Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for 2021

Are you looking for an updated list of Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator codes? I can assure you that you have stumbled on the right place. In this article, we will be talking a lot about Bee Swarm Simulator and I will be listing all the latest codes for you that you can use during the game. So, let’s begin with a little introduction to the game.

What Are Bee swarm Simulator Codes?

Bee Swarm Simulator is a very popular online multiplayer Roblox game. It is really popular among people and is played by many of them. It is a very interesting game where you have to hatch bees to form a swarm, and then, collect Pollen, and lastly make it into honey.

Once you succeed in completing the quest, you get rewarded. Your aim is to grow bees, the more you grow bees, the your hive will get larger. You can do so much more in this game, the Bee Swarm Simulator codes help you in getting ahead of your competitors. 

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

There are plenty of codes available all over the Internet, I have collected all the best and the working ones. And I will be listing them below under different sections, you can find the one you like and copy them from there. I have mentioned both the code and the rewards that you will get. 

Latest Bee Swarm Simulator Codes List

Let’s have a look at the most recent Bee swarm codes list for December 2020:

  1. RedMarket – You can redeem this code and get a Pepper patch boost as a reward, this will last for 30 minutes.
  2. BigBag – redeem this code and get Capacity Code buff as a reward for 48 hours.
  3. Cubly – redeem this code and you will get a Bumble Bee Jelly and 10 bitterberry, 1 Micro-converter, Capacity Code buff for 1 hour. 
  4. Buoyant – You can redeem this code and get 15 Blueberries, 3 Blue Flower Boost, a Blue flower field capacity boost (for 30 minutes), Blue Extract Buff, Capacity code buff (for 48 Hours), and a Blue Flower Field market boost (for 2 hours).
  5. Mocito100T – Redeem this code and get Stringers, Gumdrops, Coconuts, Inspire, Coconut field boost, coconut field capacity as rewards.
  6. 500mil – redeem this code to gt 2 Stump Field boost, 3 bamboo Field boost, 5 gumdrops, 5 jelly beans, 5 Field dice, 5 wealth clock, and Conversion boots (for 1 hour), Science Bear Morph.
  7. BeesBuzz123 – redeem this code to get 1 Cloud Vial, 5 Gumdrops, 3 Jelly Beans as rewards.
  8. ClubBean – Redeem this code to get Magic Bean, Pineapple Patch boost *2 as rewards.
  9. ClubConverters – you can redeem this code to get 10 micro-Converters.
  10. Marshmallow – redeem the code to get Conversion boost (for 1 hour), and Marshmallow Bee.
  11. SecretProfileCode – redeem this code to get Ant passes, Shocked Bee jelly, Oil, Glue Buff, enzymes buff.
  12. Discord100Kk – redeem this code to get a marshmallow bee buff, Rose field boost *3, 3 pine tree forest boost, 3 spider field boost, 3 jelly beans, 3 gumdrops, 3 Moon charm, 3 tickets.
  13.  Sure – redeem the given code to get Dandelion Field Boost (x3), 30m Conversion boost, 2500 honey
  14. Teespring – Bamboo Field Boost (x7), Bamboo Field Winds (x3), Marshmallow Bee
  15. 5mMembers – you can redeem this code to get Bitterberry (x5), Blue extract buff, capacity code buff (duration: 48 hours), 3 blue flower boost, blue flower field capacity boost (for 30 minutes), blue flower field market boost (for 2 hours).
  16. TornadoGlitch – 3 dandelion field boost, 3 dandelion field winds, 1 cloud road, and also 5 coconuts.

More Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for 2021

Below are some more Bee swarm codes, so have a look at them:

  1. Wink – 5 Tickets, 5000 honey
  2. Wax – Dandelion Field boost (x7), 5 tickets, 5000 Honey, Haste+, Black bear morph
  3. Buzz – 5000 honey
  4. Bopmaster – 5 tickets
  5. Nectar – 5000 honey
  6. Roof – 5 tickets
  7. Connoisseur – 5 tickets
  8. Cog – 5 tickets
  9. 38217 – 5 tickets
  10. Crawlers – 5 tickets
  11. 300M visits – 10 treat, 2 sunflower field boost, 2 rose field boost, royal jelly, wealth clock, 2 pine tree forest boost
  12. WikiHonor – 3 strawberry field boost, 5 Inspire, 10 pineapple, stinger, royal jelly, 10 gumdrops.
  13. BeeMine – royal jelly, 3 rose field boost, 10 strawberries, and 1 hour of conversion.
  14. Restart – wealth clock, conversion increase (for 2 hours), 4 spiders field increase, stump field increase.
  15. BloxyCelebration – redeem this code to get 5 tickets, magic bean, baby love, 5 clover field boost, 3 mountain top field boost, and 6 hours of conversion.
  16. Valentine – Strawberries x25, Baby Love, Red Extract Buff, Rose Field Boost x3, Rose Field Capacity Boost.
  17. MoreTime – 3x Pumpkin Patch Boost, 3x Clover Field Boost, 1x Stump Field Boost, 20x Moon Charm, 5x Micro-Converter, 3x Jelly Beans, and also 3x Wealth Clock.

How To Redeem Bee Swarm Simulator Codes?

We discussed so much about codes that now, you must be wondering how to redeem them. So, here is a detailed process telling you how you can redeem these codes in Bee Swarm. It is a very easy process:

  1. First of all, launch the game and then, look for the menu which is located at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now, click on the Gear like icon which is present with other options.
  3. There will be a list of options, click on the “Promo Codes” from the options.
  4. Now, here you will have to copy any of the codes that we have provided above, and then, paste them into the box.
  5. And lastly, click on the “Redeem” button. 


We have come to an end of this article, and have provided all the codes that are 100% working. The above list is an updated one so, you don’t have to worry about which will work and which codes will not work. I hope you liked reading the article and if there are any queries related to the game or codes then, you can write to us in the comments below.

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