • It is free of cost to download.

7. RetroArch

RetroArch is an ultimate emulator. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and You can even use this emulator to play PS3 games on Apple and Android devices. I don’t know anything which could be more amazing than this.

It is so easy to access this app. It is available on Google stores and even Apple stores to purchase. Let’s have a look at its pros:

  • It provides its user with the advantage of streaming and recording.
  • You can play games from other gaming consoles such as PSP, Wii U, the Wii, etc.
  • This emulator lets you join or host gaming networks. 
  • It is compatible with a variety of platforms, and it is flexible, versatile, and easy to use.
  • RetroArch can be accessed over mobile phones.

8. Playstation Now

It is also one of the best PS3 emulators. Playstation Now, also known as PS Now, is not a gaming emulator. But it is a cloud-based gaming subscription. You will have to pay to access games belonging to PS3, PS2, and PS4. 

Playstation now enables you to stream videos. Here are some of its features listed down below:

  • You can play games from PS3, PS4, PS2.
  • In Playstation, one doesn’t has to face the complications associated with emulators.
  • Also, you don’t need high-end hardware but just a decent internet connection. 

But there are some cons as well:

  • You have to pay a monthly subscription to access the games.
  • You will need high-speed internet.
  • The number of games offered is small.

9. Bizhawk

Bizhawk isn’t one of the popular PS3 emulators, but it is way too versatile than normally people think. This emulator supports hotkey mapping, which normally others don’t, and it is compatible with PS3 but also with some other consoles. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • It works with a variety of gaming systems, including Apple.
  • You can remap Hotkey.
  • It is compatible with other gaming consoles as well, such as Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy, and The Super Famicom. 

List Of Best PS3 Emulators

We are listing some of the top PS3 emulators that you can find in the market. They are trusted and known for a while. We hope this list helps you to be familiar with these emulators:

  1. RPCS3
  2. ESX 
  3. ANX
  4. Playstation Now
  5. PSeMu3
  6. SNES9x
  8. Mednafen
  9. PS3 Emulator (Sony)
  10. RetroArch
  11. Bizhawk
  12. EPSXE
  13. New PS3 Emulator
  14. CILs


And we come to an end. With the emulators above, you can play PS3 games on your Android and Windows Computer PC. The games may run smoothly on PC because of high hardware specifications. I hope you all like the post. All your suggestions and queries are welcomed in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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