How To Fix Alexa Not Working Issue?

We are sure you must know about the most famous Alexa, who is a virtual assistant for Amazon Echo speakers. And the Echo speakers operate on the voice of Alexa. Thus, both of them work seamlessly together but many users have reported that they are facing difficulty with the function of Alexa. Thus, in this article, we are going to look for solutions to fix the Alexa not working issue.

How to Fix Alexa Not Working To Voice?

Sometimes, you might experience that the Alexa won’t respond to you when you say something or there are chances that your Alexa or Echo Speaker responds with “sorry, I am having trouble understanding you right now”. Then, these are the solutions that you have to try instantly. Follow them one after another:

1. Ensure Internet Connectivity And Power

Now, this might sound like a very basic fix but trust me, many people forget about this. You need to ensure that your Alexa is connected to your WiFi connection to work seamlessly. And also, it should be plugged into the power. Please look into both of these things and ensure that they are connected.

2. Enable Alexa’s Microphone

Now, there are chances that you have disabled Alexa’s microphone, so it won’t be able to listen to you and nor respond to what you are saying. In such a case, Alexa displays a red ring light to inform that its microphone is off.

So, to turn on the Microphone, simply click on the microphone button, which is located at the top of the device. Now, Alexa will have a blue ring light, so try talking with it. Also, you should keep Alexa closer to you when you are speaking.

3. Ensure Echo And Smartphone Is Connected

Another very important method for fixing the Alexa not working is that you ensure that both the Echo speaker and your mobile are connected to the same network connection.

If you are using WiFi then, just see to it that your Echo dot and your device are connected with the same WiFi. It won’t respond if it’s operating on another network connection.

4. Keep Alexa Closer To the Router

You need to ensure that your Echo is not too far from the WiFi router. So, it is suggested that you keep the Echo closer to your router. So, that it operates on a stable internet connection.

5. Restart Your Echo Speakers

This is the most basic step to do, a restart tends to fix almost everything. So, it is recommended that you restart your Alexa-enabled device. And now, see if the issue is fixed.

6. Change The Wake Word

Now, this is one of the most different methods, where it is suggested that you change the wake word from Alexa to something else. Some other wake words are Amazon, or Echo, etc. Now, verify if the speaker starts working and responding to you.

How To Fix Alexa Not Streaming Music?

Let us now look at ways that we can use when Alexa does not seem to listen to us when we command it to play a certain song from an app or search news for us in the mornings, it gets quite annoying. Therefore, you can follow the below-provided methods to deal with this issue.

Some of the solutions are the same as above, so I am just mentioning solution no. from above which you can try again in such situation like, Solution No.: 1, 4 & 5, and some other methods are as follows:

1. Reducing WiFi Congestion

There is a high possibility that you are facing difficulty in streaming because too many devices are connected to your WiFi. So, to fix this, disconnect all those devices which are not making use of the network connection currently.

2. Restart Your Router

As mentioned earlier, a restart can fix almost everything. So, you should try rebooting your router simply by turning it on and off. And then, try connecting your Echo speaker with the internet connection and play songs.

How To Fix Alexa Not Connecting To The WiFi?

Even for this question, almost all of the above-mentioned solutions are applicable. You can use those solutions and check it connects to your WiFi. Some of the other methods that you can try exclusively for fixing Alexa not working issue is as follows:

1. Ensure Your WiFi Connection Password Is Correct

While you are connecting your WiFi to your Alexa, make sure that you are entering the right password. And if you don’t remember your password correctly then, it is advised that you change your WiFi password and then, try connecting to your Alexa.

2. Reset Echo To Factory Settings

Another option that you have is to reset Echo to its factory settings. There are chances that the Alexa app is facing certain glitches, so it is better to set Echo to its original settings. And remember, if you are trying this method then, after resetting you will have to re-enter your device settings into the Alexa app.


I hope we have provided all the relevant information regarding Alexa not working and ways to fix it. You can use these methods, and we assure you that these ways are going to help you in making your Alexa work properly. I hope you liked reading the article and that it was helpful. If you still have any queries then, you can let us know in the comments below.

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