6 Best Modded Kik for Free Download 2021

We all know how modern ways of communication has served to be one of the many ways to make life easier. Chatting, on the other hand, has completely flipped the whole game of communication, Kik is one such platform where people can communicate or chat with their people from any part of the world through the internet. It is so popular and is pretty famous among people. However, it has not been the same due to a few reasons which you will know later in this article. Also, we will be providing you with modded Kik that will help you stay connected with Kik.

What is Kik Mod?

I don’t know if you have already heard about Kik or not. But anyway, we are going to provide you with a brief introduction of what Modded Kik is and what is it used for. Coming back to Kik, so basically, it is a highly popular messaging application that is used by millions of people from around the world as told earlier.

It was used by people for several different reasons that included communication with friends or family from any corner of the world, developing relationships, or for pranking someone anonymously. It was super fun using this application but then, Kik announced that it will be shutting down.

Thus, people made modified versions of this program so that people can install them instead of the “vanilla” Kik app. Thus, Modded Kik is just an extended and modified version of the older program but it is developed by different coders. The main reason for “modding” an app is to unlock its limited features and modifying it, and users can experience variations in this modded kiks with different fonts, user interface, etc.

Best Modded Kik For 2021

Below are 6 modded kiks that are popular and considered to be the best of all. And addition to that they are safe and offers its users a wide variety of features which can amaze any one of us easily. It is super fun to use them so, you should give this a try!

1. Pikek

Pikek is one of the most popular Modded Kik available on the Internet. It is used for several purposes and it is considered to be pretty useful for its users. Through this application, you can modify UI and along with UI, you can also make changes in the font size, font color, profile, background image, background color as well.

It is one of the most versatile versions of modded kiks that I am aware f, and it somewhat fun t use it, so you should try it out.

2. NullKik

Nullkik is so far considered to be a modifying mod, you can tweak how Kik looks and feels. This application majorly focuses on the user interface of the original Kik version, you can modify its font size and color, etc. However, it contains some amazing background color combinations that you can check out. And you don’t have to worry about safety while downloading Nullkik from the above-provided source, we haven’t heard of any complaints related to malware from its users.

3. Ghostkik

If you are looking for a fast working modded Kik then, Ghost Kik should be on your list. It is pretty popular amongst kik lovers. And on top of all of that, it is light weighted, it makes use of a very effective amount of your data, and this is an amazing factor to highlight. It has such a cool name and it provides an amazing user experience.

However, be aware of all the hacked versions of Ghost Kik that are available over the internet. We have provided you with the safest source link for downloading this software.

4. Pikik2

Pikik2 is the second version of Pikik and is thus, considered to be more effective in its operation. It is providing its users with improved performance and offering efficient data handling. Pikik2 comes with a fake camera feature which makes it different from the above-mentioned modded kiks.

It is the modded Kik that is providing numerous features such as you can disable the ‘is typing’ feature that comes when you are typing on someone’s chat, and you can also block receipts. It comes with improved security features such as if you like you and disables the forwarding feature so that nobody can forward your messages to other hats. Trust me, you will love this version, it makes messaging easier and fun.

5. Lynx Kik

If you already have heard about it then, you might as well know that it is a group of modders that creates versions of different apps. And thus, Kik is one of them, it has APKs of many other apps such as Instagram, Spotify apk, Pandora apk, etc. and one of the other features includes that this application has more than 10 versions of Lynx Kik.4

You should definitely give this a try, one of the versions have all the combined features from older APKs a well.

6. Matrik3

And last but not the least, we have another modded Kik, it is an amazing application. It offers its users a couple of features that includes deactivation of image downloads, disable the message receipts and also, you can disable the “is typing” feature so that people will not know if you are typing anything or not on a particular chat.

And not to forget just like Pikik2 it comes with a fake camera, and a wide range of emoticons to choose from. However, the functionality of the app is fine but some of the users have a complaint about a few crashes in the app disturbing its stability.


And that is it, I hope you find this article informative as we have provided with every tiny information on what a modded Kik is and why is it used and the best-modded kiks present over the Internet. They are safe and you can download them from the sources provided along with their description above. I hope you find this article useful and loved reading it. If you have any other queries then, let us know in the comments below.

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