Airtel USSD Codes 2022- Check Balance, Data & Offers

Airtel is one of India’s leading telecommunication companies with over 264 million subscribers. It also has nearly a hundred million subscribers in other South Asian countries as well as Africa. In the present day, much of Airtel’s services can be accessed through the MyAirtel app. But for those who prefer to do things the classic way or simply don’t have a smartphone can use the Airtel USSD codes.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service) is essentially a series of “quick codes”. These allow users to quickly access the mobile company’s services. Airtel offers a wide variety of USSD codes that allow you to access a lot of information. For example, your data usage, remaining net balance, plan expiration date, and so on. In this article, we’ll go through all of the Airtel USSD codes available and list them below so you can easily access them whenever needed to.

All Airtel USSD Codes of 2022

Here is the list of all the Airtel USSD codes available as of 2020. Most USSD codes begin with an asterisk (*) symbol, which is then followed by some numerical digits and lastly terminated using a hash (#) symbol.

1. Airtel USSD Code To Check Your Mobile Number

If you’ve forgotten your airtel mobile number just enter any one of the following USSD codes,*282#, *121*1#, *121*9# to get details about your current number.

2. Airtel USSD Codes For Self Care Service

Airtel Self Care lets you pay bills and manager your Airtel account without the need of any customer care executive. The USSD code to access Airtel Self Care is *121#. This code is the backbone of most major Airtel USSD codes.

3. Airtel USSD Codes To Check For Offers

There are several types of offers that airtel offers. These include Recharge Offers, Talktime Offers, Tariff Offers, Internet Offers, SMS packs, and Special Offers. Here are the following offers with their corresponding USSD check codes.

  1. Recharge Offers: *121# OR *121*1#
  2. Talktime Offers: *121*1#
  3. Tariff Offers: *121*1#
  4. SMS Pack Offers: *777#
  5. Internet Offers: *121*11#/*567#

4. Airtel USSD Codes For Loans

You can obtain Talktime and Internet Data loans from Airtel by entering the following codes.

  1. Airtel Talktime Loan for Rs. 10 Talktime balance: *141*10#
  2. Airtel 3G and 2G Internet Data Loan for 50MB: *141*567# (Valid for 2 days)

5. Airtel Code To Check Balance And Perform Balance Transfer

The Airtel code to check your main account balance is *123# OR *121*2#. In order to share balance with another account, enter *141#, then proceed by pressing the number 1.

6. Airtel USSD Code To Check SIM Card Validity

In order to check your Airtel account’s SIM Card Validity enter *123# from your phone app.

7. Airtel USSD Codes For Checking Balance

Airtel offers a large selection of balances that you can view based on the plans and packages you have selected. See the types of balances and corresponding check codes for Airtel below:

  1. Local Airtel to Airtel minute balance: *123*1#
  2. Local Airtel to Airtel night minute balance: *123*6#
  3. STD minute balance code: *123*8#
  4. Local SMS balance: *123*2# OR *555#
  5. STD SMS balance: *123*7#
  6. 2G Internet Balance: *123*10#
  7. 3G Internet Balance: *123*11#
  8. 5G Internet Balance: *123*8#
  9. To check your unlimited packs data balance *121*2# and proceed to 1.

8. Airtel USSD Codes To Check Previous Transaction Details.

In order to check details about your previous Airtel recharges and transaction details use the following USSD codes.

To get details about your Last Recharge Details, enter the code *121*7# and press the number 6.

To check your Last 5 Call Details, enter *121*7# and proceed to 3. If you want to check your Last 5 SMS details enter *121*7# and press the no. 4. Lastly to know the details of your Last 5 Data Usages enter *121*7# and proceed to 5.

You can also view the Last 5 Deductions from your account by entering the USSD code *121*7# and proceeding to 1. For every service there is VAS (Value-Added-Service) charge, this is automatically added when you make a payment to Airtel. To view, the VAS deductions for the past 7 days enter the code *121*7# and continue by pressing the number 2.

9. Airtel USSD Codes To View Rates

It’s important to stay updated about Airtels rates, whether it be call rates, internet data rates, and SMS rates. You can the USSD codes for the following below:

  1. Voice Call Rate: Enter the code *121# and then press the number 5, then the number 1 and again press 1.
  2. SMS Rates: In order to view SMS rates enter the USSD code *121#, press the number 5, and then press 2.

10. Airtel USSD Code To Access Social Media

There are Airtel codes available that allow you to specify access to Facebook and Twitter. This is meant for more outdated phones and operating systems. In order to access Facebook for Rs.1 per day enter the code *325#. Moreover, you can access Twitter by entering the code *515#.

11. Airtel USSD Codes For Services

Airtel has a wide variety of services. Most of these and more can be accessed directly from the MyAirtel mobile app. However, you can still access some of the major Airtel services through USSD codes.

  1. For Hello Tunes (this allows you to set caller tunes) Service, dial 543211
  2. To access Airtel’s Music Station dial 543213
  3. In order to learn about any existing Airtel contests dial 543217
  4. Gifting Services such as sharing Talktime, requesting Talktime, etc, dial the USSD *141#
  5. For Airtel’s Live Services such as Music, Movies, Cricket Updates, News, etc, dial the code *321# 
  6. To Activate or Deactivate GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) enter *567#
  7. For Missed Call Alert Services dial the USSD code *888#

Additionally here is the toll-free number to access Airtel’s Complaint Helpline: 198. This is not a USSD code but may come in handy.

Final Words:

Airtel’s USSD codes and service numbers are often updated and can change at any time. Hence, we’ll keep this article updated for you so you have access to the latest and most accurate list of Airtel’s USSD codes. Lastly, we highly recommend that you download the MyAirtel app as accessing Airtel’s service is made a whole lot easier.

If you found that any of the codes above are not working, please post your issue in the comments and we’ll update them right away.

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