16 Best Browsers For Roku [Private and Fast]

We are getting modern day by day and entering the world of development. And now, it is common to use your TV as a computer and vice-versa. Roku is a very popular service that offers its users access to stream media content from several online platforms. But it lacks behind when it comes to browsing as Roku has still not come up with its in-built web browser. But there is nothing to worry about as we are going to provide you with some of the best browsers for Roku that you can use to stream TV shows, movies, listen to audio contents and explore webpages. 

Best Browsers For Roku 2021

As mentioned already in this article, we are going to list all the browsers that are considered safe and the best for Roku, I hope you find the one suitable for you from the list mentioned below. We have provided relevant information on a few that are much famous than the rest.

1. Web Browser X

Web Browser X is an incredibly nice browser for Roku, it is a very simple web browser having a very user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. You can browse your interested websites through this browser and can bookmark the ones you repeatedly use.

But just in case you are thinking to use Youtube or browse media content then, the browser might not respond steadily. You can use the Roku remote buttons to navigate through the webpages. It is one of the best browsers for Roku. 

2. POPRISM Web Browser 

It is another browser that you can use for Roku that can allow you to browse the internet. The user interface of this browser is quite plain and nothing attractive, it more text-based so if you need something eye-catching then, this is not the right choice for you.

You need to know that there are only a few websites that are completely compatible with these browsers. And if you browse other webpages then, you might face certain issues in reading the text as the text placement is pretty unformatted.

The navigation is pretty simple with this browser as well, you can use the Roku remote to go forward and back forth with the webpages. 

3. Web Video Caster

This is a paid browser where you will have to pay a certain amount i.e. $4.99/ month to have its subscription but trust me it’s worth every penny.

It is way better than the above-mentioned browsers because you can seamlessly stream media content such as watch movies, shows, live streams and so much more. You are going to love it, and thus you should try it out.

4. Media browser For Roku

The first thing to be said first and it is that as the name goes, this browser can be only used to play audio contents and not video contents because this browser doesn’t support video playback.

However, it is a very easy-to-use browser that users can connect their media devices with the Roku device without any complications. You can easily navigate through this browser, the interface of this browser is pretty decent and you might like it. 

5. Xfinity

Now, this is one of the best browsers for Roku and the most appropriate for all the youths out there because the interface of this browser is very modern representing the 21st century.

It is an amazing browser for all those users who have heavy uses of audio files. However, anyone can use it because it supports all types of files from videos, to MP3 files.

6. The Roku Channel

This browser is specially named after Roku and thus, it had to be here on this list. Also, another list of it being here is that it keeps updating now and then.

Using this browser, users can have the fun to play videos, audios, TV shows, etc, or you can browse through your required websites. You can try this too!

7. Firefox

I know there might be a sigh of relief after hearing this name in the list of best browsers for Roku because this is a more recognizable and trusted source.

And on top of all of that, it is one of the most considered browsers for Roku as the Roku version of Firefox is solely designed to provide more comfort to its users.

It is designed to provide a better experience to the users, they can read texts from different webpages, or documents and enjoy audio and video content. 

8. FilmRise

If you are a sucker for movies just as I am, this browser is going to be a blessing for you. Using FilmRise, users can watch movies from the most recent to any old years, and not just movies but also TV shows, this already sounds so intriguing.

You can find movies and shows belonging to almost all the genres like romance, thriller, horror, drama, and documentary. 

9. STV Player

If you are someone who likes to watch STV shows then, you can use this browser for Roku to play these shows. The browser consists of all the STV shows including the on-demand live television, you can easily watch your favorite shows on it. This platform keeps updating and thus, it is quite entertaining!


ACORN TV is a platform where you can watch movies that are certainly popular in Britain. The platform offers a huge library of movies belonging to different genres such as horror, suspense, mystery, comedy, etc.

This browser offers movies as well as shows so, you can enjoy them all. Some of the shows on this platform that we would like to recommend are Midsomer murders, A place to call home, and many more. 

Top 16 Roku Web Browsers

Now, have a look at these browsers, they are amazing and trust-worthy:

  1. Deezer
  2. Stirr
  3. Netflix
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. Sky News 
  6. Disney Plus
  7. Acorn TV
  8. STV Player
  9. FilmRise
  10. Firefox
  11. The Roku Channel
  12. Xfinity
  13. Media Browser
  14. Web Video Caster
  15. Poprism Web Browser
  16. Web Browser X


I hope you liked the list that we provided above, it has almost 16 browsers that you can use for Roku. We hope that this article helps you in finding the right browser for yourself. In case if you have further suggestions or any queries then, you can let us know in the comments below!

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