12 Best Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Providers

Virtual Credit Cards or VCC are basically digital credit cards that allow you to transact payments from your bank without actually exposing your actual credit card details. These virtual credit cards have no physicality, hence they can only be used for online purchases. You can add money from your main credit account to the virtual credit card, set limits on the spending amount, and also set an expiration date. More customization can be added depending on your VCC provider.

Features Of Virtual Credit Cards

  • Completely digital and used for online purchases only.
  • The card is secure and the user can block its use at any time.
  • Set up spending limits for specific merchants.
  • Prevents security breaches into your main credit account.
  • Usually short expiration dates, you’ll have to update VCC number each time it expires

There are many VCC providers out there, but only a select few should be trusted. In this article, we’ll discuss the best Virtual Credit Card providers you should be using in 2020.

Free Best VCC Providers

Best Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Providers

Here’s our list for the best Virtual Credit Card providers. These were selected based on their security, trust, and ease of setup.

1. Capital One Eno

Capital One provides its own virtual credit card through its online assistant known as Eno. Eno is a chrome browser extension that allows you to create a virtual credit card at the instance of checkout from an online merchant. Hence, it will allow you to shop online without showing your real credit card number. Moreover, your credit card account will be linked to the virtual Eno card, hence you’ll still be receiving purchase rewards and benefits.

2. Citi Bank

Citi Bank also offers a virtual credit card that generates a virtual Citi card number when you’re about to make a purchase online. Virtual Credit Cards by Citi can be generated using a Web-Based Version or a Downloadable Version for Windows that allows one-click access to Virtual Account Numbers from your desktop.

3. American Express Go

American Express Go is the trademarked application that creates a virtual credit card for you if you hold an Amex account. You set spending and expiration date limits to help control your spending with merchants. There’s also a mobile app to help you make secured transactions on the go.

4. Wells Fargo Wallet

Wells Fargo has its own VCC service by using a digital wallet. Digital wallets will replace your actual credit card numbers with a unique card number that will help you make secure transactions online. The Wells Fargo Wallet is incorporated into the Wells Fargo mobile app. Hence, this allows you to make NFC (near field communications) or contactless transactions at stores with a secure credit card number.

5. Apple Card by Apple

Apple Card has a built-in feature that automatically gives you a virtual credit card for every purchase. If you notice your Apple Card doesn’t have a pre-existing number associated with your account. Whenever you add a physical card to Apple Pay app, it automatically stores it as a virtual card. Moreover, when using an iOS device, your virtual Apple Card will auto-fill a generated virtual number into your payment details.

6. Brex

Brex is one of the most trusted VCC providers out there. Once your successfully qualify and register for a Brex you’re automatically liable to access virtual cards within minutes. Brex allows you to create a virtual credit card number in real-time. You can change the credentials and also customize the limits of the card. Moreover, you can issue as many virtual cards as you like.

7. Stripe

Stripe lets you create virtual cards and lets your program them to meet your spending needs. You can choose the type of businesses that you’re allowed to use the virtual card on, set spending limits, and choose whether you want the card for one-time or multiple-use. Each virtual card comes at a cost of 10 cents.

8. Revolut

Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers a wide variety of banking services. Once you create a Revolut account you can register for a virtual card and have up to five of them. You can also order a ‘Disposable’ virtual card for one-time use. After one transaction, the card details will be regenerated.

9.Yandex Money

Yandex is a trusted Russian financial company that runs a multitude of banking services for individuals and businesses. It lets you create a virtual card number free of cost, within seconds. This virtual card also works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other services. You can also change all your credentials on the virtual card.

10. Neteller

Neteller is another company that allows you to create virtual credit cards. If you’re a Neteller client you can apply for the Net+ Virtual Mastercard. The Net+ card allows you to set spending limits, and hide your official credit card number. These virtual cards can be used at any online shopping merchants all over the world.

11. Axis Bank

Axis Bank has its line of VCC known as Freecharge Virtual Card. It allows you to authorize the amount you will spend on transactions. You will receive a unique account number that is associated with each specific payment. Moreover, you will still be eligible to earn Regular Rewards and Milestone Rewards using a Freecharge virtual card.

12. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

J.P Morgan Chase & Co. has a ‘Single-Use Account’ card-based payment option that provides a 16-digit virtual account number for each payment. You can set credit limits for each virtual card created. With this virtual card, you can set unique parameters for each purchase such as payment date range and merchant types.

Final Words:

There are many VCC providers out there, but the list of providers above have proven themselves to be the most trusted and secure virtual credit card providers out there. It’s important you choose a quality bank or fintech service company when trying to create a virtual card. There are many scam VCC providers lurking around, so we highly recommend you stick to our selected list or ensure that you research the financial company thoroughly.

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