20 Best DJ Software for Beginners [Free]

Attention to music lovers, here is the most interesting update for you. This blog covers the 20 best DJ software for everyone who loves mixing music or songs. To become a good DJ, along with strong knowledge and music sense, one needs good software.

And we are here to provide you with the best software to create DJ music. There are plenty of interesting apps that give a free trial to enjoy before purchasing it.

Best DJ Softwares Free Download

9 Best DJ Softwares For Beginners In 2022

Below is a list of the best DJ Software Applications to bring out the DJ in you. Scroll down to know more!

1. Serato DJ intro

Make an accurate mix of music with your lovable music using Serato. This FX DJ kit is developed with iZotope, the most popular audio technology. You can link many FX units into a single one by chaining process. It mixes plenty of good effects to make an extraordinary DJ mix. The great feature of this music production software is it’s pretty easy to use. If you become an expert in this basic version, you can get the expanded version to explore many other effects and features.

2. Virtual DJ

DJs unleash your music creativity using this Virtual DJ. It provides digital technology with several lovely features. This is completely free for unprofessional and easy to use with smart intuitive features. It is well suited for both professionals and amateur starters. This software can create mixes for every party, marriage event, or even basic scratch performances. It is not necessary to connect with any hardware system to create mixes. This multi-deck and alone DJ mixer has interesting features like effects, loops, hot cues, filters, advanced mixers, smart sync, performance pads, and quantized cues.


It is one of the best DJ software for high-end performers in music. Of course, this DJ software is awesome and versatile for excellent music production. Using PCDJDEX 3 software, you are able to mix the digital music files 2 to 4 on the performing desk. This DJ software also has some essential functions like beat sync, auto-looping, key lock, and fully automatic mixing.

It is very user-friendly for DJ composers, so they can apply various video and transition effects. It also has advanced music file browsing options for scratch, loop, and recording audio and video mixes. The main usage of this DJ app is you can host karaoke shows, karaoke singer lists, key detection, and control. If you are an iTunes lover, this is an opportunity for you to use your song playlist and work straight away. With this app, you can install up to three users.

4. Ableton Live 10 Intro

The name of this DJ software would remind the digital audio workstation “DAW.” Ableton is well-known for its music producers for professionals and amateurs. The uniqueness of this Ableton Live 10 DJ is to perform both DJ as well as record and create music. This DJ software is suitable for people interested in making music using more than 1500 sounds, 29 audio effects, and 3 instruments.

This DJ app also provides the additional possibility to connect MIDI control instruments such as a keyboard to it which in turn enhances the DJ experience with these audio effects. If you are a person of loving DJ as well as recording the music with awesome effects, this DJ software is the right choice and apt for your friend.

5. Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

This DJ software is very much familiar with its efficiency, ease of use, reliability, and simplicity among the other music production software programs. Mix Vibes Cross DJ package is useful for the novelty lovers because it is a decent normal software along with the advanced effects. The major breakthrough of this DJ software is that it provides the same digital vinyl software package to all platforms like Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. It is very much user-friendly for beginners because it has very basic options at an affordable price.

6. MAGIX Digital DJ 2

For advanced-level, DJ software users, here is the enhanced software package for you. It is a good program for aspiring DJs for both Mac and PC platforms. Magix is not super easy for beginners, and it is highly recommended for advanced-level DJ users, but once you learn, you will be familiarized with it. If you have iTunes music library, then our DJ music creation work is straightforward. You just have to drag the music, and you can remix or scratch it without any extra hardware support.

7. Image-Line Deckadance

The next level of DJ music creation can be done in this Deckadance DJ software because it will not only perform the music creation along with it helps to produce and mix the music you have in your library. All these amazing features you can use in live performance like tremendous new features like pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, and time extending.

The uniqueness of this DJ software is that you can receive lifetime updates, which makes it worth your money. Also, it is perfect to start performing different music creation opportunities. Using its DJ and DAW, you can produce, record and mix the music; it is a silver spoon for beginners.

8. MAGIX Music Maker

It is a free software anyone can use easily, mainly focused on beginners. MAGIX Music Maker has the ability to support every format of music files. Even if you are not having a background of DJ experience in music creation, this app will help you to learn and use it lively. It is a budget and hybrid form of music creation between DAW, a digital audio interface, and a DJ, which will enhance your music creation and mixing ability.

This DJ software is available with a lot of goose bumping sounds along with a wide range of virtual instruments and loops. Once you are very much familiarized with these functionalities then go for an advanced one. The hybrid functionalities help very much for music creation projects.

9. eJay DJ Mix Station

Without the use of any additional sound card, this piece of software makes you create an awesome music mix. Also applicable to all kinds of OS platforms. If you are a party freak, this DJ software is a perfect fit for you to enjoy to the core without compromising its quality.

eJay DJ Mix works similar to the music creation fancy software, but it is user-friendly. Anyone can learn and create a music mix. It has everything like adding audio scratch effect and personalizes your own audio samples much better. Finally, it will be perfect. Very cheap and fun to play at parties. For nonprofessional parties, it is very much useful at affordable prices.

20 Free DJ Mix Softwares for your Parties

Pick the best DJ Mix software, enjoy the sounds and music creation, and rock the parties.

  1. Serato DJ Intro
  2. Virtual DJ
  3. PCDJDEX 3
  4. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2
  5. Ableton Live 10 Intro
  6. Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package
  7. MAGIX Digital DJ 2
  8. Ultra mixer
  9. Zulu DJ
  10. eJay DJ Mix Station
  11. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DJ
  12. Image-LineDeckadance
  13. PartyCloud Online
  14. Blaze Free DJ
  15. Audacity
  16. MAGIX Music Maker

Final Words

From the above review about the top DJ mix software, you can have a nice opportunity of comparing the different software and pick the appropriate one for your sake of use. If you find this blog useful, do comment below.

Do let us know your favorite app from the list in the comments down below. Cheers!

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