10 Best Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Funds Online

I’m dead sure that if you’ve been using the Internet then you already know what crowdfunding sites are and what is their use. These sites are a big help for all those people who are starting up with their business enterprises and need funding to boost up. So, let me give you a deep introduction to Crowdfunding websites and then list out some of the best crowdfunding sites for startups, businesses and nonprofits.

What Are Crowdfunding Sites?

Every company looks up to financial aids that can help them in increasing funds to acquire all the needed resources, etc. This is where crowdfunding sites come to the image. Through these sites, you can attract more than one person to invest in your project, and thus, you will not have to stick to one person for financing everything. Crowdfunding sites are a wider concept, one can raise funds for the company, start-ups, the release of a music album, selling of artwork, publishing a book, and many more.

Crowdfunding Sites To Raise Money

Now, let’s have a look at the top 10 crowdfunding sites for 2020 in this article, we will also study them in detail and tell you which site serves funding for what purpose:

1. Kickstarter  

Kickstarter is a platform that provides its users a space to work with people, and engage with different communities, and to support you and your creative work. This platform has gained trust from over 180 million people and has raised funding for many Kickstarter projects. The Kickstarter community believes in art and creative expression as essential to a healthy society. The site is concentrated on projects that reflect creativity on a huge scale such as writing a book or launching a new album, art installation, etc. On this site, creative projects raise donation-based funding from numerous people.

2. Indiegogo 

Now, Indiegogo is one of the most used crowdfunding sites, where you can raise funding for a non-profit organization. You can also set up non-profits on the site. In fact, this site includes selling of funded products, which one can buy. This platform supports funding for literally anything, take it to be music, a book, a school, personal financial requirements, etc. They have achieved a renowned position over the many years because of their early start in the industry.

3. CrowdFunder  

Crowdfunder.com made its appearance to the Fox News recently. It is one of the known crowdfunding sites that raise investments for a start-up and other companies too. We have seen many companies raise up to $5 billion through this site. This particular site has been a leading participant in the JOBS Act legislation.

4. AngelList 

Okay, this site right here is pure bliss, it lets its users apply for jobs in 50,000+  start-ups. And if you get hired by a company, then they even allow remote work. One of its features is amazing because it lets you put backers in a single-purpose fund which in turn, provides advantages to the entrepreneur who is seeking more funding for the future as a VC – Venture Capitalists.

Before, when AngelList started it never mentioned crowdfunding in specific because it was more inclined towards investment establishments in start-ups. But now AngelList has started crowdfunding along with investments and thus, has gained a growing position in the tech market.

5. Somolend 

Somolend is another known site for a crowdfunding offering debt-based investment funding to help small enterprises in setting up their business and expansion. One of the undertaken initiatives by this site is that it collides with other banks to provide loans to small businesses. And it even helps these enterprises to bring their families or friends into the joint effort.

The site has been solely expanding hugely in different cities of the US. This all could happen only because Somolend had a strong concentration in funding for small businesses and in helping them achieve their target and thus, they made to the JOBS Act Legislation as a leading participant.

6. Patreon 

We have heard enough about sites that provide donation-based funding but it is all, a one-time investment, as the investors invest their money in a bulk amount at once. Patreon is more of a donation on subscription-based funding sites which allows its users to donate a minimum of $1-$2 each month. And this way you can monthly contribute to enterprises or any other cause you like. You can support your favorite artist, or a publisher, or a musician, and whatever you like, the conclusion is that you can support more than one person or their art rather than contributing to one big project all at once. It is an amazing way of donating and supporting.

7. MightyCause 

This site was not constructed to emphasize the business funding, and thus it stands different from the above-mentioned sites. One can guess the motto of this site by the name itself, it raises funding for the worthy causes, the ones which need more attention than the business enterprises. It offers to fundraise for non-profit ideas, schools, protection of animals or pets, poverty control centers, etc. Thus, many companies have been raising funds from this site for the worthy and faith-based causes.

8. Chuffed 

This site is particularly to help non-profit organizations and to help the people working for social causes of the country. Chuffed doesn’t promote any invention, albums, etc on its site, it is primarily for promoting non-profits. The site doesn’t make any delays in transferring the amounts raised directly to your account as soon as it arrives, thus, you don’t have to wait up.

9. InKind 

InKind is one of the crowdfunding sites that raises funding to help the restaurants and in their smooth set-up. We are very well aware of the high requirement of funding by the restaurants for several reasons and how they find it difficult in raising funds. Thus, this site was developed to help such independent restaurants in raising funding for fulfilling their needs.

InKind has so far helped finance 500+ independent restaurants in different areas of the US and Australia every year. It is very easy to operate with this site, you have to provide gift cards to get funding, and then, the site sells it to other people from your side.

10. Quirky 

Quirky focuses highly on funding towards the new invention of products or the machine, etc. If you are a person who invents new things, or artist, or maker of any sort then trust me, this site will help you in raising funds. It is a platform where people can come forward together and collaborate for donation-based funding. Quirky promotes community participation while funding for such products or inventions.

Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites For Startups and Businesses

Here’s the whole list including the links to the respective site. We hope you find the right crowdfunding site for your project and get started with it:

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Quirky
  3. InKind
  4. Chuffed
  5. MightyCause
  6. Patreon
  7. Somolend
  8. AngelList
  9. CrowdFunder
  10. Indiegogo


And thus, here we come to the end of this article. We have listed the top 10 crowdfunding sites that we thought should have the limelight. These sites are amazing and worth a try if you’re looking for sources to raise funds from. They are truly safe sites and used by thousands of people from all over the world. Therefore, you can feel safe and start a project and raise funds for the same. Hope you liked reading the article!

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